What Is Love (One Shot)


One Shot

The story start with a girl who was writing a story she was lost in her thoughts while a small smile was attach to her lips but soon she came out of her thoughts when another girl call her from behind
girl:mavo come here have lunch

(so the girl was mavo actually its my nick name not full)

Mavo:ayi appa

(appa is her sister)

Mavo close her tab in which she was writing and run toward dinning table where everyone was sitting for lunch she sat down and said
Mavo:mama what’s in lunch today
mama:fried rice

Mavo:wow yum yum my fav saying this she fill her plate with rice and start eating after lunch she again took her tab but with earphone and connect it with tab and start songs while listening she start writing again and mumble songs lyrics too because that was her fav thing to do while writing then after sometime she finish her writing and post her chapter on website and put the tab on charge and lie down on bed she closed her eyes and thought about all the stories she wrote till now all story was some kind of love stories only she thought what it feels to be in LOVE in real because as a girl she also wanted someone to love her someone for whom she would be the most beautiful girl for someone for whom she would get ready someone for whom she would be the only and for her he would be only one she want to know What Is Love

Mavo slept thinking about all this but soon her sisters came and wake her up and said
sister:lets play ludo
Mavo:yeah yeah off course
sister:see she’s always ready
Mavo:off course kids r always ready to play

(I actually say this to my sisters when they ask to play ludo ?)

then they start playing and enjoyed then it was maghrib prayer time when one of mavo’s sister came and said
sister:Mavo make tea na

Mavo:no please not me
sister:please u make very good tea na please won’t u make for us please
Mavo:ALLAH u guys r truly emotional blackmailer
sister:awww sho cute ?
Mavo made faces and then left to make tea after making tea she serve and everyone said its very good that made her happy

(actually my family says I make good tea and it’s not a lie I really made ?)

after tea everyone was watching TV and Mavo was searching if her chapter is posted or not she saw it was posted and lots of people had commented that made her smile wide and she get really happy

(guys seriously I kept searching for my story until I don’t see it posted)

years passes like that and now she was 20 years old her all sisters and brother was married and today some boy was coming to see her for marriage

(I know u guys think if I want my love story like this so let me clear that yeah I want my parents to choose a boy for me like arranged cum love marriage and I know they’ll only say yes when I’ll say so and one more thing I want my love story to start with person I’m going to get married)

she was nervous, happy, scared and a lot more emotions she was feeling she was scared because what if she said something wrong what if she something which made them angry she don’t want her parents to get insult because of her

(I really feel that u should never do something which make ur parents ashamed of u)

just then she came out of her thoughts when her sister said
sister:come Mavo the boy family is here
Mavo:hmm saying this she came out and met them and they send Mavo and the boy to talk
(I know it’s little filmy but I want like this only I mean its so nice like this u guys might think I’m crazy but what to do normal is boring for me na ??)

they came in passage and start talking and Mavo said
Mavo:umm what’s ur name

(it’s just my thinking ok I like this name so that’s why I kept this name of boy nothing in real)

Mavo:hmm nice name
Aayan:and urs
Mavo:u can call me Mavo like everyone call me
Aayan:hmm urs is cute
Mavo smile and said
Mavo:thank u
Aayan:so what u like
Mavo:I like writing and reading in fact I write stories
Aayan:wow that’s nice well tell me something about urself
Mavo:I’m a little crazy girl u can say I mean I’m a chatterbox and I love writing its my passion and if I get married I won’t leave writing
Aayan:I don’t have any problem

both talked sometime and then came back and after sometime left after 2 days the answer came and they said yes everyone was happy days passes like that and Aayan and Mavo get close and was happy Mavo also told him that when she was 16 she used to like someone but soon she realised that it was just infatuation and Aayan was ok with that soon both get engaged they start loving each other and then after 1 years get married then both

Lived Happily Ever After ?
I know its a really small and might be boring story but I want my love story to be like this ??

here is my one shot “What Is Love”
how’s it well I know its not much good but I want my love story to be like this sweet and simple I don’t know what u guys might be thinking but I’m like this only

sorry if u don’t like it but still I hope u guys like it ?

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  1. brilliant dear…
    i wish u have the same story as a true one…..
    best wishes….let me see when ur Aayan comes….
    i am eagerly waiting for him so that u can start a brilliant story of marriage …. 😛
    i think i am bot selfish but its ok….. best wishes dear….

    cute and lots of love to uuuu

    1. thanks a lot dear ?

      Haha sure I’ll let u know first ?

      Hahaha it’s OK

      Thanks and love u too ???

  2. Nice n simple love story i knw very girl would have a.dream like this

  3. Awsome I want a lovestory like that as well

  4. nice dear

  5. It was a gr8 short story n dear frankly 2 tell u when I read first line of this story it was confirmed that this story can only be written by angel wow amazing

    1. thanks a lot dear ??

  6. Amazing 🙂 i too want my marriage like this family choosen guy 😛

  7. Cool….

  8. Very awesoooooome angel….the best part of this story is you…you’re telling us about you n your would be love. …I just loved it to the core. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh. …I pray for your bright future n lovely married life with your true love….aameen. .. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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