Love or…? (One Shot)


A beautiful black brand new sports bike is seen dashing through the smooth black highway. It sheens so much that even the blazing morning sun looks dull. The rider is a perfect fit to the bike with ebony coloured leather jacket, ebony trousers and glistening black helmet. The bike screeches to a stop at the front gate of the most prestigious universities of Kolkata- the Presidency University. The girls who had mustered in front of the gate came running towards the bike. The rider steps down from the bike, aristocracy oozing out from every pore. The biker opened the helmet. A shiny, silky black cascade of wavy hairs falls down to touch her waist. A girl hugged her, ” Hey Mahi! Welcome to the Presidency dear.” The girl had sharp features with an elegant fair visage. She is Mahi Roy, daughter of one of the biggest fashion designers of Kolkata. Our heroine. Seeing a hot, dashing, charming female-rider the othr girls gasped in dismay, for tgry had presumed her to be a boy with pre-mentioned features. Our heroine and her bestie Biva went inside the university premises. Just then Mahi’s phone rings. She indicates Biva to go inside the class.

As soon as she enters the class, the first bell rings. She sees that the class is full. Only one room is available for her next to a boy in the last bench. Nodding at Biva in dejection, she sits there without even glacing once at her bench-mate. The professor enters. An exchange of greetings takes place and he asks everyone to introduce themselves. When it comes to her bench, after her intro the professor asks the boy to stand up. Mahi finds everyone hiding a giggle. With frowned eyebrows, she looks at her bench-mate. She gasped with amazement. Its a nerd! She is seating beside a nerd! How can she when she hates such people?

The boy introduces himself,” Hello, I am Rahul Dhillon. Son of a punjabi farmer. I am from Behala” Oops! Mahi slaped her heard in dismay. She hates poor people. They are such a mess. But wait. This boy, though looks unsmart, doesn’t look too poor. And he lives in Behala. So he is the new neighbour opposite to her mansion. After the introduction, the professor fixed all their seats. Mahi almost shouted, “No! I don’t want to sit beside him. I want to sit with Biva. Please Sir.” Rahul, our hero, replied, ” As if I’m dying to sit beside you”, and glared at her. The professor curtly replied,” No students, I can’t change your seats now. You have to sit here.”

Everyday the class would get to relish their bickerings and constant competition to top the scorecard. Our nerdy hero is a brilliant student and so is our dashing heroine. Their instant intelligent fights and pranks marked as the evidence for that. The teachers too enjoyed but never let them hurl abuses at each other or engage in physical fightings. But as in all love tales, our hero and heroine found friendship blooming when they were awarded a project to do together.

One day Mahi called Rohit to her home for doing the project work. As soon as Mahi placed the cradle of the phone she heard some sobbings.” Curse! She is such sucessful yet she keeps on musing over Anand dada.” She came to her mom’s room and saw her clutching her twin brother’s 5 year old photograph. Her long-lost brother. A lone tear escaped from her eye. She missed him so much. Only some faint memories remain.
Mahi tells her mom blankly,” Ma please. Ar kotodin ebhabe cholbe?” (Ma please. For how many days will all these go on?)
” Na Mahi. Tor dada ke prochondo miss korchi re. Kothay je galo cheleta amar.”(No Mahi. I am missing your brother so much. God knows where my boy went.)
Mahi could bear it no longer. She hugged her mom and burst into tears,” Wait ma. We’ll find him someday surely.”

Suddenly a voice cracks,” Oh aunty! Anand is your son’s name. I and Mahi will find him out. I assure you. Let me see his photo once.” Its Rohit.
Before he could see the photo, Mahi dragged him upstairs to her room. She was not liking any more emotional cries. Her heart needed some fresh air. Rohit will be that. They both had now started liking each other. She told everything to him how she lost her twin Anand in a fair when they were 5 years old and the pain afterwards which persists even today. Her mother cries everyday holding her brother’s pic. Her father too has turned cold towards her thinking that she is responsible for that mishap. Mahi has turned her chirping self to a daring woman. After saying her heart out, she placed her head on his shoulder. They now kept silence. Mahi felt soothing in his radiance. Even this warm silence consoled her inside storm.

After a long silence, Rohit distantly said,” You know Mahi, even I was got by my parents in a fair when i was 5 years old.” Mahi looked at him with shock. “Really? Hope my bro has got a life like you and is fit and fine and happy now.”

“Mahi, I wanna tell you something”, Rohit’s voice deepened. Mahi looked at him. Their hazel brown eyes locked. Both felt the warm intense gaze of each other. “Say.”

“Wait. Let the rain start.” With these words Mahi realised that they are standing under the thick black cloud laden sky, on her roof. With a loud thunder rain came down on them and drenched them. The harsh noise of the thunder made Mahi shriek and hug Rohit.

After breaking their hug, Rohit kneeled down, stretched out his right hand and said,” Mahi I can’t say formal words but to be frank, I seriously love you. I want to bring the old Mahi back to her parents. Will you be my humsafar and walk the path of the rest of your life with me?”
Needless to say, Mahi was waiting for this day. She simply smiled and hold his hand passionately. He stood up and moved two of his fingers over her cheeks, as if to wipe away her tears. Mahi kneated her eyebrows,” Hey I am not crying. Even if i do, how will you understand as its raining dear?”

Rohit smiled,” Mahi, all these years, I have mingled with you and I now know when your what emotions can erupt. I can differentiate your tears as before a lover you are my best friend.” Mahi hugged him,” Tears of joy dear.”

They looked at each other with immense passion. Rain washed their faces and both kept in admiring each other’s face. Their lips gradually met. They kissed each other, extruding passion melted along with the rain water. Their kiss became more passionate and they left only when they felt short of breath. Then they hug silently and enjoyed their new found pleasure. The rain too danced on their new found happiness.

Meanwhile, Mahi’s parents kept on discussing Rohit and Mahi’s talks of their past loss, which she had happened to hear by chance. Now, her mom was overwhelmed. How could she not recognise her own son even after such a long time? Her dreams were all true. Yes, she has found her son finally. But she could not yet disclose to Mahi. Hence they went to the house opposite to their mansion.

“Rohit puttar, aj humlogon ko doctor ke pass jana parega. Vul gaya, blood test karwana tha tera?(Rohit, today we have to go to the doctor. Did you forget that we are to do your blood test?)” Rohit’s mom insisted.
“But I don’t remember any such stuff mom. Still, as you are insisting I will go.” Rohit agreed unwillingly.
And they went.

After three months, Rohit and Mahi breaks their wish to marry each other with their parents. To their shock, both of them disagreed. Rohit came to Mahi’s home on her pleading to at least make one side agree. After all, they were good family friends by now. Mahi has also changed. She now has become chirping like her childhood but did not leave bike racing. She goes when she gets some spare time. However, another shock waited for Rohit as soon as he entered Mahi’s parent’s room. A big photograph of Anand was pinned on the wall. Rohit gasped, “Aunty! I never saw it before. Is this Anand?” Her mom softly replied,” Yes beta.” “No aunty you are wrong. Or may be we are quite identical, for this photo is exactly the same of my 5 year old photo. How can it be?”
“It can be. Because you are my son.”
“Please stop this aunty. All rubbish. You are lying aunty.”
Now the fathers intervened. Mahi’s father straightly told her,” We will marry you on the day you get to see Anand. Okay Mahi?”
Mahi was already dumbstruck and was at her wit’s end what was happening. She could only nod her head. She waited for her wedding day now. She wished her brother comes back and marry her with Rohit.

Even after a month and a lot of pleading their parents did not go forward with their marriage. Mahi and Rohit could take it no longer. They had an idea. Rohit came to Mahi’s home with his parents and curtly said,” Listen everyone, if you can’t bring Anand, let us marry atleast. We will do a joint venture to find out him.” Then he proceeded to take the holy vermillion from the temple in Mahi’s home and was about to fill her hairline when he heard a shout,”STOP! And look at this paper. After Mahi’s mother heard you two talking about your past, she was very much sure about Rohit being her son. The very first voice of his created a wave in her heart. A mother can obviously recognise her children no matter what. None of us believed her though. Still we went for a DNA test as it can never be wrong. Here is the report,” Mahi’s father blurted out and handed on the paper to them. All had incomprehensible expressions on their faces. Mahi took the paper and they directly read the comment-

Mahi and Rohit (or Anand) looked at each other’s face…

So friends, I didn’t complete it. Because i want to know what do you opine. Should they go on with their love? Or, they accept each other as siblings? Do comment friends.

This is my second one shot. Hope you like it with all its flaws. Your comments mean a lot. Thank you.

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  1. WOW!! Such a new idea….I wasn’t expecting that turn at all! Just amazing! And well written too….I am not actually sure what they should do. I feel like they should accept each other’s as siblings, maybe that’s why they have so much love between them is because they have the same genes. Only my thought…..still well written and where did you get this thought from??

    1. Thanks Mandy. Thank you very much. This topic isn’t that new. But it came to me suddenly. In history you can definitely find out incest relationships. And I accept your thought because I simply left it on the readers.

  2. Oh god…….world’s toughest situation but dear please go with sibling relation…..nothing more to say

    1. Really a very tough situation. but thsnks a lot for sharing your thought

  3. Sibiling

    1. Thanks for sharing your views

  4. Aww. So bad for them. But maybe their love could blossom as siblings. And they felt this connection only because they were siblings. So I think they should rather go as sibling. But seriously I hope no one faces such kind of situation ever.
    Awesomely written 🙂

    1. Even I wish so. Well, thanks a lot for sharing your views

  5. that was out of box …..seriously completely unexpected ……….even i think they shud go on as siblings ….after all blood relation man!!!!!!!! i just hope none shud experience this……. n u are awesome

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your views dear!! and I too hope none encounters such a situation ever

  6. Awesome thought…very different. …it’s hope they accept this fact they r siblings. you loads

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