#Love Is all one Need – Ishqbaaz FF {Part 5}

Recap :- Anika pregnant; 6 months leap; Tej asks Shivay to return Oberoi Mansion.

Oberoi Mansion –
It’s evening, Tej was all excited abt the return of his elder son. He hasn’t told anyone abt it as he wanna surprise everyone. The mansion was fully decorated for the welcome & Tej was personally looking at everything. Everyone was confused with the thought that of who is coming.
Jhanvi :- Tej u look very happy & excited today. ?
Tej :- yes now it’s time to be happy always. After few minutes everything’s gonna be fine just like before it used to be. ?
Jhanvi :- what is it? ?
Tej :- it’s a surprise Jhanvi for everyone.?
Jhanvi :- OK.

Just then he receives a call, it’s Shivay’s to inform that he has arrived & will reach to the mansion in few minutes. Tej all excited was doing the last minute preparations & called each & every family member to be present in the living room. Shivay reached the Mansion, they all were standing at the door when Anika holds Shivay’s hand assuring that she got his back, they all then proceed to the entrance. As they entered every one was shocked to see them, Tej went forward & hugged his sons, daughter in law & grandson.
Rudra :- O pinch me
Om :- what (& he pinched him)
Rudra :- ouch… O what’s happening. Shivay & Mahi Bhaiya here, Papa hugging them I’m not able to understand….

Om :- me too. What happened to Mr. Oberoi suddenly.
Tej (to Dadi) :- Maa, Jhanvi won’t u welcome them. At least think of Anika she’s pregnant.
Dadi :- huh, yeah sure. (she brings the Puja thali to welcome them). Finally after all these years our Ram & Sita came back home.

Shivika & Mahi took elders blessings except of Pinky while the juniors hugged them.
Om :- Shivay finally u returned back. Maybe Anika Bhabhi was finally successful in giving some sense into ur head.
Anika :- no Om u r wrong this time it was not me who convinced ur brother. ?
Rudra :- then who?
Mahi :- our Bade Papa.?
OmRu :- what? ?(others too were shocked)

Jhanvi :- Tej u, but how?
Tej :- cuz I realised that naam, khoon, khandan is nothing in front of family love. Relationships are bound by heart not by NKK. ?
Om :- & suddenly what made u realize this. (in a taunting tone) ?
Shivay :- Om pls.
Tej :- no Shivay it’s OK. His anger is justified for me after all I failed in every relationship of mine be it of a son, brother husband or a father. But now I just wanna redeem myself that’s it.
Mahi :- after knowing that Shivay lend help during the business crisis, Bade Papa himself came to Amritsar to thank him & there he asked us all to move back in together in Oberoi Mansion. ?
Anika :- & as u all know that Shivay never refused Tej Uncle so he had left no option other than a ‘yes’ so he had to oblige. ?

Shivay :- OK now enough. Now as we have returned back I (look at Anika) & Anika want a gift. ?
Jhanvi :- what u want? ?
Shivay :- only OmRu can give us that gift ?
Om :- & what is that? ?
Anika :- pls reconcile with ur father, he’s really sorry for all the wrong things he had done in the past. Give him a chance to redeem himself.

Om :- Bhabhi, what’s done is done we can’t change it but the wounds of the past r still there that aren’t healed till date & every wrong did by Mr. Oberoi cannot be forgotten & everything cannot be sorted out in just a moment, I need time but trust me someday I’ll fulfil this wish of urs.

On the other hand, Rudra went to his Dad & just hugged him tight & said thnk u for bringing his brothers back. Everyone was happy that at least Rudra has forgiven Tej. Pinky on the other hand was just standing in the corner. Though being with everyone she’s alone after all she deserved this. Out of the people in the mansion didn’t even bother to know her know-how except Anika who went forward to take her blessings but Shivay held her hand, he didn’t allowed her to meet him. After spending some quality time, everyone departed to their rooms. Finally Shivika entered their room, the room which has all their memories, be it good or bad ones. They both decided to arrange their room just like the one they had in Amritsar with the photos & instead of the group pic they had in their Amritsar’s room on their bed wall there will be a new pic of the whole family which will soon be clicked, framed & then will be hanging on the wall.
The nxt morning is the new beginning for the Oberoi Family. The men decided to take a off from work for a day & stay back at home but men will be men, at home too they wanted to discuss abt business. Rudra has gone for jogging with Mahi & Sahil after a long time. He was really very exhausted. Everyone was in the garden area when they 3 returned. Sahil & Mahi then start their sword practice but today Sahil’s mood was not OK he was upset which was clearly seen as he was not able to concentrate.

Mahi :- Sahil r u OK?
Sahil :- hmm..yes..yeah I’m fine.
Anika :- Sahil is anything wrong?
Sahil :- no Di, I’m just tired today. I’ll just go & frshn up OK (he went to his room to get frshn up)
Shivay :- strange. Isn’t it Mahi?
Mahi :- yeah.

Om :- what’s strange in it he must be tired after all he’s just a kid.
Mahi :- Sahil’s a fitness freak, he likes all this sword practice, karate, gymnastics everything but today he seems different.
Shivay :- I’ll talk to him.
Ansh :- Daddy let him be alone for sometime.
Anika :- did he told u anything?

Ansh :- no but I guess he’s missing Amritsar, his frnds there.
Shivay :- yeah but this much upset, I’ll talk to him.
Anika :- Shivay let him be, he’ll get normal by himself only.
Shivay :- yeah but
Mahi :- Shivay let him be.

It’s afternoon & the Obros decided to cook lunch. They were in the kitchen cooking & having their Obro Moment. AniGaVya were also there with their respective husbands but Anika & Gauri were sitting as they r pregnant. The lunch was ready to be served not on the dining table but in the living room. Everyone was sitting except for Sahil, so Anika called him out.
Anika :-Sahil come have ur lunch.
Sahil :- no Di I’m not feeling like to have it.

Shivay :- Sahil u didn’t have ur breakfast too properly, come beta have lunch (Sahil agrees & sits besides Ansh, Bhavya served him but he was not at all interested in it)
Rudra :- Sahil why aren’t u eating?
Ansh (teasingly) :- waiting for his girlfrnd’s call. ?
Everyone :- what? (while Sahil coughs)
Sahil :- Ansh… ?

Ansh :- what? ?
Anika :- Ansh abt whom r u talking? ?
Ansh :- Nannu Di… She’s his girlfrnd na… ?
Sahil :- Ansh… Baba…she’s not my girlfrnd OK (looks at everyone) she’s not my girlfrnd, she’s my best friend OK.
Mahi :- what happened to her?
Sahil :- she’s neither picking up my calls since yesterday nor replying to any of my messages.
Rudra :- she must be busy.

Anika :- yeah u know na she’s in Paris & must be enjoying there & in that enjoyment she could’ve forgotten.
Sahil :- no she calls me everyday, where ever she goes she always calls us & if not she messages me but this time neither she called nor messaged.
Shivay :- have u called her caretaker there?
Sahil :- yes but the call is unreachable. I’m really worried now, u all know what her condition is. This girl na always gives me tension.

Shivay :- OK don’t worry, I’ll make ur Chocolate Fudge milkshake for u to release ur tension OK (a sound of a girl comes from behind)
Girl :- make that 2 Bhaiya. (everyone turns to see who it is)
Anika :- Nannu…

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