#Love Is all one Need – Ishqbaaz FF {Part 2}

Recap :- Shivika romance; Mahi fights with the goons for Naina.

Amritsar, Punjab –
It was 12.00 Noon & Shivika were still in the bed cuddling but Mahi’s phone call to Shivay disturbed them.
Shivay? :- ha Mahi.
Mahi ?:- Shivay where r u, why haven’t u reached office yet, r u fine?
Shivay ?:- Mahi relax I’m fine OK & I’m not coming to office today, u pls handle office today.
Mahi ?:- hey r u with Bhabhi? ?
Shivay ?:- actually I’m…. I’m….
Mahi ?:- aah…. I get it I get it. U both enjoy I’ll handle office for today no worries. [realises that Anika is with him “in his arms” & he can imagine in what condition] Shivay it’s noon & Sahil & Ansh can come any time so… ?
Shivay ?:- so?
Mahi ?:- so I think u should get off from that bed ??
Shivay ?:- Mahi… bye
Mahi ?:- bye… ?

They both then left the room when Sahil & Ansh came back from school. They all then had a gala time with each other.

Oberoi Mansion, Mumbai –
After Shivay left, everything in there changed. OmRu now hates Tej, even Rudra has also started calling Tej as Mr. Oberoi instead of Papa. Tej & Jhanvi sorted out their problems & r on talking terms (only when required) but there is no scope of love b/w them. Shakti is miffed at Pinky for what she has done in the past while Pinky, though misses Shivay, but is not ready to accept him as her own cuz he’s illegitimate. Dadi stopped talking with everyone except for OmRu & GaMya. OmRu r trying very hard to find their brothers but everytime all they get is failure.
Om :- 5 yrs, for the last 5 yrs we r trying to find Shivay but everytime we got nothing.
Rudra :- u r ryt O. Don’t know where is my Superman & Supergirl. I really miss them. (just then GaMya come there)
Gauri :- Om, actually I’ve to tell u something.
Om :- what is it Gauri?
Gauri :- actually Dadi wants to go to Amritsar.
Rudra :- why Amritsar?
Dadi (comes to them) :- I want that before I die I want to do Babaji’s darshan.
Saumya :- Dadi how many times have we told u not to talk abt death.
Dadi :- sorry, but pls arrange my travel.
Om :- Dadi since when do u needed to plead to us, u just order us.
Rudra :- yes Dadi u just say where u wanna go we’ll take u.
Saumya :- O Bhaiya, Rudra if u both don’t mind then can I & Gauri Bhabhi can also go with Dadi to Amritsar, pls.
Om :- no, we all will go together.
Rudra :- yes, I’ll do the arrangements for the trip as soon as possible (he calls the travel agent & do the arrangments) OK everything is done we can leave day after tomorrow evening.
Gauri :- gr8. Oh I forgot to inform, Prinku called today. She said that she’s coming tomorrow with Ranveer, so we’ll also take them with us OK
Om :- sounds good.

Amritsar, Punjab –
Everyone was having their dinner when Mahi got a call. It was of Mallika, his fiancee. Mallika Rana, she is the PR agent of S.M Enterprises. Mahi & Mallika worked together, along with Shivay she too helped Mahi in learning business. She in no time mingled with the family. Mahi liked her so they both decided to get married. Mallika belongs to a reputed Punjabi family from Chandigarh, she’s a IIT-IIM & MBA from Delhi. She’s strong, mature, independent girl. She knows that Mahi has soft corner for Naina but she’s not insecure about it as Mahi made it clear to her that there’s no such thing. Though not insecure, she feels that Naina is always b/w her & Mahi.
Mahi goes to attend the call while Anika & Shivay discuss abt them.
Shivay :- Anika, where r u lost? Is there any problem?
Anika :- nothing, it’s just I was thinking abt Mahi & Mallika.
Shivay :- what abt them?
Anika :- don’t u think this is not ryt?
Shivay :- what’s not ryt?
Anika :- Mahi & Mallika. Shivay u & I both know that Mahi has feelings for Naina. By this relation 3 lives will get messed up.
Shivay :- Anika I understand ur concern but Mahi himself proposed Mallika. If he wants to spend his life with her then let him be.
Anika :- but what abt the feelings that both Mahi & Naina have for each other?
Shivay :- I understand what u r saying but the feelings u r talking abt r unrealised. They consider themselves as each other’s good frnds & if they wanna remain frnds then let them be. Mallika is a nice girl for Mahi.
Anika :- indeed she is. I was just thinking of the future. I just hope that there will be no problems b/w them regarding this matter.
Shivay :- I hope too.
Mahi (comes back) :- Mallika called, she’s coming after 5 days.
Ansh :- wow it’ll be fun. She always brings chocolates & toys for me.
Mahi :- & she’ll bring it this time too.

They all had their dinner & then went off to sleep.

Precap :- will the Oberois meet Shivay & family in Amritsar…..

Bye ? ? ? ? ? ?……. ???????

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