#Love Is all one Need – Ishqbaaz FF {Part 1}

Amritsar, Punjab –
As the sun rises up in the sky, a medium sized but not less than of a “haveli” type house is shown & name board displays the name of the house “HUM”. The gate opens & 3 cars – 1 jeep, 1 SUV & 1 sports car; a red scooty, a kid cycle, a sports bike and a sports cycle r seen in the shade. A big garden full of flowers & greenery, in middle of it is a big round table with chairs & in corners of the garden r small fountains. On the other side of the garden is a stable in which 2 horses live, 1 is white & the other is brown. The door opens & a big living room is seen. As we move ahead, there’s a big in house porch, in left corner of which is a 12 seater dining table. In front of the porch is a in house temple of Lord Krishna. On the left side of the porch is the kitchen whereas in the right side is a in house well equipped gym & a study room. In the front end right corner there’s a staircase which leads to the 1st floor of the house. On the 1st floor there r 7 rooms, 3 of them r closed. A lady enters one of the room & looks at her husband who’s sleeping with a wide smile on his face, yes they r Shivay & Anika & it’s their room. In their room there’s a walk in closet, the walls r full of their pics but one pic which attracts the most is which is on their bed wall, it’s a big photo frame in which Shivay is sitting on a sofa while Anika is sitting taking the support of his right side with a small boy in her lap & her head resting on Shivay’s shoulder, Mahi is sitting on the floor keeping his left elbow on Shivay’s lap while Sahil is standing behind Shivika leaning on them & putting his chin on Shivay’s head. Anika smiles & sits on the bed to wake up Shivay.
Anika :- Shivay wake up (he opens his eyes) good morning husband ?
Shivay :- good morning wife ? (pulls her close)
Anika :- Shivay what r u doing (blushes ?)
Shivay :- morning romance with my wife ?
Anika :- someone’ll come ?
Shivay :- let’em come
Anika :- what’ll say? ?
Shivay :- what’ll they say, that how much Shivay loves his wife. ?
Anika :- Shivay ? it’s getting late I’ve to wake up Ansh too leave me.
Shivay :- there’s still time ?
Anika :- Shivay keep some shame u r a father of a 5 yr old son ?
Shivay :- why, in which rule book it’s written that a father of a son can’t romance with his wife, hmm? [tucks her hair behind her ear] & if Ansh’s mother is so beautiful, hot & s*xy then how can his father resist himself, hmm? ?
Anika (gets up) :- now enough, morning romance quota is over. Now get up & get ready for office, I’m going to wake up Ansh. [leaves the room blushingly in a hurry leaving a smiling Shivay behind]

Anika then goes to Ansh’s room to wake him up. Ansh Shivay Singh, Shivika’s 5 yr old son. His name is a ship-name of his parents, An of Anika & Sh of Shivay. Though he’s a 5 yr kid but is very matured, understanding & a well behaved kid as compared to the children of this age. He has the qualities of both his parents. He is a fun loving, bubbly, cheerful kid just like his mother but he’s also intelligent like his dad, he’s a A grade student always on top. Ansh is the apple of everyone’s eyes, his ideals r his Dad & Mahi Chachu, Mahi is as his God Father. It’s Ansh’s daily routine that when he opens his eyes, Anika shuld be there, she’s the first person he wants to see when he starts his day. So, Anika wakes him up & was making ready for him for school as his final exams of the session r going on. Just then Mahi & Sahil came from jogging & rushed to get frshn up. At 9 a.m everybody is present on the dining table while Haldiram & Rajjo, the most trusted servants of the family r making & serving the breakfast. Anika was feeding Ansh & everybody was having a nice family time. Just then a girl wearing jeans & a kurti, big jhumkas in the ears, black kajal in the eyes, minimal makeup on the face & a small bindi on the forehead & hair opened enters while Mahi’s heart beat increases, the girl is Naina. Just like Shivay feels Anika’s presence, Mahi too feels Naina’s presence.
Naina :- morning everyone ?
Everyone (except Mahi) :- morning ?
Shivay :- come Naina have breakfast.
Naina (sits near Sahil) :- thnk u Bhaiya. ?
Anika :- so Naina how here & that too early morning.
Naina :- Anika Di the client send a list of the extra items to be used so will u plz come with me to the market for shopping?
Anika (looks at Mahi & then winks at Shivay) :- I would’ve but I have some work left at home as both Haldiram & Rajjo r going to their village for today.
Naina :- oh.
Anika :- Naina, Mahi will take u to the market. Buy the items required & then take them to the office, I’ll call Neha (worker) she’ll meet u there & I’ll join u in the afternoon in office.
Naina :- but Naina has off today.
Anika :- oh OK. [to Mahi] Mahi will u plz help out Naina with the shopping & then drop her to the office.
Mahi :- but I’ve a investors meeting.
Shivay :- Mahi, the investors r not coming today they r coming after a week. They called & I forgot to inform u, sorry.
Anika :- gr8. So Mahi will go with Naina to the market. (smiles at Shivay)
Mahi :- OK.

Mahi then left with Naina in his sports car. Sahil & Ansh too left for school. There was nobody in the house except for Shivika, & this was the moment Shivay has been waiting so he went to his room where Anika was. She was arranging the bed when Shivay came & back hugged her.
Anika :- what r u doing?
Shivay :- finishing the left out work. ?
Anika :- which work?
Shivay :- the one I started in the morning ?
Anika (turns to face him while he was holding her close by the waist) :- didn’t u’ve to go to office?☺
Shivay :- I’ve to but who leaves this golden chance to be with u when there’s no one in the home.
Anika :- but I’ve to go to office as I’ve lots of work (tries to get off from his hold)
Shivay (tightens his hold) :- but Naina’s not there as u’ve sent her with Mahi for shopping.
Anika :- it was needed.
Shivay :- u sent them to spend some time with each other. I too also wanna spend some time with my beautiful, hot & s*xy wife. BTW don’t u think its high time that Ansh gets his younger brother or sister ?(caresses her face, tucks her hair behind her ears which made Anika blush heavily & they both fell on the bed).
Anika (breathing heavily) :- Shivay ???
Shivay :- shhh…. (keeps his index finger on her lips)

They both r getting closer & closer & closer till their lips meet. Shivay starts to dominate with passion filled love while Anika was continuously losing herself to him. He first undress her & then himself & covered both of them with the blanket, hence, they drowned themselves in each other’s love…. On the other hand in the market, both Mahi & Naina r shopping, enjoying when some goons start to tease Naina. Mahi’s anger was getting high by each & every teasing word of those goons but he was controlling it. But when of them tried to touch her he neither looked left or right he just started beating them black & blue. The police arrived & arrested those goons.
Naina (annoyed) :- what was the need to fight with them, huh?
Mahi :- they were talking ill abt u.
Naina :- so what? ?
Mahi :- so what? ?
Naina :- why does it matter to u?
Mahi (shouts ?) :- it does matter to me. (calms down) I can’t tolerate anybody insulting u or saying ill abt u.
Naina :- why? ?
Mahi :- I can’t, that’s it. (tries to avoid the topic) ur shopping done?
Naina :- yes.
Mahi :- good. Come I’ll drop u, I’ve work in office.

They both then get into the car & went to own workplace whereas Shivika in the house r lost in each other’s love.

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