#Love Is all one Need – Ishqbaaz FF {Intro} CHARACTER SKETCH

Hi! Everyone. To survive in this world one needs air, water, food, money etc but the most important thing one needs is love be it of ur family or ur life partner/soul mate what ever you wanna call it. So this story tells that whether or not u have the basic necessities of life to survive u need love to live. Until & unless u don’t have love in ur life u r just alive not living. So to live fall in love ???????

So in this story Shivay came to know abt Pinky’s scheming against Anika & that he is Shakti & Kamini’s illegitimate son & Mahi is his younger brother (just by 10 mins). As we all know that Tej is highly jealous of Shivay made him leave the Oberoi Mansion along with his wife & her handicapped brother. Shivay didn’t even took any thing from the house not even money. OmRu opposed Tej’s decision but he was adamant. Before leaving Shivay handed over his business to both OmRu. They both promised their big brother that in his absence they’ll take care of his business but everything which was & is his will always remains his. After leaving Oberoi Mansion, the first place Shivay went was Mahi’s house. There the both brothers reconcile, Mahi apologize for his mistakes in the past & then they 4 leave Mumbai city to start their lives afresh. They started their journey by boarding a train which took them to their new destination Amritsar, Punjab. There they rented a small house with the money which Anika & Mahi had. But to survive they needed to work so Shivay took a loan & started a small dhaba as his cooking skills r good that they can earn errands to satisfy their needs. Anika started her event mgmt company by organising small events & earn finance for Sahil’s schooling. Shivay even helped Mahi in learning business. But one day Mahi met with a serious accident in which his face got damaged so the doctors advised for a plastic surgery. Mahi then got a new face. In the time span of 5 yrs Shivay, Anika & Mahi gained immense success & r now the top most successful entrepreneurs of the country. Shivay & Mahi expanded their business from a small dhaba to a successful chain of restaurants, hotels & motels. Anika expanded her event mgmt company to a gr8 extent, she has become the no 1 event organizer of the country. In these 5 yrs Shivay & Mahi got 3 best entrepreneurs award while Anika got 2 best businesswoman award but neither of the 3 came in front of the world so that the Oberois don’t come to know abt them. Shivay also got Sahil treated & now Sahil can walk on his feet without the crutches, he is now one of the best athlete & basketball player of his school. Shivay & Anika became the legal guardian of Sahil. Shivay no longer uses the Oberoi with his name.

On the other hand in Oberoi Mansion, Om has accepted Gauri as his wife & is in love with her but more then husband & wife they r each other’s best frnds. Rudra is also happy with Saumya. Both OmRu r now handling their family business as well as Shivay’s & has distanced themselves from Tej even more. But Tej doesn’t care, all he cares abt his business. OmRu r trying hard to find Shivay & others but got no result. But they r trying still hard to bring their brothers & bhabhi back in Oberoi Mansion where they all belong.

CHARACTER SKETCH (after 5 yrs) :-
1. Shivay known as SHIVAY SINGH :- 29 yrs. Loves his new family immensely. Successful & a entrepreneur along with Mahi. Co-owner of S.M. Enterprises.

2. Anika known as ANIKA S. SINGH :- 28 yrs old. Successful & leading event organizer of the country. A dutiful wife, sister & sister in law. Owner of A.S. Enterprises.

3. Mahi (played by Yuvraj Thakur) known as MAHI SINGH :- 29 yrs old. Loves his siblings i.e. ShivOmRuPri. Co-owner of S.M Enterprises. Singing is his both hobby & passion, can play all types of guitars, piano, casio, drums, mouth organ, flute. He knows that Shivay loves him but the love his brother had for his other siblings cannot be replaced ever. In love with Naina but not yet confessed. His feelings r quite evident to Shivika.

4. Sahil (now played by Siddharth Nigam) known as Sahil Singh :- 17 yrs old boy. Head Boy of the school, captain of basketball team, no 1 athlete. Pampered a lot by both Shivay & Mahi.

5. Naina Khurana (played by Barkha Singh [Jia from MTV Girls On Top] ):- 27 yrs old. Sweet, bubbly, cheerful, happy go lucky kind of girl. Works with Anika in her event mgmt company. Representative of A.S Enterprises. In love with Mahi but not yet confessed.

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