Hi guys.. I am haritha… I am here with one episode story of abhigya… I think it’s a stupid story… but anyhow I am posting it… so here I am present the IS THIS LOVE❤??

do you notice girls… actually there are very crazy na..they always have different expression faces… sometimes they are rude… sometimes they are crazy… they have another superpower to make boys crazy for them… is it writes? I saw her first time… when it was in a rainy day.. I was walking through the road suddenly it’s rain and run towards the bus stop… there I see her first time… she wears and white dress and have chashma on her eyes… she look like an angel… she opens her umberlla and starts to walk but at that moment she saw poor family who are living on street wetting in rain… she offers umbrella for them and wets in rain.. at that there is naughty smile, a type of blushing seen in her face and sparkling in her eyes… yes she is really an angel… this was my first meeting with her… after few days I saw her in a junction I was sitting in car… and she just crossing the road.. while crossing she just look my side and my heart says ya she is my angel… after a few days our third meeting… I was sitting to watch a movie… she is sitting just beside me.. this was the game of Destiny.. we don’t knew where this destiny bring us… all the time when I see her my heart says she is my angel… after the third meeting… I don’t saw her…. I search her always… but I couldn’t see her.. now I think it’s more than one year we had met… my heart told me that… I lost my angel but suddenly I saw her… on the same junction where we had met at second time… she I s standing there to cross the road… I feel happy but suddenly tears starts rolled down through cheeks don’t you knew what the reason she lost her eyesight.. then I need to find what happened to her with this one year… everyday I follows her… I go along with her where ever she goes… I don’t if she knew some one is following her… one day she goes to hospital to see an eye specialist… after she leaves… I enquired about her…. I told you n.a. the game of Destiny and fate,? don’t you remember our third meeting at theatre after that movie while she is going to home she met an accident a severe one she is admitted in hospital more than 6 months… that much critical she is.. doctor save her life… but she lost her eyesight… there is hope for her that she must get her eyesight… but she needs a surgery… it’s expensive…. from this day I understood that she is an orphan… so I decided to give her money but I don’t go in front her for help… in the name of charity I did it… now she can see…. I am so happy… and today this is a special day for me… because I am going to meet and talk with my angel… there she comes…

hllo I am pragya….
hllo I am abhishek..
thanx for helping me..
don’t thank me.. it’s apart of charity…
sorry I thank you not for that… I knew you before… we had met three times… before that accident… n.a…. and I knew that you always followed me daily in every where… for me it’s to tough to face the world… but from the day you… starts to accompany me everywhere I get the courage to face the world… I feel that I am not alone.. there is someone for me… I knew it’s you the reason for my eyesight… and it’s you the reason for my happiness… the day we first met do you remember that.. on that day itself my heart tells me that you are my soulmate… please clarify my doubt.. is that what we call love? is it true so.. then I am in love with you abhishek… I don’t knew what you feel for me… if what I said is wrong please forget what I had tell… I just came here to tell this to you and I am leaving… she starts to leave…. suddenly abhi hold her hand… and turns her towards him and said… if Is this all is love.. then I am in also in love with you my angel… I love you…

actually what is love…. if anyone can give me a proper definition… all her their own view in love… I don’t knew whether this is love… or not? if this story bored you… sorry for that…

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  1. Riyashri

    It wasn’t boring Haritha ji !! U hav written it very well….
    Hmm…coming to the question u ask …..I seriously don’t know how to explain….But I can tell Something to u….”I Love My Wonderful Sisters -SSSS” and ofcourse u too………..!!!
    Love u Haritha !!

    1. HARITHA

      thank you my dear sister Riya loves u alot????

  2. Vaishali

    awesome one haritha superb dii the last part where pragya confesses her love was unbeleivable hats off to u dii love u a lot

    1. HARITHA

      thanks vaishali loves u lot

  3. Superb episode yaar..

    1. HARITHA

      thanx nirmal

  4. Nice story it’s not at all boring superb story yaar…

    1. HARITHA

      thanx Durga I knew if it is bad also I people will support

  5. Awesome! ?????? it waswasn’t boring at all!

    1. HARITHA

      thanx somiya

  6. wow it was nice dr
    and abt ur question realy dt knw wat ment by love ha bt if i would lve ever in my life then surly define u
    bt for now just i can say love u love u love u a lot thatz……. Cuteee

  7. How dare you to say that this story is boring and stupid story really this one touched my heart I loveeeeeeeee this sooooooooo much thank you so much for giving wonderful story

    1. HARITHA

      thank you monesha… loves u lot

      1. Love you too I don’t know about love so I didn’t answer u don’t mistake me

      2. HARITHA

        monesha…. why are you saying like this… I also don’t knew about definition of love… it’s a feeling that cannot be expressed in words… only heart can hear the voice of love

  8. Awesome dear???and according to me love is the soulful connection bw two hearts and the basic of love is jst trust☺sry if i bored u☺☺but lovely dear

    1. HARITHA

      thanx saranya and I like your definition of love

  9. love is juz full of pain but at d same tym it gives us d best happiness in d world…….this is wat ill describe as love….im sry for not cmntng in ur other ff… was totally superrrr

    1. HARITHA

      don’t be sorry varshavenkat

  10. the epi super and come to u question love is a super feeling we r in love there is a diffrent world for them. There is a only two in that world they is a king and queen on the world so it my thought

    1. HARITHA

      good definition lucky

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