love at old age (ragsan) os by pavani


Hiii darlings as I completed my ff I was writing this os .actually I was trying to write it from many days but was little busy now a days so delayed it hope u will like it

Sanskars pov
It was a Monday as a daily routine I got up early in the morning nd saw swara still sleeping so without disturbing her I went to kitchen to prepare some coffe for both of us .nd when I went to kitchen saw gautam (my son) nd tamanna(my bahu) were having coffee

Sanky:good morning!!!
Gautam:good morning dad how is mom now?
Sanky:still sleeping… tamanaa darling where is tarun?(my grand son)
Tamanaa:he is still sleeping dad
Nd she hand overed a cup of coffee to sanky

It was 10 still swara was not awake nd I went to check her nd called her but she is not responding nd I was tensed nd called gautam nd all rushed to the room nd ggautam started crying I was really shocked .I know she is not well from 3months nd doctors have declared that she can not live more than 3/4months but iam not ready to accept the truth that she is no more I was not ready to imagine my life with out her I was crying inside but stood strong as I know I should console gautam now

All the retuals were completed then I saw her for the first time my ragini nd my love now .she came to me and introduced herself as swaras friend by saying her name as ragini .then I remembered yes swara have told me about ragini many times but I never seen her.swara worked in a bank nd retired a year before .

Ragini:iam sorry I was busy nd I don’t know that she is ill
Sanky:it’s ok

She left from there .
Days passed
Gautam :dad iam going back u too come with us
Sanky:no u carry on I just need some time I want to be alone
Actually gautam was working in mumbai he came to see swara as she is not well he have his own life so I told him to carry on but really I want them hear for some more days nd I don’t want to leave this house which I build with my effort

They left nd I became alone nd this lonely ness killing mee nd at that time she came in mmtlmte yes ragini came as a neighbour of our house she used to visit my house daily nd used to give food nd all she is a widow nd her husband died after they have a chaildfrom then she didn’t married any one for her son tanish he got a job nd well settled now but she don’t want to go as she is habituated to be independent so she is living alone by doing her job she will retired after 3 years .she is fun loving nd positive thinking women she used to live happily her life with what she have I liked it the most .swara used to tell about her daily really I was impressed by her .she slowly became my habbit

Rag’s pov
I met him for the first time in swaras funeral .swara was my best friend she used to help me mentally nd financially when I needed as iam a single mother nd my job was also not that high as iam not that educated I got this job as laklakshed during service .I elpoped with laksh against my parents nd we married .laksh was an orphan nd he loved me for 4years but didn’t told me he expressed his love after he got a job when I was in my betech 3rd year I used to love him but was waiting for him to propose mee nd at last he proposed nd I agreed nd he asked my hand to my father which he rejected as laksh was an orphan but I elpoed with him we lived happily with what we have but every thing changed when laksh died in an accident when tanish was an year boy my dad came nd told me to come nd he will get me married to someother but leave tanish in any orphan .how can he think I will do that so I rejected to go with him nd as I discontinued my studies my 3yeards study was wasted nd I got job based on inter so I tried my best to make tanish happy nd now he is well setelled nd he want me to be with him but I don’t want to leave my job which gave me courage to live nd fight with my life when I needed so I didn’t went with him.

and I changed my house as tanish have brought a house for me with his savings it was a small one but that was a gift from my son with love so I shifted there and I came to know Sanky didn’t went to his son nd living alone as a curtosy as I know how much swara helped me when I needed so I just tried to help him by giving food nd sitting nd spending some time with him I really don’t know that he is such a caring husband swara used to tell me that he is very caring but I don’t know that he is really sweet nd he used to cook to be frank he is a good cook than mee slowly we became good friends nd he became a habit to mee

Slowly both became dependent on one another nd gautam have seen his father was happy with rag nd tanish have seen his mother happy after soo many years so they tought to get their parents married nd told them but both of them rejected

Sanky pov
Gautam asked me to marry ragini .how can I marry her at this age this age is to play with my grand children not to marry .

Rag pov
Tanish asked to marry Sanky yes I like him nd his company but that doesn’t mean I will marry him what will society think about that I have married at this age ?

Tanish:mom I want to talk with u ..
Rag:plzz if u want to talk about marriage then leave now
Tani:y r u doing this momm?I know u like him but y r u denaying
Rag:I like him that doesn’t mean iam ready to marry him
Tani:momm how long uneed a will sacrifice ur wishes for mee nd live alone u alsohave ur own life .u need a partner in ur life
Rag:noo I don’t want anything u just leave

Scene shifts
Gautam:dadd u need a support in ur life at this age I know u love momm but now she is no more
Sanky:what r u talking it was not the age to marry someone
Gaitam:who told u dad?
Sanky:what will society think ?
Gautam.smiled:so u are afraid of society .that society which will not come when u are need but will raise their finger if we do what they don’t want
Sanky:I know but as we should live hear only nd face them every day
Gautam:u just tell mee do u love ragini aunty?

Sanky:I don’t know it is love or what but yes i want her support nd I need her nd I became a dependent on her nd the main thing is is she ready to marry mee?
Gautam:don’t worry about society nd all I will convience aunty sorry momm
Sanky smiled

Scene shifts
Rag was thinking
Gautam:I need to talk with u mom
Rag was shocked to see him calling mom
Gautam:iam not afraid of society nd all as I was not wrong I just want u nd das to lead ur other half life happily by becoming one others support
Tani:when ur son’s have no problem in ur marriage then y r u bothering about society
Rag got teary eyed
Sanky entered nd gautam nd tani left

Sanky:iam not forcing u but they were right nd if u think iam selfish yes iam as I need a person on whome I want to depend nd I want to spend my time .I didn’t have time when my wife nd son have starved to spend an hour with me I too want to spend my time with them but my responsibilities made me work hard but when I got time to spend with some one I didn’t have a person to share my sadness or happiness so now I really need a person who is there with me to listen me nd to spend some time with mee that’s y I need u plzz .

Rag hugged him nd cried

Story ends

They married nd were happy .u may think it is extra but really at that age some one really needs a partner mainly men women can lead her life alone but men can’t live they always need a support
It took a lot of time to write it hope u will enjoy this os

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    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sindu darling

  1. Superb dear.i loved it

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u ammy

  2. Maha6

    Awesome. No words to describe this writing. U r really crct a old age person needs a support at that age.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u maha

  3. Nice akka

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lovely darling

  4. superb akka

  5. Wow……awesome…..
    Sooo cool ….yaar …..we should do wat makes us Happy……superb yaar amazing

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sinzo darling seen ur comment after many days I saw ur comment in my first ff nd

  6. Megha123

    Heart touching

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      Tnk u megha darling

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      Tnk u nikky

    2. Pavani

      Tnk u megha darlingtnk u nikky dear

  7. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it Di

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling

  8. Priya15

    Wahoo di.. I loved it… That’s so heart touching and emotional.. Ya ur point was right di.. Actually I read somewhere that men need a person to share their feelings only at the old age.. Bcoz from the start they live for someone as a husband, son and father but when they become old.. That time they think of themselves.. They live for themselves so at that time only they share everything… Bcoz they never shares something always like women.. At that time they need a support.. And u just nailed it di.. U r awesome.. Love this Os to the core..

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sissy yep men will be dependent

  9. Pathan

    Di first of all I want to sing sad song for me that is mere dilke tukde hazard hue koi yha gira koi vaha gira…………….. So sad
    Because I started writing os on this idea I just completed sime

    1. Pathan

      Sorry Di coulnt complete lines so I just completed 7 lines with ditto same idea with some variation in story but I am happy that you really took such wonderful idea and I also thought same idea but it’s OK by the way coming to story leaving my story
      It is really amazing and very different idea and by the way we mostly need partner in old age only in younger age we can live without partner also and you very nicely took story in good way and nicely presents it hats off to u di
      No words to describe about this story it is really amazing os I loved it but somewhat I am jealous also but it’s OK

      Big thanks that you didn’t show ragsan scene first reason to not to show is that it will look to auquard to show in this age and second the most Most important reason is I am very possessive swasan fan so far Me it is very difficult to read I can’t imagine in dreams also so but di you really write story in very good way hats off to u

      One more thing you really took good children of parents they are really good which every old age people needs so you showed really positivity
      I felt bad swara died but it’s OK she must be dead in story and it is most needed part
      But I will take swasan in end so I am doing my ending so ending will be like that
      Here ragzan got married than after some days sanky died (he must died as soon as possible) than he goes to heaven and sees swara
      Swara – oh my sanky you came
      Sanky – yes swara we both are heavenly couple we should meet in heaven
      Swara – Now no one can separate us we will live here forever
      Sanky – yeah my swara now we will live in this world no one can separate us
      Swara – smiles and says yes now both started living happily in heaven
      Story ends
      But ragini ko baba ji ka thullu than she also died and meets with lucky than both started living happily in heaven
      ….. ……… ..
      So at the end my heavenly couple swasan and raglak came and story ends
      How was story so this swasan fans if they don’t read story tell them we have two ending for swasan fans see Irfan comment you will be happy
      So this comment is equally to one episode by the way did you like my happy ending kidding di

      1. Pavani

        Ha ha ha I don’t like ur happy ending as I can’t imagine in my dreams also about swasan ha ha vise versa but I read ur ff as I like the story it was very difficult for me to read ur ff but I always dares to read it nd such a huge comment ur lazy di will take half a day to read it ha ha ha just kidding happy to hear that u have taken the same topic but as iam elder iam a head before u

      2. Pavani

        Sorry forget to tell u that yaa every children love their parents nd it is responsibility of a chaild to think about them when they needed our support

  10. Saanvi

    Excellent akka ?

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      Tnk u sanvi darling

  11. Awesome os di…

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      Tnk u sherin darling

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u lisa darling

  12. Astha

    akka…….. no words to describe abt this os……. anyone will think abt society b4 doing one act….. the society wont cme in needy time but come b4 to us in taunting us….. really happiest thing is gautum n tanish accepted that their parents need support at that age….. the last dialogue of sanky made me lil emotional. i agree with u akka. no one cant lead alone life in old age. that will be worst than hell. fabulous os…. expecting more os n ff from u. love u take care.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sanku darling yes it is not needed that every time children will not think about parents happiness

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u teju darling

  13. Sreevijayan

    Awesome and a thoughtful os

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u sree darling

  14. superbb di ..

  15. Very true

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