Love of Goddess


Hindu temple is shown and peak of one was there @ that time.

A girl came with flowers and offered to the statue of goddess.
Girl kept her head on statue and started to cry hardly.
Girl,mata are the goddess of love.but today my love left are the one who responsible for that.if you are a goddess why cant you save lovers.whyevey one worship to you.

She began to scream and she rang all the bells in temple with much anger.

Girl,cant you here me.he he he(teasing manner)how can you here are just a and your love never suitable this world..
She sat and fold her head due to the tiredness of screaming.

Someone kept hand on her sholder and call her with a pleasent lovely voice..

Meri bachchi..dont cry..

Girl was hell shocked after what she saw…
Girl,amma taye.pls pls pls forgive me…i didnt thought that you will appear infront of me.
(Statue becomes live… goddess is non other than pragya.she is wearing jwels and the things like goddess.*imagine a goddess)
Goddess,no need to say sorry beti.i am hear to ask your complain. Though i am statue i also have a heart.i cant see my children’s me as ma.
(Goddess hugg that girl and caresses her hair)
G,ma i am sorry.i make all the complaints to you as you are the goddess of boyfriend left me bcoz of his family.his brother didnt allow him to marry he also rejecting me but i am bearing his child.
I cant live without him ma.
(Girl is rachna)

Godness,look i am the godess of love.i”
‘Ll promise you.i ll solve your go to your house…
Girl fall on her kness and kissed goddess’s foots.

G,thanx ma… i always used to belive you trust you. Now i feel i got the result for that.

Goddness,i am doing my now go..

After girl left the temple.. goddess looks at her statue ones..and her all jwelaries disappered and appeared on statue… now she is only wearing simple charm saree…. which makes us belive us is really a goddess…

Goddess… lets see who is playing with love .no one can play with it untill i rule it.. here i am comming now i am not the goddness of love.i m PRAGYA…. here i am comming..

Hi guys…. you all know me.. if you guess me correctly i ll dedicate next epi to you..

i must say…
I love saranya
And sorry i frogot other names… i love all ur ffs … try to guess me.. hahaha

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