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I am very happy today.. I hope she too agrees for this proposal, after some time she’ll be in my embrace. U can’t even imagine how happy I am. I was peeping out of the car’s window just to escape from my mother’s sight. Just to cover the fact that I am blushing, blushing like hell! My cheeks turned red, and I don’t want to give her the chance to tease me. Afterall she isn’t less than a friend to me! When I told her that I am in love she slapped my shoulder and hugged me and a tear escaped from her eyes. She was very happy for me. And this evening when I told her to take my proposal, she started showing me her ancestral necklace which my Grandma gave her as her blessing when her marriage with dad was fixed. I am very happy that I’ll be having two women in my life who will always be there support me in my bad time. My mom and My Ragini! We were standing infront of her house. I was amazed to see the view. The house was fully decorated, lightings, flowers, curtains, bouquets. What is this?
“Laksh why didn’t you told me before that there is some function too, I would have brought some gifts” My mom asked me. What should I answer? I too don’t know what’s happening! I think we came at the wrong time. But let me see a glance of my Ragini.
“Dont worry ma. I think there’s some confusion! U go sit in the car I’ll come in a minute”
As soon as I entered the venue I saw Shreya hiding something in the flower basket. When will she reform? She is very naughty! I went to her and twisted her ears. She winced in pain.
“What are you hiding”
She pointed towards shoes. What was she doing with them?
“Are Laksh bhaiya this is the ritual.”
“I am like a sister to Ragini di than I will only perform this ritual na.”
How did Ragini came in between? Which type of ritual is she talking about. Is she talking about the ritual in which the groom’s sister in law steals the shoes (don’t know the name, sorry). Is Ragini going to.. No! She can’t do this to me. I rushed in the hall and saw her, her hairline was filled by her would be. The priest announced that the wedding is completed. Tears started flowing from my eyes. Please God don’t snatch my Ragini from me. I collapsed on the floor. I sat there for few minutes while my mother came and shook me. She also had tears in her eyes. I think she got to know that Ragini is now married. She consoled me and took me to the car. Why did you do this Ragini? I loved you more than myself. Why?.


It has been 9 years since I forgot how to live. In these 9 years everything changed, I started taking out my frustration on my work. I was now the most successful businesse man. But I don’t want this success I want you. My Ragini. I haven’t seen my mom since 7 years. She always talk to me on phone and keep sending me the marriage proposals. I’ll return to India today. I’ll see her after 9 years. I’ll see my Ragini after 9 years.


“God please return my son’s happiness. You know everything. I am more worried for him after yesterday’s incident. Whatever he did with Jaanvi is unforgiveable. I can’t even imagine that my son has started drinking. Yesterday my friend’s daughter Jaanvi came to my house for her marriage with Laksh but he came drunk and created a scene.”
“Maa I told you thousand times that I dont wanna marry. I only and only love Ragini”


Happy Birthday Shreya. Today 10 years have been completed. I’ll go there to see my love after 10 years. All thanks to u..
I entered the venue and saw her there laughing, the same way I saw her first time. But suddenly I saw a girl, she came and kissed on Ragini’s cheeks and they both laughed, but suddenly a man came and gave a side hug to Ragini. My smile faded. I knew him. My blood boiled my wound became fresh and tears started flowing from my eyes. I clenched my fingers. I want her at any cost!


I entered the house. It was beautiful and elegant. But not more than my angel she stood there kneading the flour. Her hairs were disturbing her and she struggled to set them. I went towards her, I think she is shocked to see me but I never cared for it I moved forward and tucked her hairs behind her ears. She was literally shocked and jerked my hands.
“Hello Mr. Maheshwari come sit I was waiting for you”
“Oh hello Mr. Sengupta. Well I am sorry I saw your wife here and I came to talk to her”
“Ahh never mind!”
She came and served us. Shit! What I did I should have controlled myself. She didn’t payed any heed to me.
Where did this voice came from? I saw the same girl whom I saw in party came rubbing her eyes. Is she Ragini’s daughter.
“Yes beta! You go I’m coming.”
She was about to leave her so called husband interrupted her.
“Ragini wait! I and Mr. Maheshwari wanted to talk something important to you”
She gave a confused expression and sat beside her husband.
“I want you to do an advertisement for our company’s product”
“But why me?”
“Oh C’mon Miss Gadodia oh sorry Mrs. Sengupta it is a high time. I have seen ur fasion shows and I think u can be a perfect model.”
“Yes darling! In this way we can even get a chance to associate with Maheshwaris”
I felt like killing him when he said my Ragini, darling!
“But I cant Aman! I don’t want to go back to that world.”
“No ifs and buts I won’t means I won’t”
“I want you to do this”
“Just because of your profit. How could you Aman. I thought u’ll trust my decisions support them but you..”
“Ragini! Enough of it. Don’t be stubborn! Whatever I’m doing is just for our family u, me and our daughter Nida”
“No means no!”
I was enjoying it. I will get my Ragini by hook or crook. Soon I heard a sound I was dumbstruck to see the sight. By now I was fuming in anger. How could he? How could he slap my Ragini.
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t do it intentionally” Saying so he started sobbing. Ragini looked at him shocked. I think she couldn’t still believe what just happened. She left the place while Aman cried and collapsed on the floor.
“How dare u to slap my Ragini”
“Stay out of it! Its my personal matter”
I wasn’t ready to listen to him. How the hell he can slap my Ragini. I grabbed his collar and punched him on his nose. His nose started bleeding. He looked at me shocked. I punched him on the stomach and started beating him severely. He didn’t protested.


How can he slap me? The one whom I loved since 12 years slapped me for that advertisement. We loved each other alot. Why did u do this to me Aman. In these years you never raised your voice but today.. What will I say to di, the one whom I selected, loved has slapped me that too infront of an outsider? What will I say to Nida? Nida! I’ll bring her back and will keep her with me until the things get sorted. Its her test tomorrow and she hasn’t prepared anything for it. I should go!


My eyes filled with anger. Should I step inside? No I can’t! Not even for Nida? I stepped inside and saw the scenario Laksh was breathing heavily while Aman was bleeding profusely, struggling to breathe. I rushed to him
“Ra.. Ra.. Rag..ini.. A..I am s..orr..y”
“Aman don’t close your eyes we’ll go to Hospital”


God please save him! Doctor said that he is very critical. I don’t understand why Laksh did all this. He tried to kill my husband but why? I’ll surely punish him for his deeds but please save him.
“Ma’am please bring these medicines”
“How is Aman?”
“He is better now but he is under observation”
Thank you so much God. I was standing outside the ward of Aman discussing something with doctor when I saw him getting inside Aman’s room. I peeped from the door and saw him removing the oxygen mask. God! What the hell is he doing. I rushed inside while Aman was struggling to breath. As I reached him, he gave up and became numb. No! This can’t happen. I again covered him with oxygen mask.
“Doctor! Doctor!”
Doctor rushed inside and checked him. He checked his pulse and then lowered his gaze. What does this mean?
“I am sorry! The patient is no more”Doctors covered his face and left. I collapsed on the floor and remembered my moments with my Aman. My proposal, our marriage, our romance, when I became mom for the first time, when I and Aman holded Nida and clicked our first family picture. Suddenly I felt a pair of hand on my shoulder consoling me. I looked up and saw him looking at me with not so concerned look. He killed my Aman and I’ll make sure that he pays for his deeds. I couldn’t take it more and I slapped him hard.
“What happened Ragini?”
“You killed my husband right!”
I grabbed his collar “How could you! You know what u’ll pay for it. You will pay for my husband’s death”
“Ragini what are u talking. I came here to see him, after all we were going to be business partners.”
“Business partners! The same way u came 10 years back.”
“How did that came in between”
“U know what, I am observing you since I met you and today I saw you removing the oxygen mask but I’m not the one who’ll cry I’ll make sure you pay for your deeds. This is a promise of a wife”


“Come inspector he is the murderer. He killed my husband”
“So Mr. Laksh Maheshwari where were you at that time”
“I was here only. When I came, he was already struggling to breath and by that time Ragini also came and than Aman died.”
“No he is lying. He only killed him”
“But Madam according to the reports it was a natural death. But u r saying that he was killed”
“Yes inspector he removed his oxygen mask.”
“But his face was already covered by the oxygen mask.”

Poor Ragini she doesn’t even know that Laksh Maheshwari is always 2 steps ahead. I am waiting for the moment when u’ll accept my love. Now you are struggling to defend urself infront of the inspector the same way ur husband was doing for his life. He never deserved you. I smirked. The inspector looked towards me and I smiled at him. Very nice Sushant, afterall u r my only best friend.


God please! It has been 8 days since my Aman left us. I am not even able to justify that Laksh was his criminal. It was all my fault if that day I would have controlled myself than Laksh wouldn’t have got any chance. I don’t even know that why is he doing so!
“Beta! From now onwards I am ur dad”
Who is there talking with Nida. I rushed towards her room and saw Laksh sitting on his knees while Nida was smiling.
“Mumma meet my new Papa”
“Nida u go and sleep”
Her smile faded. She ran to her Masi’s house. Now we both were there in that room. Alone!
“Get out of here”
He smiled and leaned towards me and caressed my face and I jerked his hand. He held my hand into his tightly. I tried my best overcome his grip but in vain.
“I know u r very upset because of that Aman’s death but u know what?”
Why the hell is he behaving like this. I tried my best to jerk his hands but he was strong enough!
“U know what I Love you and that’s all I know”
I started breathing heavily. The reason behind Aman’s death is none other than me. I understood why he did all this. I was numb at that time, Laksh kissed on my hands and I came into senses.
“Please say that u also love me.”
“Laksh I don’t love you and I can’t love my husband’s murderer”
I felt a punch on my stomach. Yes Laksh had punched me, he dragged me into the bedroom and slapped me hard he pushed me and I collided with the window. My hand started bleeding. He continued beating me for 15 min. What has my life became since a month. I closed my eyes and started crying. I opened my eyes and found him missing but I saw him standing there holding a vase and he walked towards me
“Ragini say that U love me”
I shook my head. He held me by my hairs and dialled a no. from his cell.
He was about to hit me with that vase when I suddenly closed my eyes.
“Ragini please don’t kill me. I won’t accept that I killed your husband”
What was he doing I saw his head bleeding and police standing infront of me.


Aman I’m missing u so much. Why did u left me? You know I am going to become Maa and u r going to be father once again! My life has completely changed. I have been sentenced for 3 years jail.
“Ohh madam come outside Jailer maam is calling you”
I came outside and saw all the lady criminals standing there in tensed faces.
“Welcome Mr. Khan see we have a new item for u!”
He came and looked at me with scowl on his face. I was feeling uneasy to talk to him. Suddenly I vomited on his face. He started cursing me. Jailer came and looked at me with disgust expressions.


“You filed a complaint agains me haan.”
She dragged me holding my hairs outside. Why this world is so cruel. Why no one complaints against her! She does business here and no one even oppose. God please save me today. She brought her baton and started beating me. I was crying, begging.

“I am pregnant please leave me”
“Oh so madam is pregnant”
She started beating me severely on my stomach resulting in miscarriage


By now many of u would have guessed that it is adapted from a movie. I will continue in the next part!!

Love you all!!! ??☺

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