Love is not waste of time – Episode 2


One day shail meets swara …

Swara goes every house to ask a job like taking care of children or house like jobs

That time shail meets swara .

Swara: shail u???

Shail: yeah swara begging for jobs ??I gave u change to marry me but u want only Shankar what to do now your are suffering a lotlot

Swara: shail u don’t ever know the true love its love I love Shankar very much I am very happy with him iam very lucky to have Shankar

Shail: k fine I known your family is suffering for money I will give u job to take care of my house and my cute wife monthly u will get 20,000 for your job

Swara : what u have got married ?? fine your wife must be unlikely to have u as husband

Shail: do u want any job??? Bec my wife is along most of time I will be out of station so no one their take care of her ..In fact the girl who I have married is from your home town

Swara : k fine I will accept this job bec I too want some money

Swara goes to sahil house

Sahil introduce her wife ragini as regana

Swara is shocked to see ragini as regana swara shots ragini u are alive ragini swara cry

Regana asks who is ragini who are u

Swara: iam swara your sis

Regana : what didn’t have any sis yesterday only we both came from America then how do I know u

Swara: shail u again …shail u have married my sis how dare u

Swara: ragini come with me lucky is waiting for u he is not believed that u are died lucky is not fine daily he thinks about

And baddyma baddypapa mom daddad every one in house miss u

Regana : who is lucky and u are saying mom dad but my mom dad died last year who are u???shail who is she

Shail : don’t be worried sweet heart this girl name is swara she losses her sis so he is reciting like this she is going to take care of our House and u baby

Regana: oh iam sorry swara but I will pray for your sis sahil its late for u ?carry on your job

Shail : oh regana I will not leave u along with this swara she will make u fool also so today I will with u deardear

Regana : k shail what’s our plan today??

Shail: we are going for a party today its my friend anniversary party so should be pretty today bec u should be best

Swara: shail u really playing with ragini life I will soon reveal the truth

Sahil : why can’t u understand she is not your ragini

Evening regana and sahil gets ready for party

Lucky also comes for party he was not interested to come but his friend force him so he comes to party. in the party he thinks about ragini , her sweet memories and in the party he drinks too muchmuch

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  2. Mica

    waaa… new concept, luv it sheerin..
    wish Swara save to work in shail’s house..
    poor lucky and ragini..

  3. Awesome… all i can say just hope for d best…

  4. Sheerin

    Thank u all for reading my story thank u

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