Love is not waste of time – Episode 1

In some deal pari losses her property to shail

Mashwari family does not have any money for food ,,

One day lucky got accident so they don’t have money to treat him they sell. All their jewellery for medicine but they don’t have money for operation. Lucky goes to coma stage

Thinking about lucky ragini goes out from hospital she accidentally meet shail

Shail : hey ragini do u want any money help your husband is brething is last breathe I think so

Ragini : u when u same from jail and pls don’t interfere in my problems

Shail: then u don’t want money I will give 2 Lakh’s for lucky operation but u should do want I say…

Ragini: but

Shail: if u want to see your husband alive or what?? And another offer I will give u that monthly I give 1 Lakh for your family

Ragini: k I accepted the offer what I should do for u

Shail : u have to marry me??

Ragini : what nonsense???

Shail: if u want your family to good especially swara to good ,not to trouble her do what I say?

Ragini: k but u should not trouble my family

Shail: k fine now come with me we should go and marry

Ragini: now pls I should see lucky pls

Shail : he is fine now he is good now u can see him by some distance not direct and u should not have any relationship between any one in mashwari family

Ragini: goes with shail and they both get married

Here lucky is fine lucky asks about ragini but no one knows where she goes her phone is switched off

5 days goes ragini did not return back to house they give complain to police that ragini missing

Swara while cooking she falls down

Sunsakar calls doctor . doctor says swara is pregnant all of them happy but they all fells ragini is missing if she were she will so happy

Lucky cry for ragini were are u ragini I miss u

3 months goes ragini till they didn’t find they find her body in railway stattion swara loss her baby…,


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