Because their love was not mean’t to be easy; Kaira (Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4
There stood Kartik in front of a large mansion titled Goenka Villa. He knew this would not be easy but he has to do it. The moment he enters inside he sees his Dadi chanting in the mandir and his uncle and father working. He gathers all the courage to go towards his father but before he could speak up his Dadi comes from behind and says,
“Oh Kittu! I’m glad you came, I wanted to talk to you. Look I’ve got some proposals for you!”
This very moment Kartik’s mind clicked and before his dadi could complete he spoke up,
”Dad, I love someone and that girl too loves me. We want to marry each other.”
Silence grew inside the room as Kartik’s dad stared at him and dadi saw him with a different gaze. He did not feel guilty because he knew loving someone was not wrong.
“What is his Dad’s name?” Kartik’s Dad spoke up
“Naitik Singhania” Kartik replied
“Search that name Akhilaesh and tell me what does he own?” Dad replied.

Kartik’s uncle searched up and told his father that Naira’s father owned a small factory which was nothing compatibleto them.
“Look Kartik. This is not of our standard. You are such a handsome boy and have such a good personality,you have a standard, we have a standard. It’s about the Goenka’s standard. We can’t marry you to such a girl. It’s better you leave her behind and concentrate on other things.” Kartik’s dad spoke up.
“But dad that’s very easy for you to say but I love her. I can’t leave her behind” Kartik said all broken.
“No means a no Kartik. Please leave” His dad concluded
Kartik pleaded towards his mom, his grandma but nobody could convince his father but lastly his grandma asked,
“What’s his caste Kittu?”
“She is a (you can imagine any caste)” Kartik replied.
“What have you gone insane? She does not belong to our caste! What would society say? Please Kittu leave that girl and move ahead!” Dadi said
Kartik completely broken headed towards his room. He had listened to his father’s decision but couldn’t accept it. All he hoped was for Naira’s good will at her house but things were somehow the same.
At Naira’s home her father had strictly told her that Kartik was different from their caste so they can’t approach him. Secondly, he had told Naira that never ever in their family a girl has chosen a guy for himself. It’s against their family rules. Instead, he had beaten up Naira badly for doing all this in college, took her phone from her and restricted her from going to college too. Little did their families knew that this love had no boundaries.


Next Day
Kartik desperately waited for Naira at college. This time he was worried, he was tensed. He knew that Naira’s family would have reacted weirdly but he didn’t knew what Naira was suffering from. He waited and waited but Nara didn’t arrive. So he hurriedly went towards Gayu the moment she entered college and even Gayu came to him hurriedly.
“Kartik listen to me first. Naira called from her small sisters phone. She told me to tell you that her father has beaten up a lot in this situation and he has completely grounded her. Do not worry she would try to come to college in a few days.” Gayu told this to Kartik and ran towards her class. Kartik was completely broken and same was Naira weeping in her room. What increased rage inside Kartik was Naira’s father’s behaviuor but he had to do something for his true because it was, “Agar Naira nahi tou koi bhi nhi”


Precap: Kaira to meet after 2 days. An emotional meeting. Their next step.

So hi Guys! Here is quiet a long update . Do give me suggestions and tell me how did you like it?  🙂

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