Because their love was not mean’t to be easy ; Kaira (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3

Kartik walked inside to find a pale Naira lying on the bed. The only thing that kept him satisfied was that she was in her consciousness and he could probably talk to her but before he could call her it was like she felt his presence and opened up her eyes. That was the most intense eye lock and finally Naira spoke up

“KARTIK! How did you come here? And where’s mum?” Naira gasped

” But excuse me I’m not talking to you woh tou dil daye betha hun na iss liye aana para! Warna mai uss shakhs ke paas kabhi nhi aata jo mujhe kuch batana zaroori hee na samjhe.” Kartik concluded.

“Kartik, look try and understand i was helpless.” Naira exclaimed.

“Haan I can see that! You must have tole Veronica that if I’m stuck in something never tell Kartik!” Kartik countered.

“Nahi, listen” Naira moved a little to misbalance herself from the bed but Kartik quickly ran and held her!

“What’s wrong Naira? Now will you please tell me why are you stuck here? Tum jaanti ho na main tumhare baghair nhi rehsakta!” Kartik exclaimed sadly!

Naira hugged Kartik tightly and started weeping .

“Speak up Naira! ” Kartik said

“Kartik mum has brought proposals for me and she is saying that she won’t listen to me now. If I don’t reply her regarding this she would choose a guy herself and get me married to him. What do we do now Kartik?” Naira weeped.

Kartik was dumbstruck. He knew this was a serious matter and the only way left was to tell the families that they love each other.

“Naira I think it’s time to tell our families about each other. I can’t loose you” Kartik grasped.

“Yeah” Naira replied

So it was finally decided that Kartik and Naira would tell there families that they love each other and want to marry each other. They pledged to each other that they would never leave each others side and never hide any thing from each other.

But little did they know what destiny had decided!

Precap: Reaction of the families!!!!

So hi guys! This is my quick second update. I’m not getting a good response please tell me if you are not liking the storyline i’ll change it but please give me suggestions ?

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