Because their love was not mean’t to be easy; Kaira (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

Both Kartik and Gayu were heading towards a destination which had thousand boundaries. But still they had a plan, a plan worth which could make Kaira meet.

“So you ready Gayu?” Kartik exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Gayu replied

Both Kartik and Gayu entered the hospital. Gayu ahead and Kartik behind her. Gayu inauired the receptionist about Naira’s room number and headed towards it.
Gayu went towards Naira’s mother and consoled her while she was upset. Kartik hid behind the pillar watching all this. Next what he saw was just according to the plan. Gayu was sending Naira’s mother somewhere although she was resisting . It took a whole of 10 minutes to send Naira’s mother to the canteen where Veroinca was waiting for her ( just according to there plan)

Finally Gayu dropped Naira’s mother to the lift and hurriedly cane back to Kartik.

“Exactly 10 minutes Kartik! Not more than that ” Gayu gasped ” And yeah Aunty told me Naira has gained consciousness so take car” Gayu completed her sentence and waited outside the room while Kartik went inside.

Precap: Kartik to meet Naira. Kaira’s meethy nokh jokh. A shocking news.

I am so sorry guys i’m giving small updates but i’m very busy for some time i’ll be a little irregular and give small updates but don’t worry i won’t leave the FF because i have a very good story in mind. Please tell me whether it’s good with you all and give me suggestions. Criticisms are allowed. ?

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  1. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one
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  2. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one
    Waiting for next part

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    sweet chapter but very small eagerly waiting fo next

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    don’t worry about long or short chppies just present ff.
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