Because their love was not mean’t to be easy; Kaira (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1
The scene starts from a college gate where a boy is desperately waiting for someone. He is constantly roaming here and there during his wait. (He is definitely our Kartik and waiting for his Naira) . The boy keeps on waiting for half an hour and finally when the college bell rings the boy takes out his phone once again but even this time the phone is switched of.
“Oh, come on Naira!” He exclaims “Now you are pissing off your mendhak!”
He is about to turn when he hears someone calling his name

He turns to find his an Naira’s common friend at the college gate Veronica.
“Oh Hi Veru” Kartik speaks up “Do you know where is Naira?”
“Yeah Kartik she told me to tell you that she along with her mom has went to her aunt’s house which is out of town. Her phone’s dead and she does not have a charger” Veronica concluded
“Oh okay!” Kartik turned looking gloomy
Little did Veronica know that her twin sister Gayu would spill the beans out!
It was break time when Kartik was heading towards the canteen when he saw Gayu running towards him.

“What’s wrong Gayu? Why are you panting?” Kartik inquired.
“Oh Kartik! I came to tell you that Veronica is lying! Naira is not at her aunt’s house instead she is the hospital severly ill. The doctor says that she has taken several stress on her mind. She is not gaining consciousness and Veronica hid this from you so that you don’t panic and insist on meeting Naira infront of her mother. I heard Veronica talking about this on phone. I thin you should go meet her.” Gayu concluded.
This made Kartik fell apart. Neither did he know that his Naira, his Jaan, His Sherni was suffering and he was unknown about all this.
He quickly grabbed up his back and asked Gayu to come with him in the car.
“Just please come with me Gayu. We need to think of something if I need to meet Naira and you are the only one that can help. We’ll think of a plan in the car.” Kartik pleaded.
Gayu moved her head in approval and they both headed towards a destination which was not easy to reach!

Precap: Kartik and Gayu’s plan to meet Naira. The Kaira meeting!!

Hi Guys! So this was a small start up to show Kaira’s love for each other and from here the main root cause of Kaira’s struggle will start. All criticisms are allowed. Please give me suggestions.

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