Love is not a game (Episode 9)

Episode 9:

Recap: Vihar caring n showing his love on Smriti

The episode starts with Smriti waking up in the morning. Vihar is still sleeping. Smriti caressed his hair n thought to kiss him but she stopped herself remembering his words abt divorce. She thought to move but Vihar pulled her towards him n opened his eyes.

Vihar: You can kiss me darling. You too have every right on me.

Smriti: Good morning

Vihar: Good morning. Do u love me only when I am asleep?

Smriti: Yes because u will b quite at that time without hurting me

Vihar holded her more tightly n kissed her slowly on lips to stop her speaking.

Vihar: Dear, I married u just to hurt u. I won’t leave any chance to hurt u n I am happy that I am successful in hurting u.

Smriti tried to free from his hold but he didn’t leave her.

Smriti: Leave me please

Vihar: How are u today? Is ur fever cured

Smriti: Ya I am ok. Leave me.

Vihar: Why?

Smriti: I will get ready n prepare break fast for u as u said

Vihar:Ok but give me a kiss as a bribe to leave u.

Smriti: I can’t kiss without love as u do.

Vihar: Hmm. its ok. I am not like u. I love to kiss those whom I hate.


Vihar kissed her on forehead n cheeks n left her. Smriti got fresh up n found Vihar in balcony talking a call. He talked for a long time n called the person in call as Rima. Smriti is seeing him seriously as he is talking so lovingly with her. She is feeling jealous but can’t say anything to him. Vihar saw her n disconnected the call.

Vihar: When did u come?

Smriti: How can u notice me when u r busy in flirting another girl?

Vihar: Oh.U heard everything. Don’t u know its bad manners to listen others conversation? Anyways she is my new girl frnd.

Smriti: Go to hell

Vihar came near to her n hugged her n whispered

Vihar: Sure if u r going to accompany me there. Bcoz I feel bore without hurting u.

Smriti broke the hug

Smriti: I will prepare brkfst.

She left n Vihar starring her with smile. Vihar remembered fb.

Fb starts

Vihar noticed Smriti coming out aft fresh up n looking for him. He disconnected the call n then acted as if he is talking lovingly with Rima in call to see Smriti’s reaction.

fb ends.

Vihar got ready and came to kitchen silently n saw Smriti putting half pocket of chilli powder in the brk fst intentionally with anger. He smiled n went off from there. Smriti served him brkfst.

Vihar: Smriti, u too have brkfst

Smriti: No no. I am not hungry

Vihar ate half of it.

Vihar: Don’t u know even to prepare brkfst nicely?

Smriti: Is it not tasty? (asked innocently)

Vihar saw her once seriously

Vihar: Humans can’t eat it

Smriti: I used to eat this kind of food every day

Vihar: Can’t u hear wat I said. I am talking abt humans not abt devils.

Smriti: Oh, So no problem u can eat it..

Vihar: What?

Smriti: Nothing

Vihar: I said u r a devil because only devils can add half packet of chilli powder in the brkfst prepared for their husband.

Smriti shocked listening him n scared too.

Smriti: Did u see me adding more chilli powder? Then y did u eat it?

Vihar completed brkfst.

Vihar came near to her n kissed her on forehead.

HebeVihar: Don’t worry dear. U will b paying for it. I won’t spare u n its really good for me if u irritate me much. Because only then I can suffer u more.

Smriti scared listening his words.

Vihar: By the way evng my frnds are coming. They r so close to me esp Rima. U should prepare food properly for them n shouldn’t commit even a single mistake. Otherwise u will b dead. Understand? (he shouted)

Smriti scared. Vihar came to her n looked into her eyes. Her eyes r abt to rain

Vihar: R u scared of me?

Smriti: No. I don’t scare for anyone.

Vihar came very near to her n she stepped back. Vihar came close to her n wiped her tears.

Vihar: Save ur tears coz in future u hav to shed more tears. Now go n take rest.

Smriti: U told me to prepare food for ur frnds?

Vihar: They can’t eat ur stupid spicy food. So I will order cook to prepare food for them. However u must prepare food for me everyday except today. Now go n take rest. Don’t make me repeat my words again n again.

Smriti went off to their room n she thought to change bed sheet n saw Vihar mobile on it n remembered Vihar talking lovingly with Rima. She took bedsheet without taking the mobile n it fallen down n broken. She turned to take bedsheet from wardrobe n saw Vihar standing behind. Vihar took broken mobile n came near to her. She is scared n moved back. Vihar pinned her to the wall. Vihar looked her seriously n then smiled.

Vihar: So as I talked with a girl on mobile,u broken it. If I talk directly with a girl,then r u going to kill me?

Smriti: I didn’t see the mobile on bed.

Vihar: Acha. Now tell me the truth. Smriti, I am not angry for brking my mobile but surely I will b angry if u tell even a small lie to me. Now tell me what happened

Smriti: I saw ur mobile on bed n broken it wantedly

Vihar:Why? R u possessive abt me? U didn’t love me.So wats ur prblm

Smriti: Yes I hate u. But I didn’t like u talking to any girl lovingly. Atleast for 6 months don’t do such things.

Vihar: Aft 6 months?

Smriti: U will divorce me. So its upto u to do watever u want.

Smriti eyes r filled with tears while talking abt tears. Vihar wiped her tears n kissed her on her eyes. He came more closer n kissed her forehead n on lips slowly. Smriti didn’t resist this time. She hugged him. Vihar noticed this n broke the hug.

Vihar: Take this mobile n repair it by urself. Otherwise u will see another Vihar.

Smriti: I didn’t know to repair. I will get it repaired.

Vihar again came close to her n whispered

Vihar: Just do wat I say. Repair it by urself n thats final. That too before I return. Otherwise U will taste my anger.

He said it so seriously n left from there. Smriti didn’t understand how to repair it. She thought to go out to get it repaired but remembered his words of saying not to lie to him. After sometime, he returned home n asked for mobile.

Smriti: I didn’t know to repair it. I am sorry.

Vihar: Y didn’t u get it repaired outside n tell me that u have done it?

Smriti: I didn’t want to lie to u.

Vihar: If I punish u now for not repairing my mobile then wat will u do.

Smriti: Doesn’t makes any difference to me bcoz already every minute I am punished by ur hatred

Vihar took mobile from her n within few minutes he fixed it crctly surprising Smriti.

Smriti: Do u know to repair mobile.

Vihar: Of course. I know many more things that surprises u. This is the last warning for u, don’t spoil things which u can’t fix. Next time I won’t leave u.

Smriti: Is it applicable to everyone?

Vihar: What?

Smriti: Don’t spoil things that u can’t fix

Vihar: Yes

Smriti: Then y did u spoil my life when u can’t fix it?

Vihar came near to her n Smriti downed her eyes as she is unable to predict his reactions.

Vihar: Hmm. If u scare this much for me, Y do u ask unnecessary questions?

Smriti didn’t answer him. He pulled her closer n kissed her on lips. Smriti pushed him away.

Vihar: I told u that if u didn’t respond to my words then I will kiss u.Don’t u remember.

Smriti thought to leave from there. He holded her hand.

Vihar: U will get answer for ur question after 6 months.

Precap: Vihar frnds arrival to home n Rima trying to insult Smriti. Vihar supporting Smriti infront of frnds n later on scolding her praising Rima (in their room) to make Smriti fight with him.

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  9. Lovely epi…vihar acting in front of smriti to make her jealous…lol…smriti stuck badly in vihar’s net…but I think he is only testing her n trying to make her realize that she really loves him a lot, even he loves her blindly…enjoying this story very much. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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