Love is not a game (Episode 8)

Episode 8

Recap: Vihar-Smriti marriage n Smriti knew the truth abt bet

The episode starts with Vihar coming home at mrng n goes to his room. Smriti is sleeping. Vihar calls her. But she didn’t respond n he touches her to wake up n finds that she got fever. He calls doctor n wakes her up. Doctor treats her n gives some medicines n went off. Smriti eyes are red which says she cried a lot n didn’t sleep whole nite.

Vihar: Fresh up n come down fast. I told u to prepare break fast for me. As u r my wife u must obey my words.

Smriti slowly got down n freshed up. She came out wearing light pink saree which makes her look beautiful. Vihar starred at her n coz of fever she felt drowsy n abt to fall. Vihar caught her n made her to sit on bed n then gave water to her.

Vihar: R u ok?


Vihar: Then go n prepare brkfast for me.

Her eyes filled with tears by hearing his words. Vihar saw her tears n wiped them. Smriti stood n tried to move but still she felt weak. Vihar kept his hand around her shoulder n made her slowly to walk n took her hall. Smriti tried to go towards kitchen but Vihar took her to dining hall n made her to sit. Smriti looked at him.

Vihar: Have ur food. I am not as cruel as u think.

Vihar himself feeded her n gave her medicine. He made her to sit in sofa. Vihar mother(Veena) reached home by that time. Veena came there knowing abt his marriage n is angry seeing Vihar with Smriti.


Vihar looked at her.

Veena:Wat r u doing with that low class girl? How can u…..

Smriti scared seeing her anger. Vihar saw it

Vihar: Maa, wait in ur room. I will talk with u.

Vihar: Smriti, Come lets go to our room n u can take rest there.

Vihar took her to room n made her to sleep. He covered her with blanket.

He tried to go but Smriti caught his hand. Its first time for Smriti some one caring for her aft her parents death. She really needed his care n scared seeing his mom thinking that she may make him away from her.

Smriti: Pls don’t go

Varun caressed her hairs n kissed on her forehead.

Varun: Don’t worry I don’t leave u that easily as I said earlier. I will come again within 15mins. Shall I go now?

Smriti nodded. Varun went to his mom n found his dad too.

Varun: Wow. What a wonder. Both North pole n South pole are in same place. If I would have knew that my marriage makes u together then I would have married earlier.

Veena: Shut up Varun. How can u marry that girl who had no status, money n parents. Wat happened to u?

Varun sat relaxedly in sofa.

Varun: Dad, u too ask ur doubts n I will answer everything at once.

Kalyan(his dad): Stop it Varun. Till now we didn’t say anything to u though we know u hav affairs with many girls but now u married without informing us n that too who doesn’t belongs to our status.

Vihar: Wah.. Wat a grt parents. You are not bothered as ur son had affair with many girls but when ur son married someone u felt it as a big mistake. First thing is U didn’t deserve even to take her name n second thing she is not a low class girl coz she is a girl with golden heart. For me, u both are the one who belongs to low class with no values.

Kalyan: Look Vihar,Divorce her aft 6 months n marry someone whom we choose for u. Many high class entrepreneurs,political leaders are ready to give their daughter to u. Otherwise u have to leave whole property n then u will realise wat kind of a girl she is.

Vihar caught his collar n controlled himself n left the hold.

Vihar: How can u talk like dis. She is my wife. I can’t divorce her as u did with ur wife for a small misunderstanding. If u want me to leave, I will do it for sure aft 6 months along with my wife. Now for God’s sake both of u get last.

Saying this he left n went to Smriti n found her sleeping. He sat behind her. His parents left to their business world. Its evng n Smriti woke up n found Vihar near her on the same bed.

Vihar: How r u now?

Smriti: Fine. Ur mom?

Vihar became serious at her question remembering their words.

Vihar: Just answer my questions. Never ask anything to me n don’t talk unnecessarily. ok?

Smriti nodded her head n went to get fresh up n cried again thinking that he is angry on her. She washed her face n came out. Vihar brought food for her. He feeded her n gave medicines to her. Smriti went to balcony in their room n starred at stars.

Vihar saw her n hugged her from back. Smriti tried to remove his hold but he hugged her more tightly. He kissed her both hands slowly from palm to shoulders. Smriti tried to go n he pulled her towards him. He kissed her forehead,cheeks n lips. He tried to kiss her neck n Smriti pushed him away with force. He saw her seriously.

Vihar: Wat happen? You told that ur husband had every right on u. Then y r u trying to go away from me?

Smriti: I am not feeling well now. I need rest.

Vihar: Ok. However u have to bare me for 6 months.

Smriti:Aft 6 months?

Vihar came near to her n hugged her again n slowly whispered in her ears

Vihar: I will divorce u to free u from me. Thats wat u want, right?

Vihar broke hug n looked into her eyes to observe her reaction.

Smriti: But I didn’t ask u for divorce.

She turned another side to hide her tears. Vihar hugged her again n kissed on her cheeks n ears.

Vihar: But my revenge will be completed only wen I divorce u.

She broke the hug n went off from there seriously. Vihar smiled looking at her reaction. Smriti rested on bed but couldn’t sleep remembering his words. Vihar came near to her n slept on other side of the bed n caught her tightly.

Vihar: Honey, r u unable to sleep? may I help u?

He came near to her face but Smriti removed his hand n pushed him away thinking that he came near to kiss her.

Smriti: I can sleep. Please I am not well. Give me some rest.

Vihar again came near to her n smiled seeing her n took bottle n medicines kept on table next to Smriti

Vihar: I am talking abt medicines darling. If u take this tablet, u will sleep peacefully.

Vihar gave her medicine n she closed her eyes. He kissed her on forehead. Smriti opened her eyes n looked him with irritation.

Vihar: Good night darling.

Smriti didn’t respond

Vihar:If u didn’t respond to my words then I will kiss u again.

Smriti:Good night

Smriti covered herself completely with blanket. Vihar smiled at her n hugged her again tightly to irritate her. Smriti tried hard to free herself from his hold but he tightened it.

Vihar: My dear sweet wife, now sleep calmly. Otherwise I don’t know wat I will do.

Smriti unknowingly smiled with his actions. Though she is upset with his words, her heart felt happy with his care n love. She slept calmly n Vihar left the hold. Smriti, in sleep, aft sometime hugged him. Vihar smiled n slept.

Precap: Vihar’s frnd trying to insult Smriti n Vihar supports Smriti. Nok jhok between Vihar n Smriti.

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    1. Thank u..

  1. Wow had a bit of rakshi taste … Awesome … Love u …. PLZ continue …
    And y dear suddenly from vihar to varun ??
    Wat is this 6months evn his parents are talking abt 6months is the any new twist ??

    And vihar’s reply to his dad was awesome tht I am not like u to divorce my wife and his reply to his mom tht she is not a girl of low class in fact u both are low class ….

    The way u tackle emotions and real life situations in ur story is the main plus in u … Love u bye

    1. Thank u sweet sis..Ha ha ha Vihar became Varun bcoz of my sleeplessness.. I didn’t even realise it till u said..Thank u for saying me dear..

      I am happy that u done ur prcts well Keep it up..God bless u with super success..

  2. yr however he may be but he is very cute nd serious abt smriti nd there cute fights nd his care voww loved it!!..

    1. Thank u..

  3. its seriously extraordinary

    1. Thank u..

  4. Love ur story dear.. Its so beautiful.. Vihar has changed. Its now purely visible that he loves Smriti… Loving ur stories dr.. Update soon..

    1. Thank u..

  5. fantastic awesome episode dr

    1. Thank u..

  6. It was awsome dear …….
    I loved the way vihar replied to his parents … ” dad u to ask ur douts i will answer everything at once ”
    And took stand for smiriti it was really sweet……
    And virhar making her irritate n then caring for her …….
    He was happy seeing her angry and showing that wat ever he is doing is only to take revenge trying not to show his love for her !!!!!!!!
    Take care n lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. He is confusing her with words n actions..His actions says he love her but words says he hates her..

  7. Ohhhh he loves her or not

    1. Thats the guess it.

  8. Vihar is in love or again revenge?Its so cute

    1. Its suspense dear..keep guessing..

  9. Awesome episode, loved it very much, vihar trying hard to hide his love n torture her but still can’t control himself…his reply to his parents to defend smriti was really awesome… inspite of vihar’s harsh words smriti loves him very much n doesn’t want to divorce him…true love…lovely story…Keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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