Love is not a game (Episode 7)

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Episode 7:

Recap: Smriti loves Vihar

The episode starts with Vihar dropping her at her room. Smriti gets down n Vihar waves bye looking her from car. Smriti caught his hand n kissed it. She left.

Next day:

Its Valentines Day n Smriti is so happy thinking to surprise Vihar. She went to his office n went near his cabin. But hearing Vijay’s words from the room, she stopped getting in.

Vijay: So Smriti loves u.

Vihar: Yes

Vijay: I lost the bet. Tell me wat u want.

Vihar: How did u think that I will lose the bet. Its impossible. U know what most of the girls r emotional. So I used her emotions to make her love me. Any girl loves who is frank. So I revealed before her abt my affairs with other girls which made her to trust me that I am honest n frank. Finally she fall for me.

Vijay: Wats next?

Vihar:She must pay for slapping me. Today its Valentines Day n I am sure she will plan something for me. Let me njoy it.

Smriti eyes r filled with tears. She can’t comtrol herself because she trusted him a lot n loved him. She felt as if Earth under her feet has broken. No one even God has power to control her tears. She is totally shattered. Vihar called her to talk n hearing the ringtone he came out of his cabin n saw Smriti in that situation. He felt some pain in his heart but ignored it. Vihar holded her hand. Smriti pushed him away n slapped him. Vijay n his staff were shocked seeing this.

Vihar: Wat happen to u?

Smriti: How can u play with my emotions. Just to win a bet, u did all this. Don’t u know how much I love u. Ur words,love n frankness, everything is action. I hate u. I nvr want to see ur face again. I want to kill myself for loving a person like u.

Vihar holded her hand n took her to the car n threw her in car n locked the door. Smriti was frightened. He started the car.

Smriti: Vihar, pls leave me. wat r u dng

Vihar:Shut up. Just b silent otherwise I won’t spare u. Don’t irritate me much.

Smriti is crying literally n Vihar seeing her from rear mirror. He stopped car near a park. He asked her to get down. Smriti got down n didn’t understand anything. Vihar sat on a bench seeing her.

Vihar: So u want to get away from me.

Smriti: Yes

Vihar just smiled at her. Smriti didn’t understand his attitude.

Vihar: I won’t leave u that easily unless I take revenge on u.

Smriti is abt to say something but few political party members came over there who dislike celebrations of Valentines day n if they see any boy n girl together, they r forcing them to marry. One of the members asked Vihar whats their relationship. Vihar said they are lovers n Smriti said no. Irritated members asked them either to tie Rakhi to Vihar or Mangalsutr to Smriti. Smriti refused to tie Rakhi because she knew she loves him. Shockingly Vihar accepted to marry her n tied mangalsutr to her. The members left from them.

Smriti is in hell shock n when she realised wat happened, she looked for Vihar n he is in car starting his car.

Smriti: Vihar

Vihar: What? You said me to leave n I am leaving now.

Smriti: But you married me.

Vihar: Oh. Do u think I will accept u as my wife even aft slapping me in front of my staff n frnds? Anyways just before few minutes, u said u didn’t want to see me n ordered me to leave u. Did u forget it?

Smriti: Vihar please stop this. I know u r acting. I know u love me.

Vihar: Look Smriti. I am not acting. I didn’t love u. Now u can go on ur way n I will go on my way. I can’t forget the insult u done to me.

Smriti: I am sorry

Vihar: Come again

Smriti: I am really sorry Vihar.

Vihar:I will accept u as my wife on one condition. U must beg me for forgiveness on ur knees by touching my feet infront of my staff n frnds as u slapped infront of them n accept its ur fault to misbehave with me. R u ready?

Smriti: Ok

Vihar asked her to get in. They reached office. As everyone r shocked when Smriti slapped him,they didn’t understand how they came together again.

Infront of everyone, Smriti sat on her knees n with tears touched his feet

Smriti: I am really sorry for my past behaviour. Its all my fault. Pls forgive me.

Smriti tears fallen on his feet. Vihar immediately made her to stand by holding her shoulder n announced that he married her. His frnds r shocked as they didn’t understand y he married her.

Vihar took her to his home. He made her to sit on bed in his room.

Vihar: I think u r so tired coz of many shocks in one day. Anyways cry as much as u want n take rest. Don’t expect me to return home at night. I will b coming tomorrow morning. As u r my wife, from tomorrow u have to take care of my home n do all the work. Now u will understand wat is ur level n of mine. Tomorrow by the time I reach home, complete all the works n make breakfast ready for me. From now, without my permission u shouldn’t go out. I am leaving.Bye

Precap: Vihar’s romance with Smriti. Vihar’s parents ask him to divorce Smriti but he refuses. Vihar says to Smriti that he will divorce her aft 6 months inorder to hurt her (he didn’t have any intention to divorce her)

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  1. Ohhhh he is such a jerk aisa ladka ko srimiti kyu maaf kiya tha yaar

    1. Yes its tough to forgive him..

  2. monster vihar i hate

    1. Yes he is dear…

  3. feeling sad for smriti

    1. Don’t worry dear..she is a strong girl who knew to handle anything..

  4. Awesome yaar and waiting for virti romance thanks fr updating one more chapter will be waiting for ur ff

    1. I updated next part too dear..Thank u..

  5. Felt bad for Smriti. How can vihar do like that…
    Love ur stories..

    1. He is playing with her emotions..Thank u dear..

  6. poor smriti…honestly I didn’t like the part when she touched his feet 🙁 (just my opinion dr..don’t feel sad)

    1. No dear..Bcoz even I hate such things. Actually this scene I copied from a show telecasted on some telugu channel based on true problems of real couple. I just want to say how some ppl will b so cruel.

  7. aww..smriti 🙁

    1. Yes sad for her..

  8. Again another power packed awesome rendition by u …. Awesome thanks for this …dear ….

    But lil disappointed coz u dint inform abt this story to me and posting as unknown … Anyways no prob as I said before I WIL accept watevr u write it do ….

    Eagerly waiting for next episode..

    U r so much talented and u tackle so many different types of stories with realistic values and culture traditions emotions and even a bit of romance…

    Thank u unknown ( _ _ _ dear )

    1. I am extremely sorry for not informing u dear. Pls forgive me. I am writing as unknown coz of some reason.I am happy that u read this story n liked it too.. Really I am very happy to see ur comment here. Love u…hw did u do ur practicals?

      1. It was awesome … Hope so full marks … anyways I knew there is some reason thts y evn I dint write ur name … Ok Atleast u could have informed …
        No prob bye

  9. Awesome episode, what a roller coster of scenes in one epi…vihar-smriti romance, valentine preps, true colors of vihar front of smriti, another slap to vihar by smriti, sudden marriage, apology, then welcome to vihar’s hell…precap very interesting……wowwww awesome narration n dialogues. …loving this story very much. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u dear..

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