Love is not a game (Episode 6)

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Recap: Smriti n Vihar’s frndshp begin

Episode 6:

The episide starts with Vihar coming to Smriti. Smriti n Vihar travelling in a metro train leaving his car. Vihar wore red t-shirt on black pant. He is so simple as suggested by Smriti.

Smriti took him to a house n knocked the door. An old lady opened it n felt happy looking her. She invited her inside by saying Come in beti. Both went inside. There is an old man sitting in sofa. Smriti took blessings from both of them calling them as Maa n Dad n sighed Vihar to take blessings. He just saw her but didn’t react. Two girls n a boy aged around 10 yrs came there n hugged her calling didi. Smriti gave chocolates to them. Vihar is asked to sit in sofa.

Smriti n maa went to kitchen n started preparing lunch. Vihar asked the old man about Smriti.

Vihar: Uncle, hw r u related to Smriti? Did u adopted her?

Old man: No. Smriti adopted all of us.


Old man: We r the parents of Viren,head of Samyukta companies. Aft marriage he got changed n left both of us. We became beggars on road side n one day Smriti saw us n brought us here. When then she is treating us as her own parents.

Vihar: Kids?

Old man: Smriti found them working in a hotel n knowing they r orphans, brought here n educating them.

Smriti called him n old man for lunch. Smriti is feeding kids with her hands n mom is feeding her. Vihar is watching her n Smriti streched her hand to feed him. Vihar shocked for a minute n then ate it. Vihar starred at her continuously. Smriti is playing with kids hide n seek as if she is also a kid. Kids while playing poured water on her n Smriti is playing with them with water in their garden. By mistake water fallen on Vihar. Smriti sighed sorry by catching her ears. Vihar came near her n threw water on her. He ran behind him. Both r running n Vihar acted as he sliped n fallen n Smriti went to help him n fallen on him. Both had an eyelock n Vihar moved her hair n locked it behind ears. He kissed her on cheeks n then on lips. Smriti slowly kissed him back shocking him. Smriti got up n then tried to move. Vihar caught her hand n turned her towards him. He saw tears in her eyes.

Vihar: Wat happen

Smriti: You asked me y I didn’t stop u from kissing. Because I love u. I love u so much. Any girl behaves so close with the one whom she loves a lot n trusts. I love u Vihar.

Vihar: Smriti, I love u too. can u be with me forever throwing away my loneliness? Promise me

Smriti: Yes I promise

Smriti hugged him with love n tears in her eyes. Vihar hugged her back n smiled cunningly.

Vihar(inner voice): I hate u so much. Let me show u whats Vihar. This is the last day of ur hpyness.

Precap: Smriti heart brks aft knowing abt the bet but unexpectedly Vihar marries her.

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  1. Waiting for the next episode. I’m so excited update soon.

    1. Thank u dear.. Its updated..pls check..

  2. It was really a very sweet
    Smriti is so kind …… and has such a pure heart
    Hope vihar doesnt hurt her much !!!!!
    Take care and lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Yes she is so kind. Don’t worry he won’t hurt her much.

  3. Waiting eagerly for nxt update….

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  4. pls update soon very nice episode

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  5. Such a monster yaar

    1. Yes dear..he is..

  6. Vihar he. Can u hurt smriti and IMG they get married plzzzzz update next chapter toooo I can’t wait plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Its updated dear..

  7. Such a beautiful episode…smriti so kind hearted girl…pure angel…vihar still playing his game..precap is very depressing…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u..its already updated dear…

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