Love is not a game (Episode 5)

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Recap: Vihar kisses Smriti.

Episode 5:

The episode starts with Smriti coming to Vihar’s cabin. She handovers a envelop to him. He opens n reads the letter n smiles at her.

Vihar: So u decided to resign this job. Is it bcoz of my yesterday’s behaviour or words?

Smriti: For following my passion.

Vihar: Come again

Smriti: Singing is my passion. I am selected for Indian Idol programme. I want to focus on it. So leaving the job.

Vihar: Great. All the best.

He accepted her resignation n settled her payment.

Vihar: Now u can leave.

Smriti: I want to talk with u personally after office.

Vihar looked her n said Sure lets talk.

Its evening n Vihar went to Smriti. She invited him inside n offered tea to him.

Vihar: Wats the matter

Smriti: Yesterday ur words r amazing. U r right in pointing out my mistake of not stopping u from kissing me. Its true that I lost in love with u at that moment. But I want to say u one thing. Purity lies in heart. U asked me abt not stopping u from touching n hugging. We even hug our frnds. To me, its not wrong. Because I know wat I am. I didn’t allow to go further because its wrong to me. U asked me that don’t I remember kissing u wen I am with my husband. No I don’t. The moment I marry someone other than u, surely I forget u n I will be with him through my heart n soul. It will b my mistake if I keep u in my heart n stay with my husband. But I don’t do that mistake.

Smriti returned his ring to him which he presented while proposing her.

Vihar:Wat does u mean by returning this gift?

Smriti: Love is based on understanding. But I am unable to understand u. So I want to brk our relationship.

Vihar: Hmm. Ok do one thing. Stay with me for a month n try to understand me.

Smriti: Do u mean living together?

Vihar: Not exactly. But to some extent. Lets b just frnds though we live under same roof.

Smriti: To understand u I am ready to be ur frnd but not to stay with u.

Vihar: Ok. lets b frnds.

Next day:

Vihar asked Smriti to come out with him for dinner. They are having their dinner.

Vihar: Smriti,shall I ask u onething


Vihar: Don’t u feel lonely staying alone in ur room.

Smriti:No. Never. I enjoy my company as I love myself. Though my parents are not alive I never feel their absence bcoz I believe they r with me forever. And If I feel boring, I hav good frnds to cheer me up. I am alone but not lonely. Because I had myself, my parents in heart n frnds who loves me. Along with them, I had many ppl who loves me. Some feels me as their daughter, sister etc. Wat abt u?

Vihar: Though I have mom and dad,its true that I hardly saw them only 5-6 times from my childhood. Both loved one another n got married. Aft 3 yrs due to misunderstandings, they took divorce. Aft that they kept themselves busy by managing their company. They love their company than their son. I often feel lonely.

Smriti: Frnds?

Vihar:They love my money than me.

Smriti touched his hand softly to console him.

Smriti: So how do u manage those lonely times?

Vihar: Frankly by spending money n having affairs with girls.

Smriti jerked listening his words.

Vihar: Yes I had affair with many girls. I just did it to send my loneliness away.

Smriti: So is ur loneliness went away?

Vihar: No

Smriti: Loneliness goes away only wen we decide to send it away n start loving ourselves. Depending on someone for support makes u to feel more lonely.

Vihar smiled at her.

Smriti: When u search for someone to love u to remove ur loneliness, it nvr works. But wen u search for someone whose loneliness u can remove by ur love,surely u feel urself worthy n becomes happy n then u nvr experience loneliness again.

Vihar: Nice lecture. But I am not interested on ur techniques. I am happy as I am.

Smriti: Ok. Tomorrow I am going to a place. Can u accompany me?

Vihar: Ok.

Smriti: But just come as Vihar n not as heir of Bharadwaj companies.

Vihar: But why?

Smriti: I will show u a new world which u have nvr seen till now.


Precap: Smriti showing new world to Vihar to make him happy. Vihar’s emotional game to trap her.

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  1. very nice

    1. Thank u swara..

  2. fantastic episode

    1. Thank u Priya..

  3. very good writing skills nice epi

    1. Thank u anjali..

  4. Sometimes i feel he is falling in love sometimes he is weird ….
    But smriti is a girl of pure heart

    1. Dear Zayn..He is not loving her. He is acting to grab her attention. He is playing with her emotions..But watever he said abt himself is true..He is a lonely guy but with rock heart.

  5. How cheap he is

    1. Really he is. He will do anything to win the bet..

  6. “love is not a game”serial is in which channel?

    1. Dear kukku,dis is a fan fiction which means a story created by fans.Its not telecasted on any channel…

  7. when vihar fall smriti

    1. Read the coming episodes, u will understand Vihar.. He already fallen for her but his ego doesn’t accept that..

  8. Its nic story Sindhu.. Loving ur story. So wats this Vihar’s real feelings..

    1. Ananya dear, He already loves her but he didn’t want to loose bet n at the same time his love covered by ego n hatred. He will accept her slowly..

  9. Awesome episode, smriti so true in her words, but vihar wants to go any extent to win the bet, I’m sure he got feelings for her too but not going to accept that easily. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u..

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