Love is not a game (Episode 4)

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Recap: Vihar saved Smriti from arrest.

Episode 4:

The episode starts with Vihar visiting Smriti’s home. He knocked the door. Smriti opened it.

Vihar:Good morning. Didn’t u go to ur office today

Smriti: Good morning. I resigned for the job aft yesterday’s incident.

Vihar: Shall I come in. I need to talk to u

Smriti: Come in

Vihar: Actually Smriti, I didn’t plan yesterday’s incident. Its planned by Vijay. Hope u remember him

Smriti: Vijay? I remember him.

Vihar: He is my best frnd. He did it to take revenge on u. Here is ur bag. Anyways I am taking it coz I paid the money yesterday. I will make him to say sorry to u.

Vijay came there

Vijay: I am sorry Smriti

Smriti didn’t say anything.

Vihar: If its on with u, then u can work for my company. Wat do u say? Here is ur appointment letter

Smriti: I will join. Thank u so much Vihar.

Vihar: You are welcome. ok then lets meet in office

Smriti: Vihar

Vihar: Yes

Smriti: I am sorry for my rudeness yesterday

Vihar: Its ok. Forget it.

Smriti is working in Vihar’s company. Vihar showed himself as a good person.

Leap of one month:

Smriti came to office asusual n shocked seeing the decorations n finding no staff. At once everyone shouted “Happy Birthday”. Vihar came to her n by sitting on his knees proposed to Smriti by holding a ring in his hand in front of everyone. Smriti accepted him.

Vihar: Shall we go out?

He gave hand to her n Smriti gave her hand too. Vihar caught her hand n both left from there.

He took her to his hotel. He took the keys n went to room followed by her. He opened the door n sighed her to get in by showing his hand. The room was decorated beautifully with balloons n written “Happy Birthday Dear Smriti” on walls with colour papers.

Vihar hugged her from back n slowly touched her back. Smriti pushed him away slowly feeling shy n moved from there n stood near a wall. Vihar kept his hands at both sides n locked her to the wall. He slowly kissed her lips. Smriti closed her eyes. He kissed her harder n then left her. Smriti slowly opened her eyes. Vihar threw her on bed n came close to her. He hugged her n touched her waist. Smriti pushed him at once.

Smriti: Wat r u doing

Vihar: Wat happen to u

Smriti: Its wrong before marriage.

Vihar: Oh..Is kissing before marriage not wrong?

Smriti didn’t understand how to answer his question.

Vihar: U didn’t stop me from touching,hugging n kissing u. Because u liked it. But now fear started in ur heart.So u stopped me saying its wrong. If kissing is not wrong then this is also not wrong. Do u mean its wrong to u or in the society.

Saying this he came closer to her. He can hear her heartbeat very clearly. He is looking into her eyes.

Smriti: Vihar, I….I didn’t know all that. But how can I trust u whether u will marry me or not.I can’t do this. If u didn’t marry me,then aft this I can’t imagine anyone in my life. I want to b pure till I marry. Only my husband had that right on me. I am not sure that u will marry me or not. If I do this with u now, throughout my life it kills me.

Vihar smiled

Vihar: Smriti, I am not getting ur point. Y u girls will b ready to hug n kiss a person whom u love but to get intimate u will get afraid. Is it because it had risk of getting pregnancy. is it so? U said it kills u throughout ur life if u marry someone else other than me aft doing this. Tell me this. If u marry someone else aft kissing me, don’t u remember this kiss wenever u kiss ur husband? Doesn’t it kills u? Aft being this close to me, how can u say u r still pure? watever we think right is not right.Watever we think wrong is not wrong.How can u decide wats wrong or right?

Smriti shocked listening Vihar. Tears rolled from her eyes n words stopped in her throat struggling to come out.

Vihar: Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to u. Come n cut the cake

Smriti silently followed him n cut the cake n he himself made her to feed him the cake with her hand. Aft that he dropped her at her room. He left but his words r still whispered in her ears making her disturbed.

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    1. Thank u dear.You got wat I mean to say. I wrote this part based on some real incident. Not exactly but to some extent.. These dialogues are discussion I had with my best frnd …

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