Love is not a game (Episode 3)

Episode 3:

Recap: Vihar proposes Smriti.

The episode starts with Smriti going to her office.

Anju(colleague): Hey Smriti

Smriti: Hi Anju

Anju: Y r u so tensed?

Smriti explained everything to her about Vihar proposal

Anju: Leave it darling.. Lite…These r common for girls..If girls r beautiful its common getting love proposals.

Smriti: My life taught me enough dear. I can’t trust anyone.

Tears are rolled from her eyes.

Anju:Its ok. Forget it.

Smriti went to her cabin. Manager called her.

Smriti: Good morning sir

Manager: Good morning smriti. Actually this month due to few problems, salaries r not credited to employees accounts. But at any cost we must disburse salaries today itself. I want u to bring the amount of 15 lakhs from bank. Take this cheque

Smriti: ok sir.

Smriti went to bank n withdrew the money. She came out of the bank. She is abt to get into an auto but someone grabbed the bag from her n left. Smriti reached the office n informed it to mgnr.

Mgnr: Don’t act smart Smriti. Tell me where is the money?

Smriti(in tears):I didn’t know.really sir

Mgnr: I will inform to police now n they will find out the truth.

Mgnr called police n police is abt to arrest.

Someone: Wait

Everyone looked there. Its Vihar

Vihar: Whats going on here

Mgnr explained everything n Vihar gave a check to the manager. Police left. Vihar caught her hand n took her from there.

Smriti: Leave me.

Vihar left hold on her hand

Vihar: I helped u n u hav to thank me Smriti.

Smriti slapped him

Vihar: Wats the hell with u?

Smriti: I know its all ur plan. U proposed me n as I rejected u. So u did all this

Vihar laughed .

Vihar: Darling, I think u watch movies a lot. Stop watching movies first. I am not at all involved in this. Anyhow bye. Will meet u again

Vihar went to his frnds. They are laughing to the core. Vihar is biting his tooth with anger

Vijay: Finally she slapped u too.

Vihar: I will not leave her. She will pay for it. I will spoil her entire life.

Adi (frnd): Is this really ur trap Vihar?

Vihar: Arey..I didn’t know anything. I didn’t plan anything.

Vijay: Its my plan

Vihar: What?

Vijay: Yes. I did it to help u

Vihar slapped him.

Vihar: Stupid. U spoiled everything. Watever its her biggest mistake to raise her hand on me without my fault. She is just a low class girl. I will reduce her proud. Just wait n watch my game of love. I will make her to beg before me for forgiveness. The game starts.

Precap: Vihar kissed Smriti.

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  1. fantastic episode

  2. waiting for next episode pls make lengthy episode plzzz

  3. Superb episode yaar I really like ur ff do u think I can wait after reading the precap plzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update next part toooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Please write lil long..too excited

  5. very nice i can’t wait pls update soon

  6. Badtameez ladka how she will survive yaar

  7. Awesome episode, smriti slapped vihar n vihar slapped vijay…slap day today…lol….vihar pissed off…his game start now…let the game begin…precap is interesting. you loads

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