Love is not a game (Episode 2)

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Recap: First meeting of Smriti n Vihar.

Episode 2:

Vihar is waiting near Smriti’s room for her arrival. She came out n he started his car n went near to her n downed the car window. Smriti saw him.

Vihar: Hello

Smriti: Who r u?

Vihar: I am..Yesterday ur anklet

Smriti: I remember that I thanked u there.

Vihar: But just a simple thanks for giving u back such precious anklet gifted by ur mom who is not alive today.

Smriti: How do u know that?

Vihar: I know many things abt u. But thats not the topic now.

Smriti: Wat do u want?

Vihar: A cup of coffee with u.

Smriti: Are you mad? Who r u? Y will I accompany u for coffee.

Vihar: To clear the debt of mine

Smriti thought for a while.

Smriti: Ok. I will come.

Vihar opened his car door n asked her to sit.

Smriti: I will come by auto.

Smriti called an auto n went in it without giving second chance for him to ask her to get into his car.

Scene shifts to restaurant.

Vihar: Wat do u want to have?

Smriti: Cold coffee

Smriti is having her cold coffee without even looking him.

Vihar: Am I so ugly to see

Smriti shocked with his question.

Smriti: No no.

Vihar: No just asking as u r feeling uneasy even to look at my face.

Smriti: No nothing like that

Vihar: So am I looking handsome?

Smriti: What?

Vihar: Ok. I will b straight forward. You look so beautiful. May be its love at first sight. I love u smriti.

Smriti: Shut up. I didn’t know even ur name or anything else. Wats dis?

Vihar: I am Vihar. The one n only heir of Bharadwaj’s Group of Industries. This is my brief introduction. Is it enough.

Smriti: I don’t love u. I have to leave. Bye

Vihar: Take ur own time but surely u will love me very soon. Till then I will b following u.

Saying this he left smiling.

Smriti gave an irritated look n went off from there.

Scene freezes showing Vihar smiling n Smriti irritated look.

Precap: Vihar saves Smriti from arrest.

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  1. He is traping her na ohhh such a bruute

    1. Yes dear.. He is trapping her…

  2. oh very nice dr

  3. Gud dr 🙂

  4. Smriti shld give a nice tight slap !!!!!!¡
    And there is nnothing lyk love at first sight
    In precap i feel vihar only made her arrest n will act lyk hero n save her
    I hate such ppl

  5. Awesome episode, to win the bet vihar doing all these cheap things. ..
    Smriti you should be careful n give a hot slap to him…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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