Love is not a game (Episode 19)

love game 19:

Recap: Smriti knew the reason about marriage n Vihar’s behaviour.

Smriti cried a lot the whole day n night. At early morning, she goes to Vihar’s room n saw him sleeping. She kept a letter near his pillow n went off from the house. Vihar woke up aft sometime n found a letter near his pillow. He opened it to read:

” Dear Vihar,

I am leaving from u forever. You are the one who showed me love n care aft my parents death. I fell slowly in love with u. I love u. I love u so much that u can’t even imagine. .

I can bare ur anger n harsh words but not ur mistrust. No understanding in love n no trust in our marriage. Testing a person may give u happiness but it kills that person. If u ever had little faith on me, u would nvr do that. 6 months r completed n i hope ur property will b transferred onto ur name.

Till now I tried a lot to make u understand my love n realise that u r loving me. But u didn’t. Marriage is not for need of a person to stay with u. Neither its just an responsibility. Its a bonding of two souls connected by love. Love is not an illusion. Love is a hope for a new beginning, a bond between 2 ppl n a promise of 2 hearts. But u made love as a game. Love is not a game to play. U played with my feelings n broken my heart.

Don’t search me nor try to meet me until u realise ur love on me. Thank u for everything u hav done for me till now. Forgive me if I hurt u anytime.


Vihar threw everything in the room n he started crying unknowingly. Vihar parents reached home from abroad n shocked seeing him. Vihar hugged his mom. They both read the letter.

Veena: Vihar, Y r u crying that much. As 6 months completed, u will get ur property n u can marry someone else

Vihar(shout): Maa

Veena: Don’t worry n marry another girl n start testing her too. However u didn’t love Smriti.In that case any girl is ok for u

Kalyan: Y r u so upset Vihar? Is it bcoz Smriti left u n hurted ur ego? Are u upset coz ur revenge is not completed? Don’t worry bcoz already ur words broke her heart n she will b suffering life long.

Vihar: I can’t live without Smriti. I don’t love her but I need her.

Veena: Shut up Vihar. U can nvr realise ur love on her. U care for her. U supports her. U treats her as very special. U will do anything to make her dream true. Don’t u know all these are qualities of love? You can’t see her in pain n it hurts u too. U can hurt ur parents n frnds for her when they try to insult her. This is all love. When she is not with u, u becomes mad n lost urself completely. Wat is dis called?

Kalyan: Vihar, I done a big mistake of not realising my love on ur mom n as a result I missed u both for many yrs. It will b ur biggest mistake if u didn’t realise ur love on her now. Only ur love can bring her back to ur life n this house. Scaring a person can’t keep them with u forever. Only Love can do dat. If u didn’t realise it now it will b too late for u to gain Smriti’s love back. If u want to bring her back,first realise why u need her to be back to u? Only if u love her then search for her. Otherwise leave her. Let her live her life peacefully n happily. Think urselves.

They left n Vihar started thinking. He remembered his moments with Smriti. He read the letter again n tears flowed from his eyes.

Vihar(inner voice): I love u Smriti. I can’t leave without u n can nvr imagine anyone in my life other than u. I won’t let u go from me. I am coming for u. I love u

Vihar went to search her. He went to her frnds n family. But didn’t find her. He is unable to control his tears. Vijay n Adi too joined him to search Smriti as they knew he loves her. But they didn’t find her anywhere.

Vijay: Vihar,tomorrow its finals. I think Smriti definitely attends the programme to fulfill her dream.

Next day:

Vihar went to the programme n waiting for Smriti.

Precap: (Final episode):Smriti won Indian Idol finals n Vihar confessing Smriti on stage in front of lakhs of audience accepting his fault.

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