Love is not a game (Episode 18)

love game 18:
Smriti focused on her goal n Vihar controlled his anger even though now n then he gets angry on her. Because he didn’t want her to divert from her goal. Smriti prayed these days should never go away as she felt the love n care of Vihar. Vihar took her to the competition. She crossed all the stages n reached semi finals. 6 months passed by. She gave her performance in semis n waiting for results. Smriti closed her eyes n her hands are shivering n she is praying for her success. Vihar hold her hands.
Vihar: Y r u so tensed. Don’t worry, u will win. However its not ur life n it can’t decide ur life too.
Smriti: I am not worried abt winning. I am worried bcoz dis is the only chance for me to know abt u.

Results are announced..
Judges: The singers selected for final are Mr. Anand n
Smriti heart started beating fast.
Judges: Mrs. Smriti Vihar
Smriti hugged Vihar.
Vihar: Congratulations Smriti.
Vihar n Smriti went to home aft results.
Vihar: We shall celebrate this success.
Smriti: I want to know reason behind ur behaviour. I didn’t want anything else.

Next day:

Vihar is getting ready n he got call from Geeth. Smriti saw it n is irritated.

Vihar: Smriti, pick the call n see who’s it. I will b coming in few mins.

Smriti: Its Geeth

Vihar: Ask why did she call

Smriti: Ok

Smriti received the call.

Geeth: Hi Vihar, today I am leaving to New york. I just want to see u for the last time. Pls come to airport. pls just once

Smriti got irritated with her words. By that time Vihar came. Vihar took the mobile from Smriti.

Vihar: Hi Geeth..Ya wats up

Vihar: Ya sure I will come

Smriti moved from there but stopped as Vihar hold her hand.

Vihar: U r also coming with me

Smriti: I can’t. U pls go.

Vihar: I won’t force u but if u want to know the truth come with me.

Smriti: I will come

Smriti n Vihar went to airport to meet Geeth. Geeth hugged Vihar but this time he is firm n broke the hug.

Vihar: Geeth, I will b back within few minutes. U want to say something to Smriti on that day in mall.Right? U can do it now. Smriti, I am leaving.Bye

Vihar went leaving both of them.

Geeth: Smriti, U r so lucky to have him in ur life. He is harsh from ourside but his heart is so kind n can even forgive the one who broke his heart. I know he is so harsh to u.But I am the reason for the pain u r facing now.

Smriti: May I know y is he behaving so?

Geeth: Ya sure. Actually we both r childhood frnds. He is away from his parents. So my care n love made him tend towards me. I am the only one whom he trusted a lot than anyone else on this Earth.

Actually we used to live in the same house from clg days. Vijay n Adi r also clg frnds to us. Vihar proposed me during clg days n I agreed. Vihar is such a person who think the person whom he love should behave according to him. But I love freedom.

Aft studies, I joined in some MNC. There I met Shiv. His words r so sweet n he is so kind to anyone. I slowly fallen in love with him.

Smriti: Didn’t u love Vihar?

Geeth: May b or may not be.At that time I didn’t realise.

I used to come late at nite to home to avoid facing Vihar. Actually love to spend with Shiv. But one day he didn’t sleep n waited for me.

Fb shows:

Vihar: Whr did u go till now

Geeth: I hav some important projects to do. So it became late.

Vihar: Really? Is the project to meet Shiv at hotel?

Geeth: Vihar

Vihar: I saw u both today at hotel?

Geeth: I love Shiv. He is so sweet n lovable. U didn’t know wat is love. Seriously I can’t b with u

Vihar: Geeth, he is not a good person. He will definitely hurt u one day.

Geeth: He is far better than u. I just want u to leave me. U can’t love anyone. No one can stay with u. May b thats the reason ur parents too left u.

Vihar slapped her

fb ends

Smriti: Did u leave him coz of his anger?

Geeth: Yes.

Smriti: I don’t think he will b angry unnecessarily. May b if he said Shiv is wrong, may b its true. I know his harsh words hurts few times but he is really a very loving person. He will do anything to make his loved one happy

Geeth: U r right Smriti. I didn’t understand his love n care behind his words. Aft that fight, I left that flat. I started living with Shiv. There slowly I am addicted to drinks n drugs. Vihar even aft that fight, met me n suggested not to ruin my life. I nvr listened to him.

I know he is harsh bcoz he didn’t had any love from childhood. It made him a tough person but I nvr tried to make him changed like u did. I tried to find fault with him n finally got away from him.

Smriti: Aft dat?

Geeth: I heard from Vijay n Adi that Vihar went to depression coz of the loneliness I gave to him. Slowly he started drinking n later on it became a habit for him. Aft my betrayal he didn’t trust anyone. He felt girls fall for sweet words n not for true love. He started flirting. He used girls to come out of his loneliness. As he had no one to take care of, he ruined his life completely.

But the fact is he nvr ruined the life of any girl. Girls whom he flirt are those who falls for his money n charm. They acted as they loved him to use his money n status but their plan backfired by Vihar.

Smriti: How do u both came into touch again?

Geeth eyes filled with tears.

Geeth: Aft few yrs I realised Shiv trapped me. He used to sell blue films. He trapped me n as I trusted him, I became prey for him. He took my videos on first night n blackmailed me that if I didn’t act in prone videos, he will publicise that video. I tried to commit suicide but Vihar saved me. When I told him wat happened, he caught that Shiv n gang n he got them arrested. Aft that he helped me to take psychologist treatment to come out of that shock n sent me to New York for higher studies.

Smriti: I can understand its tough to come out of that. Vihar is really great.

Geeth: Now I am perfectly alright.

Smriti: Y did he marry me?

Geeth: I asked him many times to marry n settle in life. But he didn’t trust any girl. When he took u to hotel room,he thought u r different from others. Because till then girls whom he flirted agreed to get intimate thinking that later they can marry him or blackmail him. But u didn’t do dat. Thats y he asked u to stay with him for sometime. But u refused, so he thought marrying is the only way to make u live with him. Only then he can know whether u r right to him or not.

Smriti: Y didn’t he accept he is loving me?

Geeth: Because he thinks if he show true love, girls may take advantage of it. So he behaves rudely thinking that fear is the only way to make one stay with him n only then one can’t betray him.1

Smriti: Didn’t he trust me?

Geeth: Smriti u pls ask this question to Vihar.

In the mean time, Vihar came there n Geeth left to New York. Both reached their home.

Smriti: Didn’t u trust me?

Vihar: Smriti, u first relax.lets talk later.

Smriti:No Vihar,tell me now. Did u behave like dat to test me?

Vihar: I can’t trust girls. So I just married u to know abt u. Just to test u, I changed my behaviour from time to time. I acted anger on u, forced u, acted to b close to Geeth,told u that I will transfer house on ur name.

Smriti: U loved me for bet n married me to test me. There is no truth in love n no trust in marriage.How can u do this to me?

Vihar: Smriti, Try to understand. There is no love on this Earth. If we think someone is right for us, we can marry them. Its just a need. Love is an illusion. It doesn’t exist at all. Don’t b a fool thinking abt love.

Smriti: So u married me as u need someone to live with u?

Vihar: No. Actually my grandfather, before his death, wrote a will. Only if I marry an orphan, aft 6 months of marriage, his property will b transferred to me.

Smriti: U married me for property?

Smriti was unable to control her tears. Vihar tried to go close to her

Vihar: Smriti, its past. Leave it. As I married u, u r my responsibility n don’t worry I nvr leave u.

Smriti: Pls leave me alone.

Vihar went off from there.

Precap: Smriti left Vihar n Vihar searching for Smriti. Vihar realised that he loves her.

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  1. Seriously how can he say like ghat yaar idiot

    1. Because he can’t realise his love n her’s too..

  2. nice episode keep it up

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  3. Wow thank u…. Sooooo much …. Loved this epi ….

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  4. smriti pls don’t forgive vihar

    1. oh darling..Forgiveness is very imp dear when they truly realise their fault n change..

  5. As I expected it was a will matter for wich he was telling six months six months etc … Past was so bad …. But this is not the way to chk a girl … Like marry her then test her … I mean literally if a girl cannot be trusted evn aftr marrying then her life WIL B spoilt right …
    Anyways let us know more details in coming epi…
    Waiting dear for next epi

    1. Yes dear.. I agree completely with u..Marrying a girl just to test her is really a big grief for her. Trust is the base for any relationship..But he forgot that..

    1. Thank u…I read ur ff “me n my kidnapper”…its just awesome dear..

  6. vihar’s truth came out ..yippee,.,.and now realization……..

    1. Yes in next episode dear..

  7. Nice episode dear.

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  8. Awesome, wowwww lovely episode. ..vihar seriously that much doubtful…love for bet n married to test..smriti did correcy…he has to realize her n his true love…that it exist n not an illusion….lovely story…eagerly waiting for the next episode…love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma dear..

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