Love is not a game (Episode 17)

Episode 17:

Recap: Vihar came to know abt Smriti’s past love

Smriti is almost shivering with fear. She is unable to breathe even. Vihar looked at her. He gave her water to drink. She drank it.

Vihar: Now tell me who is he? Is he ur boyfrnd?

Smriti: No

Vihar: I trust u a lot but ur every lie brks my trust n makes me more angry. U can’t bear it.

Vihar tried to catch her hand but she moved back.

Vihar: U know very well that u can’t eacape from me. Now just forward ur hand n give it to me. I won’t give u pain until u answer all my questions truthfully. If u didn’t give ur hand to me then punishment will b more than that. Now decide urselves.

Smriti gave her hand. Vihar took her hand into his hands.

Vihar: Now tell me is he ur boyfrnd?

Smriti: In the past before 2 yrs.

Vihar: How do u know him? Why did u brk up with him?

Smriti: He is my clg mate. When I am in my graduation final year, he proposed me. I agreed as he is good frnd to me from 3 yrs. Aft graduation we both settled in jobs. We are happy for 2 yrs. But aft dat, one day he didn’t pick my call. I called him so many times. I went to his office n found he is engauged. I met him n asked abt it. He said he can’t go against his parents n he can’t leave dowry if 35 lakh given by that bride. Aft a month he himself came to me n said his marriage was cancelled n he needs me back into his life. I refused. But still he troubles me all the time asking me to marry him.

He can clearly see the pain in her eyes abt her past.

Vihar: Do u love him even now? Don’t be scared I won’t hurt u.

Smriti: I hate him. It doesn’t matter to me whether u hurt me or not. Its true I hate him.

Vihar: Why

Smriti: He betrayed me. He continued acting love with me even aft he is engauged. He valued money than my love

Vihar: Do u love me

Smriti: Yes

Vihar: Even I betrayed u. I too married u with a reason which u doesn’t know.

Smriti: No.Aft marriage u left all ur relationships with other girls. U r true to me n I am sure u nvr betray me. Watever may b the reason, u values me a lot. U supports me wenever I need.

Vihar: Hmm. U should nvr trust anyone completely. Who knows I too may betray u or married u for some reason which brks ur heart. Tell me one thing. Did u ever kiss or hug him?

Smriti closed her eyes n tears flowed from her eyes listening him.

Vihar:Answer me

Smriti: I hugged him but nvr kissed

Vihar: Thank God. U r so brave to tell me the truth. Y didn’t u kiss him? U said as u love me u kissed me before marriage. U love him too at that time. So how should I believe that u didn’t

Smriti is unable to bare his words. She holded her fist tightly which made her nails prick into her hand making it to bleed. Vihar saw it but didn’t react.

Smriti: Vihar if u want to kill me just do it but pls don’t kill me with ur words.

Vihar: Acha. Ok. So u feel as if I am killing u with words. U got angry on me wen I told dat its wrong to kiss n hug beloved before marriage. Do u remember?

Smriti: Yes

Vihar: Now when I asked u abt that whether he hugged n kissed u,u felt as if I am killing u. Thats the reason I told even that is also wrong before marriage. Because u can’t say those things to ur husband bcoz u will b scared. My question is why r u scared to tell it frankly to ur husband wen its not wrong. Did u get my words?

Smriti looked him but didn’t answer anything.

Vihar: ok leave it. How did he know abt the bet, our marriage n torture I am giving to u?

Smriti: I don’t know

Vihar: So u didn’t share it with him?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Good. Never try to share abt our relationship with anyone. Otherwise surely u can’t bare the torture that I will give to u.

Smriti: I nvr share my sorrows with anyone.

Vihar took first aid box n opened her hand slowly n kept some ointment n covered it with cotton n bondage.

Vihar: Ok. U can sleep now. Don’t blame me for ur injury bcoz as I told I didn’t give any punishment to u as u answered all my questions truthfully.

Smriti was really shocked. She didn’t understand wats up in his mind.

Vihar: Wat r u thinking now?

Smriti: Vihar y do u behave like this mysteriously?

Vihar: Because I didn’t want anyone to know abt me

Smriti: Am I also one among those anyone?

Vihar didn’t expect this question. But her question made him realise her pain n at the same time her value in his life. Surely he knew she is not one among all those.

Vihar: Did u ever feel to punish that Ajay?

Smriti: I didn’t want to punish anyone

Vihar: But I want to.

Smriti: Why

Vihar: Because he hurted u. Now u don’t worry. He nvr dares to trouble u anymore.

Smriti: He is no one to me now. So he can’t hurt me anymore. But wats more painful is being unable to understand the one whom we love a lot n with whom we r going to stay through out our life.

Vihar: Good night Smriti.

He slept another side of bed. Smriti tried to sleep but she can’t. Vihar pretended that he is sleeping but still he is thinking abt her words.

Vihar woke up at morning n saw Smriti sleeping. He kissed her on forehead remembering her words n trust on him that he nvr betray her. Though his mind can’t accept her truthfulness his heart already accepted her n her love. He is happy to know that his choice is also praised n there is someone who thinks he is best inspite of his flaws n anger.

Vihar(inner voice): Smriti, I know my words hurt u a lot. But U must bare it till I trust u completely.

Smriti woke up n saw him starring at her.

Smriti: Good morning

Vihar is still struggling between his heart who loves her n mind who doubts her. As a business man n who doesn’t see any kind of love till now n got betrayed, he always choose to believe his mind over heart.

Vihar: Good morning. Go n bring coffee for me.

Smriti: ok

Smriti got up to go.

Vihar: Smriti, come here

Smriti came near to him. He sighed her to sit. She sat n looked him.

Vihar: From today u stay with ur family n not with me. Only then u can focus fully on ur music practice. Aft completing the programme, u can return to me. Because my anger n words won’t let u focus on ur career.

Smriti just smiled n kissed on his forehead.

Vihar: What r u doing

Smriti: I just felt a kid is talking to me. Because the pain caused by ur words n behaviour won’t go from heart if I leave this house. One more thing, if u didn’t think I am disrespecting ur words, sorry I didn’t want to go from here.

Vihar: If u stay here my anger will b a disturbance to u. I am not asking u to choose, I am ordering u to do wat I say.

Smriti went n brought coffee to him. Both got ready n Vihar dropped her in music academy. At evng he picked her to home. She packed her luggage n went to her home ( adopted family). Vihar made an excuse to drop her there for 5 months. Vihar went to Smriti’s room n saw Smriti crying seeing his pic. He left but whole night he didn’t sleep n got a call from Smriti at midnight .He picked it at once as if he is waiting for it from a long time.

Smriti (crying):I miss u. I can’t stay here. Y u left me. U r not good, not at all. Who told u I will b disturbed coz of u n can’t focus on my career? I hate u. I am disturbed coz of ur decision to leave me here. Pls Vihar, take me to our home.

Vihar: Shut up n sleep now. Unnecessarily u disturbed me while sleeping. When u return here, U will b punished for this. Now sleep. Good night. if u disturb me again, I will make u stay there forever n u can nvr return to me. Atleast for few days let me b peaceful without ur disturbance.

Smriti slept crying coz of his words thinking he didn’t miss her n Vihar smiled remembering her cute words. Next day Smriti got up from be n went to hall n found Vihar. Vihar took her to music cls but she didn’t speak even a word to him. Though Vihar tried to speak she didn’t respond. Vihar smiled seeing her anger. Smriti came home n They informed her that Vihar wants to take her home as his business trip was cancelled. Smriti smiled n got ready as soon as possible. Vihar took her to home.

Vihar: U urself choosed this hell though I permitted u to leave.

Smriti: Don’t worry I will make this home heaven very soon.

Vihar: So ur anger gone now

Smriti: Of course bcoz u brought me back home

Vihar: Wats there here which makes u that happy? In fact u must b happy as u got a chance to leave me n live happily at least for a short time without my harsh words.

Smriti: U can nvr understand me. Leave it Pls.

Smriti saw its raining from balcony n went to their garden. Vihar followed her. She is dancing as if she forgot everything. Vihar is starring at her. She sighed him to dance with her. He smiled n looking her. Her clothes r wet making him crazy. Rain drops on her lips made him lose control. He went to her n holded her by keeping his hand on her waist n kissed her on lips. Smriti closed her eyes. He kissed her eyes n cheeks. He turned her back n kissed her back. He took her to room in his arms. His touch made her to forget his harsh words n she hugged him tight. They slept loving one another only listening to their hearts at that moment.

Next morning:

Smriti n Vihar got ready. Smriti brought coffee to him.

Vihar(shout): Who told u to bring coffee.

Smriti: What

Vihar observed that she is scared n smiled n came near to her.

Vihar: Don’t scare. From today u should not do any work except focusing on ur music. If u didn’t do that work then I will kill u.

Smriti: But I think before that I will become mad coz of ur behaviour.

Vihar: If u reach finals of ur competition then I will tell the reason behind my behaviour n our marriage. Do u accept my challenge

Smriti: Really?? Then surely I will

Vihar smiled at her happiness n excitement to know abt him. Smriti started focusing on the competition as its not only her goal now but also a way to know abt her beloved.

Precap: Smriti reached finals of Indian Idol with Vihar’s support n Revealation of reason behind Vihar’s behaviour.

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