Love is not a game (Episode 16)

Episode 16:

Recap: Smriti united Vihar’s parents.

The episode starts with Vihar’s parents informing Vihar n Smriti that they r leaving to abroad to settle few of their business deals n will b shifting to India permanently. Smriti takes the blessings n they left. Vihar n Smriti in their room.

Vihar: Smriti, today u come to office as u hav to end few projects handovered to u. Complete everything today itself. From tomorrow ur music clses r going to begin.

Smriti: Ok

Smriti n Vihar went to office. Smriti started her work. She is completely busy with her work. At aftnoon she went to Vihar’s cabin for signatures on few files. But she didn’t find him n he didn’t respond to her calls. Smriti went to manager to ask abt Vihar. As he said Vihar is in personal room which meant for him to stay when there is heavy work . Smriti went to the room n shocked seeing the environment there. She saw Vijay,Adi,Rima n few others. They are smoking n drinking. Its just like a pub with music system,lights n drinks. She is relaxed a bit as she didn’t find Vihar there. Rima saw her.

Rima: Y did u come here? Did Vihar asked u to join with us

Vijay: He won’t bcoz he knew well that she is someone who nvr know the modernity n to njoy life.

Adi: Stop it guys. May b she came for Vihar. Smriti, u pls go,he will come.

Smriti is abt to go but stopped listening Rima.

Rima: She is just a cultureless n backward girl. Just disgusting.

Smriti: Shut up Rima Enough is enough now. Don’t cross ur limits. Wat do u know abt culture n modernity?

Where world is praising our culture, few ppl like u are mad for Western culture. Culture is something which makes us realise our worth by knowing our greatness. Its the way we live n the values we follow to make our life better. But the culture which u r thinking doesn’t make u better but makes u n ur life worst day by day.

Modernity should b there in the way we work n should enhance our progress. Ur progress totally makes u backward. Here aft nvr try to degrade me or my values. Otherwise I won’t b calm n will make u know wat I am.

Vijay: How dare u to insult my frnd

Smriti: Frnd? Do u know wats the value of frndshp? Frnds are not just to njoy n entertain. Frndshp is a bonding related to hearts. A frnd should b the one who guides n shows the right path when they r going into wrong path. A frnd shows the caring of a mother, guidance of a dad, closeness of a sibling, love of a lover. But wat u did. Only bcoz of frnds like u, Vihar became like that. If u called urselves as a frnd then frndshp will lose its value.

Vihar: Wats going on here

Snriti turned back n saw Vihar standing behind her.

Vihar: Wat r u doing here?

Smriti: I came for u

Vihar: ok come lets go.

Smriti followed Vihar.

Vihar: We r going home now

Smriti: But work?

Vihar looked her seriously. Smriti just followed him n he took her home. Both went to their room. Vihar came near to her.

Vihar(shout): Wat r u doing there?

Smriti: I just came there for ur signatures

He came more closer n pinned her to wall.

Vihar: Did u find me there

Smriti: No but

Vihar: Then y didn’t u move from there when I am not there

Smriti: They are talking nonsense so I just responded to them

Vihar (shout): Who gave u permission to talk like dat with my frnds? Look Smriti, I am being good to u but it doesn’t mean u can do as u wish.

Smriti: Vihar, I am sorry

Vihar: I told u many times that u must think before doing anything. Once u done or said, I won’t forgive u without punishing u for ur mistake.

Smriti scared listening his words. She bent her head to avoid facing him.

Vihar: Don’t come out of this room till I return. Aft returning I will decide wat to do with u.

Vihar returned home at evng. He came to his room n saw Smriti sitting on the floor n crying. Smriti saw him n scared remembering his words. Vihar sat on bed.

Vihar: Smriti, come here n sit near me.

Smriti came near to him n sat. She bent her eyes to avoid eye contact with him.

Vihar: Look at me

Smriti looked him.

Vihar: Don’t cry. I am sorry. I am so bad in controlling my anger. I didn’t like u coming to such environments n talking with such ppl. Watever its my mistake to scold u without ur fault. Tell me wat should I do now for my mistake

Smriti: Did u hav the habit of drinking? Are u drunk now?

Vihar: Hmm. Yes I am drunk but just 2 pegs. Usually before our marriage, I used to drink everyday. But now I am controlling my habit of drinking n smoking.

Smriti: Can u give up drinking n smoking completely for me?

Vihar: For my mistake, U can ask me only one thing

Smriti: Ok then can u quit drinking?

Vihar: Hmm.its not possible. Ok I will give an option

Smriti: What?

Vihar stood up not to face Smriti.

Vihar: I will write this house which costs 5 crores on ur name. If I leave u in future then it will b useful for u. Tell me now do u want me to quit drinking or tranfer house to ur name.

Vihar turned towards Smriti to see her reaction. Smriti smiled. Vihar felt he is right always. Smriti got up n looked him with smile.

Smriti: What should I do with this property when u leave me?

Vihar: U can sell it n leave ur entire life happily

Smriti: My happiness lies in the love of my beloved. Anyways u can’t understand it.

Vihar: Ok.Tell me ur choice

Smriti: Quit Drinking. Thats wat I want.

Vihar smiled n came near to her n holded her by placing his hand on her waist n kissed her lips.

Vihar: Shall we go out for dinner?

Vihar: Go n get ready

Smriti is abt to leave

Vihar: Smriti, a gift for u.

He handovered a cover to her. She opened it n smiled looking him. Vihar caught her from behind n whispered in her eyes.

Vihar: Do u like this saree? U asked me to choose dress for u. So I brought this for u.

Smriti turned towards him n kissed him.

Smriti: I loved it. Watever u choose for me it will b the best n most valuable. Bcoz ur choice is always the best. Thats y u choosed me as ur wife.

Smriti smiled but Vihar remembered the voice of a girl saying “u didn’t even know to choose a dress. I hate sarees. This material is so uncomfortable too.u can nvr make anyone happy” Vihar broke the hug

Vihar: I know my choice is worst. No need to boost me with ur words. I hate it. Just b frank. If u didn’t like it then no need to wear it.

Smriti: I really loved this saree very much. I will wear it.

Vihar left to balcony n Smriti went to get ready. But she didn’t understand his words. Smriti saw him in balcony n went there.

Smriti: Vihar, How am I looking?

Vihar turned towards her seriously but mesmerised seeing her. She wore saree brought by him. Its dark pink saree with black border n with embroidery. She wore matching accessories on it. She is looking so beautiful. Vihar is just starring at her. Smriti blushed seeing him like dat. He came towards her n kissed her lips lovingly. Then he left her. She is going then he turned her towards him n looked seriously.

Smriti:Why r u so serious

Vihar: Where is sindhoor on ur head?

Smriti checked n realised she forgot. But she didn’t understand y he is so serious.

Smriti: I forgot.Sorry

Vihar(shout): Remember that u r married. Behave accordingly. U wore all accessories but forgot sindhoor. Now I realised how much u value this marriage n me. I won’t force u to accept me. Do wat u want. I am leaving..

Saying this he moved from there seriously but Smriti hold his hand.

Smriti: I am really sorry. Pls don’t go. I nvr forget it again in life. Pls forgive me

Vihar saw her tears.

Vihar: Ok but don’t forget it again. I will b waiting in car, come fast.

Vihar left n Smriti is in tears as she can’t understand him at all.

Smriti(inner voice): Vihar, I love u so much. Y r u behaving like dis? Sometimes u show love which makes me to fall for u completely. But within short time u will b changed. Don’t u love me? Y r u so angry on me all the time. I really want to know abt u completely. But how can I?

Vihar (from downstairs):Smriti, r u ready

Smriti came out of her thoughts n kept sindhoor n went to Vihar. Both r in car.

Vihar:R u thinking y am I so serious abt sindhoor?

Smriti: I am thinking wen can I understand u completely

Vihar: Don’t try. coz u can nvr understand me. I am serious on u abt sindhoor bcoz mangalsutr n sindhoor are 2 important things which makes everyone to realise that u r married. So that they won’t see u with other thoughts. But for me, I believe that women give much importance to mangalsutr n sindhoor wen they love their husband very much. They won’t care for it when they don’t value their husband like u did.

Smriti: No. I love u a lot n I really value u n ur words. As I am thinking abt ur words I forgot sindhoor

Vihar: Acha. Ok tell me y don’t u forget ur accessories?

Smriti didn’t know wat to say n she cursed her fate for forgetting sindhoor which made Vihar to doubt her.

Vihar: Now relax n chill. Because u can’t understand me how long u think.

Smriti n Vihar went to hotel n had their dinner. They came out.

Vihar: I forgot car keys. wait here, I will come fast

Smriti is waiting there n suddenly someone came n caught her hand. Smriti looked at him.

Smriti: Ajay, wat is dis? leave me

Smriti forcefully freed her hands.

Ajay: Smriti, I am glad I met u. I am unable to forget u. I heard u got married to someone who didn’t love u. I don’t care abt ur marriage. Come with me. Lets marry again n start a new life. I love u so much. I promise I wil make u happy every second. I am sorry for leaving u in the past. Come with me

Smriti: Shut up. Wat r u talking? R u out of mind? Get lost from here.

Vihar: Smriti, Who is he?

Smriti scared listening Vihar’s voice. Vihar came near to her.

Ajay: Smriti, Is he the one who loved u for bet n married u without love?

Vihar looked Smriti seriously.

Ajay: Me n Smriti loved one another so much. Bcoz of few reasons, We got separated. But wen I came to know abt the torture u r giving to her, I can’t stop myself anymore. I love her n will take her with me.

Vihar punched him n he fallen on ground. He turned towards Smriti n dragged her to the car n threw her in car forcefully n took her home. He took her to the room.

Precap: Vihar’s interrogation of Smriti abt her past love.

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  1. Super episode yaar

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  5. nice dr eagerly waiting to know smriti’s past

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  6. it seems he really had a very bad past which is troubling him soo far but plzzz reveal it nd god knws whts gonna he do next with smriti so very much excited

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  8. This episode was gud one.. No one is able to understand vihar.. His behaviour is becoz of his past I think… Eager to know his past… And now wat will he do yo smriti after knowing her past love… Update soon dear..

    1. Ya bcoz of his past he is testing her..But he is not understanding that he is playing with love…In 18th ep u will know his past..

  9. please make him believe on her although because of his past he will take time to believe her but his doubt creates sadness for her and he treats her angrily or bad which cause of her grief and his possessiveness creates happiness this mixture had more negativeness which is not good

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  10. Wat rubbish Ajay Wen he don’t want he WIL throw a girl and later Wen he wants he WIL come to take her ??
    And while taking he is asking her to come did he ever asked her permission to leave her ?? Idiot scoundrel deserves more than a punch …

    Poor smriti now have to bare vihar’s anger …. Hope he understands her aftr she explains her past ….

    Vihar also should tel abt his past to her if he don’t want to be away from her or don’t want her to leave him ….

    Anyways one doubt dear … It was tht they had a fight and separated and he said do watevr u want I WIL not trouble u etc and they were in separate rooms then how did they patch up again ?

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      R u talking abt their fight n Smriti asking divorce? Yes he said do watever u want but they didn’t live in separate rooms.. Aft that they collided with one another while entering into room. They had a swt nok jhok n they patched up…

      If u r not asking abt this fight, pls do tell me which fight… If I forgot to write anything I will b crcting it..thank

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