Love is not a game (Episode 15)

Episode 15:

Recap: Smriti got letter to participate in Indian Idol programme. Vihar’s changed behaviour n Smriti asked for divorce.

The episode starts with Smriti n Vihar having their brkfst. Smriti went to her room aft brk fst n coming out from room. Vihar finished brk fst n going to room. Both collided with one another n Smriti sliped. Vihar caught her n both had eyelock. Vihar left her.

Vihar: I am sorry.

Smriti gave confused look.

Vihar: For touching u.

Smriti saw him seriously as she still loves him n she said those words just in anger but there’s no truth. Vihar stopped his smile hardly seeing expressions in her face as he thought she would nvr forgive him.But already he can sense her love in her eyes which made him happy.

Vihar: Can u pls move madam. I need to go inside

Smriti: Madam?

Vihar: we r strangers.

Smriti: You r always irritating.

Vihar: Thank u madam

Smriti left from there. Vihar came out n didn’t see Smriti in hall. He took his car n went out n saw her near the gate. He opened the car door.

Vihar: Get in

Smriti: No thanks. I won’t get into strangers car.

Smriti left in auto n Vihar in car to office. Smriti remembered something n checked CCTV footage of her room. She saw Vihar seeing her hand n tears rolled in his eyes n then he kissing her hand while she is asleep n went from there by the time she opened eyes. Smriti smiled. Then she saw him feeling tensed seeing her unconscious n taking her in arms to home. Smriti realised he loves her n her anger n sorrow went off completely. She went to Vihar’s cabin.

Vihar remembered his cute fights with Smriti, her jealous,caring, innocense n baring his anger n decision to not participate in singing competition for him n lastly asking for divorce. He felt he can’t stay away from her even for a short period. He felt as he missed her forever coz of his behaviour. His eyes r abt to shed tears but Smriti came to him. He turned his chair back n controlled his tears.

Smriti: Sir, I need to show u something important captured in CCTV footage of my room.

Vihar understood wat she want to show. He came near to her. Smriti shed down her eyes as she felt new feeling aft understanding that he is hiding his love. Vihar kissed her on lips by slowly lifting her head. Smriti kissed him back.

Vihar: Tell me wat u want to show

Smriti: Nothing

Vihar kept his hand on her waist n pulled near to him.

Vihar: Don’t u love me

Smriti closed her eyes.


Vihar: Do u really need divorce?

Smriti: Yes

Vihar:If I won’t give u divorce forever wat will u do

Smriti opened her eyes.

Smriti: I will trouble u forever

Vihar: If I say I am ready for anything

Smriti freed herself n abt to go but he hold her hand n pulled again closer

Vihar: I can’t stay away from u. But I don’t love u

Smriti: You loves me

Vihar: No really I don’t love u. I nvr had such feelings on u. But I don’t know y I always miss u n need u. I can’t see u in pain but I can’t change my behaviour. Can u bare my anger forever

Smriti: I can do anything for u.

Vihar:How did u forgive me so quickly?

Smriti:Because I know u loves me

Vihar: Smriti I don’t love u. I just treat u sweetly bcoz u r my wife n Its my responsibility.

Smriti: Ok lets see who r right

Vihar: I want to go out with u today

Smriti: I had some important work today. I can’t come.

Vihar left her n both settled in their respective cabins but minds r still roaming in one another’s thoughts. Its evng n Smriti went to his cabin again.

Smriti: I need to go somewhere important.

Vihar: Wat should I do for dat?

Smriti: U told me to take ur permission wherever I go.

Vihar came near to her.

Vihar: But mrng I told u no need to ask me.

Smriti: But u said dat as I asked for divorce. But now u said u didn’t want to divorce me. So I thought I should seek permission.

Vihar: So still u love me n want to keep this relationship

Smriti: I can’t brk relationships that easily.

Vihar: Thank u. You can go.

Smriti: Don’t u ask me whr I am going.

Vihar: No need. I trust u. But pick my calls wenever I call u n b careful whereever u go.Because

Smriti: Because???

Vihar pulled her closer.

Vihar: I can’t live without hurting u. If anything happens to u whom should I hurt.

Smriti: U nvr change

Vihar: But now u have no option.Must bare lifelong

Smriti: If I say I am ready for anything

Vihar smiled n kissed her on lips softly. He left her.

Vihar: I didn’t marry u just to fulfill my wish.

Smriti: Then y did u marry me

Vihar: To hurt u

Smriti: Do u know whr am I going now?

Vihar: Whr?

Smriti: To meet my boy friend’s parents.

Vihar took her closer n hugged from back n whispered in her ears.

Vihar: When ur boy frnd is here, y did u want to meet his parents

Smriti: Didn’t u get angry on me wen I said like dat

Vihar: No devil. I know u r talking abt me. Actually I want to say something. You told u forgive me for everything. So I am planning to visit Geeth’s room today. Wat do u say

Smriti: Ok. U can but aft dat…..

Vihar: aft dat??

Smriti broke the hug n saw him.

Smriti: Don’t forget to bring poison while returning home coz I want to kill my husband.

Vihar: Devil, U can go now. See my fate now I didn’t hav permission to go whereever I want. Come soon. I will b waiting to hurt u.

Smriti smiled and went from there.

She met Vihar’s parents. In hotel room Veena n Kalyan (Vihar’s parents came). Smriti didn’t come yet.

Kalyan: Y did u call me

Veena: Wat? You called me. Not I called u.

Kalyan: Don’t lie. Its u who called me

Veena: No its u who called me

Smriti: Its me who called u both.

Veena: Smriti?

Smriti took blessings from both of them. Kalyan sees her angrily. Veena smiles at her.

fb shows:

Veena called Smriti n both met.

Veena: Smriti, I want to tell few things to u abt Vihar. Its true initially I didn’t like u. But now when my son changed coz of u, I accepted u as my daughter in law.

Smriti took her blessings.

Smriti:But auntyji, I don’t think Vihar changed coz of me. Bcoz he didn’t love me.

Veena: He changed. Till now he had affairs with many girls but I nvr saw he respecting any girl. But wen he spoke abt u with us, I saw not only his love on u but also I saw that he respects ur character n personality a lot. He became a flirt just coz of his parents. He lost confidence n value on love as our’s is love marriage n we got separated coz of small misunderstanding. Aft dat I didn’t know Kalyan went to another country leaving Vihar in hostel. I went into depression aft dat n I didn’t care abt Vihar. He nvr got love from us. But he felt that love from u. I am sure with ur patience u can make him love u. And Smriti, his frnds r not good. Ask him to cut that circle first. Only then he will b all your’s.

Smriti: Sure auntyji. I will try my best to change him. Shall I ask u one thing?

Veena: U can ask

Smriti:Do u still love Vihar’s dad?

Veena: I do. I love him forever Smriti

Smriti: Y can’t u both unite for Vihar

Veena: Its not possible. Bcoz he didn’t even like to see my face.

Smriti: Auntyji, did u know y Vihar married me?

Veena: I didn’t know well coz its related to Kalyan’s dad’s will written before his death. Ask him directly.

Smriti: He won’t say n he may get angry on me.

Veena: He loves u.So though he becomes angry at first he will answer u later. But u must know reason as soon as possible.

Smriti: Ok. But Y he is sometimes rude n sweet?

Veena: Bcoz of his past love. Did he tell u abt Geeth?

Smriti: No

Veena: Ask him abt Geeth. U must know his past. I can’t tell u bcoz I too know very little abt dat. But I am sure coz of dat he became like this mysterious.

Smriti: Ok

fb ends.


Smriti with Vihar’s parents.

Smriti: Uncle, I know u r angry on me. But I came here for Vihar. Though he acts as if he cares for none, He loves both of u a lot. He missed parents love. Because of that he went into wrong way losing value on love n relationships. Please help me to make Vihar happy

Kalyan: Tell me wat u want to say. I am ready to do anything for Vihar. For him, I accepted u too as my daughter in law.

Smriti: Uncle, I want u to reunite with aunty.

Kalyan: Do u know y we separated. Its not possible Smriti

Smriti: I know wat she did. But u don’t know y she did.

Aunty got ur sister married to her beloved who is not upto ur status. But she did it bcoz ur sister is pregnant by that time coz of him. As aunty can’t reveal it to u or anyone, she got her married secretly. U thought coz of aunty u lost ur prestige but infact she saved ur prestige.

Kalyan apologised Veena n they both reunited.

Kalyan: Smriti, How do u know abt my sister?

Smriti: Vihar told me.

Smriti reached home with them. Vihar saw them n tried to go his room.

Smriti: Vihar, please listen

Vihar: Come to room

Smriti followed him to room

Vihar(shouted): Y did u bring them here? Y do u do all those things which makes me angry all the time.

Smriti is abt to answer but his parents came there. Vihar turned back

Kalyan: Vihar, we r sorry for the pain we gave u. This is all happened coz of my misunderstanding. We r not good parents who nvr gave u love or care till now. But we really love u beta. Can u accept us? Today we r in need of ur love.

Vihar eyes filled with tears remembering his childhood n how he longed for parents love n care.How he spoiled himself to forget them.

Vihar: Smriti, Tell them to get lost from here. If u can’t say u too can go with them.

Smriti: I will tell but before dat pls listen to me once.

Vihar saw her n sighed to say.

Smriti: Vihar, I know how u felt at that time missing ur parents. I too faced the same situations. But now they realised their mistake. Repentance is the best punishment for anyone. Please accept them. Now they need u n ur love. Don’t do the same mistake done by them. Aunty is in depression n didn’t know abt u. So she didn’t come to u. By the time she knew, u refused to accept her. Atleast accept them for me.

Vihar:Ok but I need sometime to accept them completely.

Smriti n his parents became happy. They all together had dinner. Smriti came to room n Vihar sat on his bed. Seeing Smriti, he came near to her n holded her n pulled closer to him

Vihar: So u want to see me happy

Smriti: No. I want to irritate u. Thats y I brought ur parents here

Vihar: Ok. For doing the thing which I didn’t like, u must get punished. From tomorrow u r removed from job

Smriti: Vihar

Vihar locked her to the wall with his hands.

Vihar: I too want to irritate u.

He gave an envelop to her. Smriti opened it n felt happy

Smriti: Did u take admission for me in Sruthilaya Music Academy? Thank u so much Vihar.

Vihar: Yes bcoz I didn’t want u to spy on me at office. I can romance with Geeth there if u r not there

Smriti saw him seriously.

Vihar: Did I succeed in my plan of irritating u?

Smriti came close to him n whispered

Smriti: I will give u all the love in this world which makes u to think only abt me even wen u r away from me.

Vihar: I am a flirt my dear. I don’t change

Smriti: You are already changed. My love changed u. I am sorry for saying u as a flirt in the past.

Vihar: I am sorry for hurting u.

Smriti: I love u n I totally n heartfully accept u as my husband irrespective of ur feelings.

Vihar looked her surprisingly n kissed her lips n took her to bed. He started kissing her forehead, cheeks n neck. Smriti hugged him tight. He switched off the lights n they lost in one another’s love.

Precap: Smriti talking with Vihar’s frnds telling them frndshp value. Vihar came to know Smriti past love n Smriti scared of Vihar.

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