Love is not a game (Episode 14)

Episode 14

Recap: Smriti’s jealous seeing Vihar with his past gf n becomes angry. Vihar’s trials to convince her.

The episode starts with Smriti getting ready n waking up Vihar.

Smriti: Vihar wake up

Vihar: Let me sleep devil wife

Smriti: Its getting late. You had imp meeting today

Vihar: I don’t care

Smriti: If u wake up then I will give u kiss

Vihar opened his eyes n saw her

Vihar: Really? I don’t believe u. Prove it by giving a kiss first n then I will wake up.

Smriti: No catch me n take it from me.

Vihar acted fake anger n closed his eyes again. Smriti went near to him n kissed on forehead. Vihar smiled n opened his eyes. He pulled her towards him n saw into her eyes.

Vihar: I am losing my control now a days

Smriti didn’t reply

Vihar: I want to make love of u

Smriti shocked n went away. Vihar got up n went near to her.

Vihar: Wats ur prblm? Now we got married.

Smriti: Do u love me?

Vihar: No

Smriti: Then how can I accept it?

Vihar: I won’t love u forever

Smriti: Then I can’t agree

Vihar holded her hand tightly n looked her seriously.

Smriti: Vihar its paining

Vihar: If u accept now, I won’t trouble u. Otherwise surely I will make u accept me by making u helpless. And I will make ur life a hell too.Now tell me

Smriti: I can’t

Vihar: Ok I will see how will u not accept me.

Smriti:Is this the reason for marrying me? As I refused to get intimate with u before marriage, u married me right?

Vihar tightened his hold on her hand. Smriti shouted with pain.

Vihar: Is it paining

Smriti: Leave me pls. I am sorry.

Vihar tightened hold again. Smriti cried

Smriti: I am sorry Vihar. Forgive me. Sorry

Vihar: Think before u say anything to me. Because I don’t forgive u once u said.

Vihar tightened his grip again.Smriti screamed with pain. Vihar made her to look him n kissed her hard on lips in that situation n then left her. Smriti is seeing her hand which is paining a lot.

Vihar: Before I fresh up,arrange my clothes n everything. Make break fast n bring me coffee. Stop seeing ur hand n do wat I said.

He went to fresh up n Smriti arranged everything for him. He got ready. Smriti gave coffee n he without even tasting threw it on the floor.

Vihar: Clean it soon. Did u prepare brk fst?

Smriti nodded.

Vihar: Can’t u speak out?

Smriti: Yes its ready

Smriti cleaned the floor n served him brk fst. Vihar tasted it n threw it on the floor.

Vihar: Its the worst brk fst I had in my life.

Smriti: I prepared it well

Vihar came near to her n said seriously

Vihar: Do u mean I am lying?

Smriti: No I didn’t mean it

Vihar: Be in ur limits. Otherwise ur life will bcom worst. Clean it n then come fast.

Smriti eyes filled with tears. She cleaned the floor n went to office with him. Vihar handovered a bundle of files to Smriti

Vihar: Make these digital copy by 6 pm today.

Smriti: Vihar, its not possible to complete

all these by 6

Vihar: First call me sir. Then remember if u can’t complete it by 6 u will b removed from job n u know very well that I can make u not to get job anywhere else.

Smriti(tears): Hand is paining a lot

He got out from his seat n came near to her

Vihar: I love to see u suffer like dis. Let me start my game of revenge now. Till now I played game of love which made u to fall for me completely. Now go n start the work.

Smriti went off to her cabin n started working as fast as she can but her hand didn’t cooperate her. Aft sometime she leaned on her chair n took a nap. Suddenly she left the closeness of Vihar n as if he kissed her hand. She opened her eyes but didn’t find Vihar. She wiped her tears n continued her work. Vihar went off to his cabin n remembered kissing Smriti’s hand. Office boy brought a courier n gave to Smriti. She felt very happy seeing it n then went to Vihar’s cabin n found Adi,Vijay,Rima n Geeth there. Vihar looked her but didn’t respond. She stood for 5 mins but he didn’t even ask her reason for her arrival.

Smriti: Vihar, I need to talk to u.

Vihar went near to her n whispered in her ears in the pitch audible only to her.

Vihar: Y did u come here without knocking the door? Get lost from here. I am busy with my frnds n no time to talk with u.

Smriti went to her cabin again n started her work. At 6 he came to her.

Vihar: Did u complete ur work

Smriti: Not yet

Vihar: Complete the work n only then u r permitted to go home. But remember u must b at home by 8. Otherwise I won’t spare u.

Smriti tried hard to complete but she fell unconscious as she worked even without having food. Vihar went home n called her but she didn’t pick the call. He is tensed as she is alone in the office n went back to office n saw her unconscious. He lifed her in his arms n made her to sleep in car n then brought to home. Smriti woke up aft sometime n saw Vihar beside her. Vihar made her to eat dinner.

Smriti: I need to talk to u

Vihar: not now

Smriti: Pls Vihar

Vihar: ok tell me

Smriti: I got letter from Indian Idol to participate in the show. I need ur permission to go.

Vihar: No.u r not allowed to go

Smriti: Please

Vihar: I said no. dats final

Smriti: But y

Vihar: Because I hate my wife singing on stage like dat. I can’t allow u.

Smriti: But its my dream n I am longing for it from many years.

Vihar: You are allowed to go. dats it. If u go without my permission, u r not allowed to return to me again. Our relationship cones to an end too. Decide whether u want me or ur goal.

Vihar left her in their room n went off. Smriti shocked listening his words. Tears came from her eyes as if they r uncontrollable n as if it can form an ocean.

Next day:

Vihar came to their room n saw Smriti. Her eyes r red explaining him she cried whole nite.

Vihar: Wats ur decision

Smriti: I am not going but at the same time I won’t give up on my dream. Next time I will apply again n by that time I will convince u surely. I will participate in the programme only with ur permission.

Smriti got up to get ready. Vihar went near to her n locked her to the wall with his both hands.

Vihar: I will allow u to participate in the show on one condition.


Vihar: I told u that I will make u helpless n accept me. Now if u accept me to make love of u,then I will permit u to go n fulfill ur dream.

Smriti shocked listening him.

Vihar: If u didn’t agree now, u will miss chance of fulfilling ur dream. But however one day I will surely make u to accept me by making u die every second. If u agree now, u will b freed from the torture I am giving u from yesterday. Otherwise it continues forever. Tell me ur decision now

Smriti(in tears) n closed her eyes: I accept u as my husband.

Vihar smiled victoriously n left from there. Smriti shattered feeling that his love towards her till now is just action n nothing else. He just married her to fulfill his wish. Smriti didn’t go to office n didn’t have food for whole day crying.

He came at evng from office n looked her. He came to know he didn’t hav food from maid n ordered her to have food. Both had dinner.

She is lying in bed n Vihar came near to her. He kissed her lips hardly n then looked at her. He saw tears in her eyes but didn’t care. He kissed her cheeks n then neck. He kissed her hands. He then hugged her tight n Smriti as she is helpless hugged him back with tears. He switched off the light. They consummated their marriage.

Next day:

Vihar woke up n saw Smriti sleeping. He got ready n saw Smriti woke up. She gave his clothes n everything he need.She too got fresh up n got ready. She is leaving room but Vihar hold her hand.

Vihar: Smriti, don’t think much abt my two days behaviour. I won’t force u again. So its better for u to forget it as soon as possible.

Smriti: Is ur revenge completed?

Vihar: Smriti

Smriti: If ur revenge is not completed even now, at least do a favour. As soon as ur revenge completes divorce me

Vihar: Divorce?Don’t u love me?

Smriti: I can nvr love a person like u

Vihar: Can u live without me

Smriti: Past Sweet memories of loved one are better than beloved’s present bitter actions.

Vihar: Will u marry someone else after divorce?

Smriti: No. I can’t forget u but I prefer to live alone than being with u.

Vihar: Ok. But wait for 6 months. Only aft that I will divorce u. Till then I will stay away from u. U can do watever u want. Though we live together from now you r free to do anything u like, bcoz as per ur wish our relationship is broken.

Saying this Vihar left seriously leaving Smriti in tears.

Precap: Smriti uniting Vihar’s parents n talking to Adi n Vijay abt Vihar.Vihar missing Smriti every moment n Smriti hides her love n care for Vihar.

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  1. Vihar is so mean , y is he constantly hurting smriti …..
    If he loves her y cant he confess …
    Y he wants to b d bqd guy infront of smriti …
    Todays epi was a sad one
    TC N lov u

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes he is a bit mad..

    2. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u..

  2. I was waiting for epi and finally u updated..I dont understand why vihar is doing this 🙁 plz update soon

    1. Sindhu K S V

      yes updated..

  3. Omg……………..

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  4. feeling sad

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      yes dear..

  5. Ohhhh i think vihar loves smriti but there is something

    1. Sindhu K S V

      haan..everyone except Vihar knew he loves Smriti..

  6. vihar’s rxn is not understandable…. apart that plot is so good..

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u..

  7. vihar lovessmriti but y does he not realise it! i hope he realises it asap…waiting for d nxt epi!

    1. Sindhu K S V

      he had a reason for dat..

  8. Naturally I should be crying by now but happy tht smriti took a good decision this time …. Better one ….
    How vihar understands tht he really loves her ….
    But I am sure tht he knws he loves her but he wantedly acts as if he is bad coz of some reason … Let’s wait and see wat happens aftr six months ….

    Wow smriti united them but self separated from her hubby … But its for a good cause to make her husband a good one ….
    Thank u dear its awesome

    1. Sindhu K S V

      No dear..She nvr separates from her husband..she loves him

  9. Nice episode yaar eagerly waiting for next episode

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      updated dear..

  10. ruhi raghuvanshi

    waiting for episode 15 plzzz post it soon!!!

    1. Sindhu K S V

      updated already dear..

  11. So sad for smriti…vihar is so mean with her…smriti took correct decision but now vihar will feel guilty for taking advantage of her…n that will make him realize that he also loves her truly…lovely plot…

    1. Thank u dear…

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