Love is not a game (Episode 13)

Episode 13

Recap: Smriti’s suspicious behaviour n Vihar’s anger on her.

The episode starts with Smriti waking up n seeing him lovingly. Vihar wakes up n opens his eyes n seeing Smriti looking at him.

Vihar: Good morning

Smriti: Very good morning.

Vihar: I think u r so happy today

Smriti: No no.

Vihar: Don’t b bcoz I will snatch ur hpyness. I can’t see u being hpy

Smriti: Started early morning

Vihar pulled her towards him. Vihar is touching her smooth hair with love n then he kissed her back.

Smriti: Leave me

Vihar: Why enemy?

Smriti: Bcoz I have to do works said by u

Vihar: Darling, I know very well watever work u do, surely u will do it with a plan of troubling me. So no need to be hurry

Saying this he hugged her tight n kissed on shoulder where he holded tight to hurt her.

Smriti: I love u

Vihar left her.

Vihar: Don’t u have any work except loving me?

Smriti: No. My full time work is to love n trouble u.

Vihar: You are mad. How can I bare u lifelong

Smriti: Thats y u r going to divorce me aft 6 months,right

Vihar: If I hav a chance I would divorce u even before dat. I didn’t want to b with u even for a single day.

Smriti eyes filled with tears. Vihar saw her n took her close again.

Vihar: Don’t cry Smriti. I love to b with u every second because only then I can take revenge on u.

Smriti freed herself n went off to get ready without any response. Smriti got ready in Black n red sari which makes her look more beautiful. Vihar got ready n came out n starred at Smriti. He hugged her from back n kissed her on cheeks. But Smriti didn’t resist nor liked it. Vihar left her n went downstairs. Smriti went downstairs n Vihar is waiting for her at dining table to hav brk fst. Smriti sat n is silently having it. Vihar felt uneasy with her silence.

Vihar: Smriti get me cup of coffee prepared by u right now

Smriti didn’t complete her brk fst. Vihar thought she will speak atleast now. But she washed her hand without having brk fst n went to kitchen n brought coffee to him. Vihar sipped it n wantedly threw it on the floor

Vihar: Is this the coffee? How can u prepare it so badly. Speak out

Smriti called maid n asked her to bring coffee for him.

Vihar: Smriti, clean it n prepare coffee again by urself.

Smriti cleaned it n brought coffee to him. He tasted it n ordered her to prepare again. Smriti saw him shockingly

Vihar: I will make u to prepare till u make it perfectly. Now go n prepare it.

Smriti abt to go to kitchen but Vihar pulled her n made her to sit in his lap n hold her tightly.

Vihar: I am sorry for hurting u but I just said it for joke. Pls don’t b silent. Ur silence is killing me. Really sorry Smriti.

He saw tears in Smriti’s eyes. He wiped it n kissed her eyes.

Smriti: If u really hate me that much, then just tell me once, I will go away from u forever. U no need to bare me.

Vihar: Smriti, Its not…….

Smriti: Oh I forgot u must take revenge on me na. Ok do as u wish.

Vihar didn’t understand how to convince her.

Vihar: Ok come lets go for shopping

Both are going for shopping n are in their car.

Vihar: Smriti, do u know y I am taking u for shopping now?

Smriti: May b coz u hav no work

Vihar smiled at her.

Vihar: Thank God u bcame normal.

Smriti cursed herself for not being angry on him atleast for sometime.

Vihar: By the way did u act anger till now.

Smriti: Yes. I am playing with u

Vihar: Are u a kid or am I ur toy?

Smriti: Yes. I am a kid n u r my toy who cares,loves,fights,scolds,supports n treats me as a kid.

Vihar: Am I treating u as a kid?

Smriti: Yes of course.. U pampers, teases n shows love on me.

Vihar: Do u think I am loving u or taking revenge?

Smriti: How can I say wats up in ur mind. But I didn’t want to think anything. I just want to forget myself in ur love for now.

Vihar became serious but didn’t show off to her n stopped talking.They reached the mall. Smriti is seeing sarees n asked Vihar to select

Vihar: I didn’t know to select dresses for girls. U pls choose urself. Its u who wear,so select as per ur choice n comfort

Smriti started selecting sarees. Suddenly a girl came hugged Vihar from side. Smriti shocked seeing her.

Vihar: Hey Geeth,hw r u? wat a pleasant surprise

Geeth: Me superb as always. Wat abt u? I heard u got married. Who is that most unluckiest girl

Vihar hitted on her head slowly.

Vihar: Smriti, come here. Geeth she is my wife,Smriti. Smriti, she is Geeth,my

Geeth: First girl frnd

Smriti looked both of them irritatingly.

Smriti: I will try these dresses n will come

Geeth: Hey I will tell u which type of dresses Vihar likes to see u in. You know Smriti, his selection is the best in choosing dresses.

Vihar: Smriti,u go n try them

Though Smriti dislikes Geeth, she wants to know Vihar’s taste. At the same time she can take her away making her not to talk with Vihar.

Smriti: I will take her help in choosing dresses.

Vihar: I said u to go n try those dresses. Can’t u hear?


Geeth: Y r u scolding her now. Ur anger is the main reason which made us to end up with brk up.

Vihar went near to Smriti n saw her seriously. Smriti scared

Vihar: How many times should I tell u to go?

Smriti nodded n went fron there. By the time she came, she saw Vihar catching Geeth with his hand n so close to one another. Smriti went to Vihar.

Vihar: Did u select ur dresses

Smriti: Yes.

Vihar paid the bill n went from there. Vihar n Geeth r moving together n Smriti following them. They went to a restaurant. Vihar is not even seeing at Smriti n talking only with Geeth. Smriti felt as if someone stealed Vihar from her. She bend her head to not show her tears to Vihar. Vihar saw her but acted as he didn’t.

Geeth: So why can’t u visit my room once

Vihar: Ya sure

Smriti coughed suddenly n Vihar smiled at her but acted he didn’t notice.

They had food n then came out. Geeth hugged Vihar n Vihar hugged her back.

Geeth: Love u Vihar,bye

Vihar: Love u too..bye

Vihar turned towards Smriti. But Smriti already sat in car. Vihar came n sat in car.

Vihar: Wat u want to buy next

Smriti: Nothing. I am feeling headache. I want to go home.

They both came to home n Smriti lied on bed.

Vihar: R u ok

Smriti: Does it matters to u

Vihar: Wat do u mean

Smriti:Just leave me n go away.

Vihar smiled at her words n came near to her n tried to hold her but Smriti pushed him away.

Vihar: Hmm.its my room. I won’t go

Smriti: Ok I will go

Vihar: U r also mine. How will u go?

Saying this he again came near to her n tried to hug her. She pushed him away with force

Smriti: Is ur romance finished outside? So now u remember ur wife

Vihar: Smriti, I just did it to tease u. I didn’t hav any feelings on her now.

Smriti: You didn’t hav any feelings on me too

Vihar: Ok I am sorry

Smriti: Y u r saying sorry. However I know its ur habit to flirt girls.

Vihar: Thats before marriage. Not now

Smriti: Just now I saw

Vihar tried to convince her but in vain. Vihar came near to her seeing her tears. He tried to wipe her tears but Smriti stopped him.

Smriti: Don’t touch me. Stay away from me. I just hate u n ur touch.

Smriti went off to another room n Vihar lied on bed n unknowingly he got tears in his eyes shocking him. At nite, both came for dinner. Vihar looking Smriti but she didn’t see him.

Vihar: Smriti, I am sorry. Pls forgive me by having ur fav dishes prepared by me.

Smriti went off without having dinner knowing that he prepared it. Vihar went to her room

Vihar: Pls have this food.
Vihar feeded her with his hands.

Vihar: Tell me wat should I do to make u to talk to me?

Smriti didn’t respond

Vihar took her hands into his hands.

Vihar: From now I promise u I won’t be close to any girl other than u. Is it ok?

Smriti hugged him n cried. Vihar caressed her hairs.

Smriti: I can’t bare to see u with any other girl. I want to kill u both wenever I see u with any other girl. U r mine n only mine forever. I nvr let u go from me. I can’t live without u.

Vihar broke the hug n kissed her on lips with all his love. Smriti forgot the world n Vihar forgot his revenge. He kissed her on her forehead,eyes n on neck n Smriti hugged him. Vihar hugged her back.

Vihar: I nvr let u go away from me Smriti. I am your’s n all your’s.

Smriti smiled.

Vihar: You know why?

Smriti: Because u loves me.

Vihar: No. I didn’t want any girl to lose her life in ur hands.

Smriti saw him seriously n he smiled n kissed her on forehead

Smriti slept keeping her head on his chest feeling his love n Vihar holded her with his arms.

Precap: Smriti has to go to participate in Indian Idol programme. Vihar refused to permit her. But finally permits her on one condition which makes Smriti doubt his love again.

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