Love is not a game (Episode 12)

Episode 12

Recap:Vihar orders Smriti to work as his Personal Secretary in his office.

The episode starts with Vihar and Smriti working in office together. Smriti gets a call n goes out. She completes the work ordered by Vihar to complete n at evng goes to his cabin n finds Vijay there.

Smriti:I want to talk to u

Vihar sighs Vijay to go out n he left.

Vihar: Tell me

Smriti: I want to go out on some important

Vihar: Are u seeking permission or ordering me?

Smriti: Just informing u

Vihar: Acha,then will u go even if I say not to go?

Smriti: Please

Vihar: Wat?

Smriti: Please I need to go

Vihar: So it means u won’t go if I didn’t allow. Hmm..Darling this is called seeking permission not informing. First u accept that u need my permission to go out then I will think whether to permit u or not

Smriti: I am going. Bye

Vihar: Remember that u need to return to our home again. If u go without my permission,I don’t know wat will I do for to u aft returning.

Smriti: Ok. I accept I need ur permission to go out. Shall I go?

Vihar: Ok. I will tell driver to take u where u want to go.

Smriti: No need

Vihar: Do u want me to come with u

Smriti: I want to go alone

Vihar: Where r u going?

Smriti: I will tell u later

Vihar: Ok.Go but go in our car. Take these keys

Smriti: I will go by auto

Vihar: Can’t u do anything without argument?

Smriti took the keys n went off. Vihar called her many times but she didn’t pick the call. She came home so late. Light was switched off in their room n Smriti switched on it n found Vihar waiting for her.

Vihar: Whats the time now

Smriti: 11:30 pm

Vihar:(shouts) Is this the time to come home? Whr did u go till now?

Smriti: Sorry. I am late.

Vihar: Ur sorry doesn’t convince me. Just answer my questions.

Vihar came near to her caught her shoulder tightly.

Smriti: Vihar its hurting. pls leave me

Vihar: Its ok. U must bare it for ur irresponsible behaviour. Tolerate it till u answer all my questions. Tell me whr did u go?

Vihar tightened his grip more increasing the pain as Smriti started crying but didn’t reply to him.

Vihar: Smriti, don’t irritate me further by crying. U will die in my hands today if u didn’t answer me

Smriti: I will tell u everything later please leave me.

Vihar pinned her to the wall n came near to her.

Vihar: First tell me is this the proper time to come home?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Then y did u came so late? Aft marriage wen u r with me, u came this late. Wen did u used to come home wen u r single then? Is this ur habit to come late home?

Smriti: Vihar pls don’t talk like dat

Vihar: Just answer my questions.

Smriti: No. I didn’t have habit of coming home so late.

Vihar: Usually at wat time u reach home before our marriage

Smriti: mostly by 6 or 7

Vihar: When is the last time u returned home late n at wat time.

Smriti: When we went for dinner, I reached home at 9pm. Dats it. I nvr come home late.

Vihar: Ok. Tell me with whom u r till now?

Smriti didn’t answer him. Vihar tightened his hold further.

Vihar: Do u think its home or lodge to come wenever u want

Smriti (shouts): Vihar

Vihar: Shut up. Don’t raise ur voice before me. Ok leave it. Why didn’t u pick my calls.

Smriti checked her mobile n found he called more than 50 times.

Smriti: Its in silent mode

Vihar: ok. why did keep it in silent mode.

Smriti is thinking n Vihar hold her shoulder even more tightly.

Smriti: Vihar, pls its hurting me so much. leave me. I can’t bare.

He tightened his hold again though Smriti screamed with pain.

Vihar: Every time u refuse to answer me, my hold becomes tight n increases ur pain. Tell me aft our marriage, did I came this late anytime or didn’t I inform u where I am going n when I will return?

Smriti: Yes u used to inform me.

Vihar: Don’t u have the same responsibility to inform me?

Smriti: Yes

Vihar: Did u inform me?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Did u pick my calls?


Vihar: If I behave in the same way, how do u feel?

Smriti didn’t answer n he again tightened his grip making Smriti unbearable n cry more.

Smriti: I feel tense

Vihar: R u going to tell me now whr r u till now?

Smriti: I can’t

Vihar: Did u go to meet ur boy frnd?

Smriti:Vihar just shut up

Vihar raised his hand to slap but controlled n threw her on floor rudely n went off. Smriti cried a lot whole nite n Vihar didn’t care for her n didn’t even come to room. Morning Smriti got ready n went downstairs to prepare brk fst. She prepared n asked maid to call Vihar.

Maid: Madam, yesterday sir waited for u for a long time. He continuously called u n as u didn’t pick the call, he was so tensed. Sir didn’t even have his dinner. You are so lucky he loves u a lot.

Smriti understood his anger n tension. She took brkfst n went herself to Vihar n knocked the door.

Vihar: Who’s dat

Smriti: Please open the door

Vihar opened the door

Smriti came inside n Vihar sat on bed n his eyes indicates he didn’t sleep whole nite. Smriti sat besides him

Smriti: I am really sorry for making u tensed n I promise I won’t repeat it.

Vihar: Are u going to tell me where did u go

Smriti: Please have ur brk fst

Vihar threw the plate on floor scaring Smriti.

Smriti: Vihar pls…….

Vihar: Get out of my sight

Smriti: Please forgive me

Vihar: Smriti, I am controlling my anger so hardly. If u stay for some more time surely I will hurt u. So leave now.

Saying this he sent her out n closed the door. Smriti didn’t understand how to convince him. Vihar whole day locked himself in room n came out for lunch but didn’t even see her face. Smriti tried to talk but he looked her angrily n she didn’t talk anything. At night 9 pm, Vihar came out of room to go out. Smriti saw him n came to him.

Smriti: Vihar, Its too late. Y r u going out now

Vihar: I am going to my frnd’s home. Till u reveal everything to me, I won’t come home. So enjoy urselves n come home whenever u want. One more thing don’t contact me, however I won’t respond. I am not even sure abt continuing our relationship too.

Vihar said these words n going from there. Smriti hold his hand.

Vihar: Leave me

Smriti: Pls don’t go

Vihar freed from her hold n going away.

Smriti: I will tell u everything

Vihar stopped n looked her.

Vihar: R u sure

Smriti: Yes

Vihar went to their room.

Smriti: Yesterday when I am at office, I got call from auntyji, I mean ur mom. She asked me to meet her without telling u. So I went there. I am really sorry for not informing u. I nvr do it again. From now, where ever I go, I will inform u for sure n will b in touch with u till I reach home.

Vihar: Y didn’t u tell this before. If mom says u not to inform, u will not inform me n will go alone. If something happens to u, who will b responsible? Don’t do such things again. Wat did she talk to u

Smriti: Nothing much. She told abt u n ur mentality.dats it.

Vihar: ok

He kept his hands on her shoulders n Smriti screamed with pain. Vihar removed his hands.

Vihar: Sorry, is it still painful.

Smriti: Its ok. Little bit

Vihar saw that the place where he holded tightly became so black indicating the pain he gave to her.

Vihar:I am really so sorry

Smriti: Its ok. I can understand its my fault to make u tensed. I love u so much n I nvr betray u.

Vihar remembered asking her that did she met her boy frnd in anger.

Vihar: I know abt u. I said those words to make u tell me the truth. U know one thing Smriti. I didn’t know y but wenever u hide or lie something to me, I feel as if someone is snatching u from me.

Smriti eyes filled with tears hearing his words. Vihar saw it n took her close n kissed her on lips.

Smriti: Your love n anger both r so dangerous

Vihar: Dats y don’t make me angry. This is the second time u saw my anger. I hope it will b last too.

Smriti: Ok. Y u thought to leave me n go. I can’t live without u.

Vihar: Hmm. I am not going anywhere. I just came out of my room to hav dnr n u imagined I am leaving u. So I thought if I continue it, then u will tell the truth.

Smriti: You are always like dis. Thats y I hate u

Vihar: Ok then I will leave now. Shall I go

Smriti: No

Vihar: Then u too come with me

Smriti: What

Vihar: For dinner swt hrt

Both had their dinner n came to room. Smriti slept in Vihar’s lap n he caressed her hairs n kissed her on forehead.

Vihar: Tomorrow lets go for shopping

Smriti: Office

Vihar: Its my own. No need to answer anyone.

Smriti: My job?

Vihar: Ur job is just to follow my orders both at home n office. So come with me for shopping tomorrow.

Smriti: Ur words r so harsh all the time..

Vihar: Yes they r harsh only to u bcoz u r my enemy. I love to hurt u.

Smriti got up from his lap n moved away but Vihar pulled her towards him n hugged her from back n kissed her on cheeks. Then both slept on bed n Vihar hugged her n Smriti turned another side.

Vihar: Good night

Smriti: Good Ni ……

Vihar: Y did u stop

Smriti smiled n said: I didn’t want to respond.

Vihar: Ok..its upto u. I didn’t want to punish u today for not responding to my words bcoz I hurted u a lot yesterday

Smriti: But I want to kis……

Smriti hitted her head realising her words.

Vihar: What? You are not a girl really a devil. Sleep now

Smriti: Good night

Vihar hugged her tightly n turned her towards him n kissed her

Vihar: From now I will punish u when u talk unnecessarily too.

He winked his eye.

Smriti: I hate u. U always hurts,scolds n punishes me. You are such a heartless person who nvr knew to love.

Vihar: I hate u more than that. Yes I love to punish u all the time. Do u want me to punish u again.

Smriti: No no. U sleep pls.

Vihar smiled at her. Smriti turned another side

Smriti(inner voice): Wat did he say? He wants me to punish all the time. Did he mean he wants to kiss me all the time

Vihar: Yes u r right. I mean it.

Smriti: Didn’t u sleep?

Vihar: Not yet. I am ready if u want to help me to sleep

Smriti: Shut up. Sleep now.

Vihar hugged her again tightly n kissed on her back. Smriti remembered his mom words but didn’t dare to ask him. Vihar noticed she didn’t react n guessed something is wrong.

Precap: Vihar took Smriti to shopping n there Vihar met his past gf n Smriti feels jealous. She stops talking to Vihar n his trials to convince her.

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