Love is not a game (Episode 11)

Episode 11:

Recap: Rima insulting Smriti n Vihar supports Smriti. Vihar teases Smriti to make her angry.

The episode starts Smriti coming into room at mrng aft taking head bath. Vihar is still sleeping. Smriti goes near to him n stood starring him by caressing his hair.

Smriti(inner voice): U r so cute n innocent while sleeping like a kid. I love you Vihar. But I don’t understand whether u r acting or loving me. I am really scared to trust u now.

Smriti got tears n she turned another side n as loose hair fallen on her face, she turned her hair back. Water drops of her hair fallen on Vihar’s face waking him up.

Vihar: Wat?

Smriti: Good morning. Wat happen?

Vihar:Good morning. Y did u sprinkle water on me? Y did u disturb my sleep? You don’t know wat to do at wat time (in sleeping mood)

Smriti: I didn’t…Yes I sprinkled water on u. Because as u said I hav no brain n don’t know wat to do at wat time.

Vihar: U r a devil

Smriti: Absolutely. This is devil’s revenge for teasing me yesterday.

Vihar: Oh really. Then see my revenge on u now.

He got out of the bed n Smriti ran away.

Smriti: Pls Vihar..No..Leave me

Vihar: Then Y did u disturb me

Smriti ran smiling at him n Vihar followed her n she is running n he tried to catch her. But she escaped. However he caught her finally n pinned her to the wall.

Vihar: So shall I take my revenge now

He came closer to her

Smriti: Ur wish (smiling)

Vihar: Give me a kiss as ur punishment

Smriti: No

Vihar: Ok I will take it myself

Vihar came closer to kiss her lips. Smriti stopped him n pushed him slowly.

Vihar: What?

Smriti: Punishment na..I will give u kiss

Vihar smiled at her. Smriti came closer to him n kissed him on forehead n cheeks. Vihar pulled her more closer to kiss her lips.

Smriti: Not now. Go n get ready

Smriti freed herself from him n moved away but Vihar pulled her again near to him n kept his hand on her waist n came close to her face n looked into her eyes. Smriti is smiling.

Vihar: I… I..

Smriti: Wat? U??

Vihar remembering Smriti slapping him twice n scolding him for his betrayal in the past, left her.

Vihar: I will get ready. Aft that I want to talk to u. wait here n don’t go downstairs. Understand?

Vihar smile vanished n seriousness occupied his face n his tone became rude.

Smriti:ok. Shouldn’t I prepare brkfst for u?

Vihar:I told u to wait here without going anywhere. Right? Just follow my orders

Vihar moved her a side rudely n went to get ready. Smriti didn’t understand y he became serious on her suddenly as she didn’t do anything wrong now. Vihar came out n saw her sitting on bed.

Vihar(shouting): Smriti, Can’t u at least take n give my clothes from wardrobe? I think u r so lazy to do any work. I didn’t marry u just to allow u to sit idle all the time or to take rest. As ur fever is cured, u must do all the works as I said u wen I brought u here to this home. I am just close to u n left u till now as u r not well. So don’t expect the same behaviour from now.

Smriti: Ok

Smriti gave his clothes to him n tried to go from there as she is upset with his words.

Vihar: Smriti, Did I tell u to go? U r not allowed to do watever u want n must follow watever I say. Just wait here.

Smriti (crying):Wat did I do now that made u this angry. I didn’t disturb ur sleep intentionally. Water fallen on ur face from my hairs. Y r u so serious suddenly?

Vihar looked at her n remembered her sweetness n loving nature towards everyone.

Vihar: Nothing. Just headache coz of waking up without complete sleep.

He said it softly looking at her. Smriti wiped her tears hearing these words.

Smriti: Shall I bring tea for u?

Vihar came near to her.

Vihar: No need. My headache will cure if u smile n stop crying. I am sorry.

Smriti hugged him n smiled. Vihar caressed her hairs n kissed her on forehead. Vihar broke the hug n gave a paper to her to read.

Smriti: Wat is dis? Y u want me to work as ur Personal Secretary? I told u that I resigned job to focus on singing.

Vihar saw her seriously.

Vihar: Is it true that u didn’t want to work?

Smriti: I…actually

Vihar: Tell me only truth.

Smriti: Its not true. I want to work but to get rid of u I resigned job n lied to u. Sorry

Vihar: These r ur applications for job which u sent to other companies. As they knew I married u they called me n informed abt ur application. Y did u lie to me?

Smriti: Vihar, I lied to u as I want to avoid u n go away from u as I am unable to understand u. But aft dat wen u asked me for frndshp, I agreed n I thought to tell u the truth but…….

Vihar: Ok,before marriage its ok but y didn’t u tell me this even aft marriage?

Smriti scared n is going back.

Vihar (shouted): Stop. Just stand there where u are.

Smriti stood without moving n scared seeing Vihar coming near to her. Smriti bended her head to avoid seeing him in anger.

Vihar: Look at me Smriti

Smriti looked at him with fear.

Vihar: I am excusing u as its ur first mistake. But from now u must say everything to me.

Smriti: Thanks


Smriti: Ok. I am once again sorry

Vihar: Its ok. I didn’t like u working somewhere else. So work in our company. I will give u the same salary which u will get outside. I know u need salary to take care of ur family whom u adopted.

Smriti: I love u

Vihar: Hmm. I am talking abt ur job n u r talking non sense. Stop it n come downstairs fast. Lets have brkfst n go to office.

Vihar went downstairs n Smriti came down aft getting ready. She sat on dining table n Vihar served her break fast, smiling at her.

Smriti: Y r u serving?

Vihar: Coz its prepared by me

Smriti: What.Y r u not having brk fst then?

Vihar: My dear, do u remember yesterday u prepared spl brk fst for me. This is the spl brk fst prepared by me only for u. Eat it completely. Shouldn’t leave even a bit. Otherwise will kill u today.

Smriti remembered too spicy brkfst prepared by her yesterday. She was scared to taste this brkfst

Smriti: I am sorry. pls Vihar. I can’t eat pls

Vihar came near to her n sat on the table.

Vihar: Yesterday I had ur brk fst completely. Right? Though its so spicy n unhealthy I had it. Don’t u remember I told u that u will b paying for that. U must eat it without any excuse. Otherwise now I will get angry.

Smriti slowly took the food just 3/4 th of the spoon. Vihar insisted her to take full spoon at once. Smriti did as he said n looked at Vihar shockingly. Vihar smiled n came to her back n kept his hands over her from back n kissed her on left cheek.

Vihar: How is it?

Smriti: So delicious. Y did u scare me?

Vihar: I didn’t. U urself imagined that food will b worst. Watever I am not as cruel as u r.

Smriti smiled. Vihar came n sat on chair infront of her n had brk fst. Both went to room to take their mobiles n leave to office. Smriti starring at him.

Vihar: What r u thinking now?

Smriti: I am thinking that u made brk fst so tastily. Y can’t u prepare food for both of us everyday? I am tired of eating food prepared by ur maids.

Vihar: Acha. So u want me to prepare food everyday for u.

Smriti: Yes of course

Vihar: U

Saying this he came near to her n pinned her to the wall.

Vihar: Now say it again

Smriti(smiled): I am saying that I will prepare food everyday for both of us as u r tired of eating ur maid’s food everyday.

Vihar gave scaring expression.

Vihar: Oh God. Pls don’t take such life risky decisions. May b ur first idea is much better than this. Its better if I prepare food for us than u. I can’t eat ur stupid food

Smriti kept her face like a kid.

Smriti: I can prepare food so tastily. As I am angry on u on that day, I did like that. Give me another chance n I will show my cooking skills. Pls.

Vihar smiled: Its ok. Prepare it if u want. I will eat however it is. Don’t worry.

Smriti: Y u will eat however it is? U know wat. If anyone sees ur behaviour will not think u r taking revenge on me. Will think u r loving…….

Vihar kissed on lips to stop her words.

Vihar: Shut up n come soon. lets go

Smriti sat in car n Vihar started it.

Vihar: Do u know one thing?

Smriti: What?

Vihar:When our loved ones shows care n love on us,we feel so happy. Aft few days if they show hatred n anger, It hurts more than that if they show anger n hatred from beginning. Got it

Smriti: R u going to hurt me?

Vihar: Just wait n see, u will understand. I already told u many times that I married u just to hurt u. Keep it in mind all the time. Don’t trust my love completely. U will get hurted a lot in future. I am not as good n loving as u think.

Smriti: Pls focus on ur driving.

Smriti turned other side thinking abt his words. Vihar smiled at her.

Precap: Smriti’s suspicious behaviour making Vihar angry. Vihar shouts n behaves rudely n avoids her.

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