Love is not a game (Episode 10)

Episode 10:

Recap: Nok jhok between Virti..

The episode starts with Vihar coming from office at evng. He went to his room n Smriti is waiting for me but didn’t show off before him. He sat in sofa feeling tired.

Vihar: Get me some coffee or tea Smriti

Smriti: I may add poison in it now. Is it ok for u?

Vihar(shouted): Smriti

Smriti didn’t understand wat happened to him as she said those words just for fun. Vihar saw her reaction n controlled himself n said softly

Vihar: Look I am so tired today. So don’t irritate me. If u didn’t want to prepare coffee by urself, atleast go n order maid to bring coffee for me.

Vihar leaned on to sofa with tiredness.

Smriti: I am sorry. I will bring coffee for u. u pls get fresh

Smriti came with coffee but Vihar is still in the same position. Smriti kept coffee on table n as Vihar closed his eyes, she came near to him n kissed on forehead. Vihar opened his eyes.

Smriti: Coffee.

Vihar: Did u prepare it?

Smriti: Of course

Vihar: Did u add poison in it

Smriti: No I changed my plan to kill u later

Vihar took coffee from her.

Vihar: Thank u n sorry

Smriti: Sorry??

Vihar: For shouting on u.

Smriti: Its ok. R ur frnds coming now?

Vihar: Ya. I forgot. You do one thing. You just take care of them n I will come down aft taking some rest.

Smriti:Why should….

Vihar(seriously): What?

Smriti: Nothing. I said ok. You relax.

Smriti went downstairs n made all arrangements. His frnds Vijay, Rima, Adi came. Vihar is taking rest n didn’t join them. Smriti brought coffee for them n served Vijay n Adi. She is abt to serve Rima n she intentionally kept her leg in middle to make Smriti fall. Smriti didn’t fall but coffee splited on Rima. Rima fumed at Smriti.

Smriti: I am sorry

Rima: How dare u to spoil my dress. I didn’t understand how Vihar married a girl like u who had no decency like u. You low class girls r so disgusting. Do u know my status? I will make u to understand wats ur status n mine. Clean it now immediately

Smriti thought to say something but remembered Vihar’s words that Rima is special for him. She is controlling her tears but Rima raised her hand to beat her. Vihar came downstairs hearing Rima’s shouting n saw Rima raising her hand.

Vihar: Smriti come here

Listening to him Rima downed her hand n Smriti went near to him fearing.

Vihar: What happen?

Smriti: Nothing. U just relax. Its just….

Rima ran to him n hugged him from side n started complaining him abt Smriti.

Rima: Vihar, this low class girl spoiled my dress by spliting coffee on me. U make her to realise wats her level n mine. How can u marry such a girl yaar

Vihar looked at Smriti. Smriti didn’t say anything to him.

Vihar: Sure Rima. Its time to remember wat she is n wat u r

Smriti eyes filled with tears n Rima smiled proudly.

Vihar(in loud voice n seriously): Smriti, How can u forget wats ur level n Rima’s. I think I must remember it to u now.

He came forward n near to Smriti n she bended her head n scared.

Vihar: You r such a girl who had no one but lives independently creating ur own identity without depending on anyone by keeping up ur values. U r such a low class girl who is not rich even though helps n gives a new hope to many ppl by sharing ur love.

Do u know abt Rima. She is such a high class girl who depends on her father riches n cares none n not worthy without her father.

Smriti looked at Vihar confusedly. He wiped her tears n hugged her from side.


Vihar: Shut up. How dare u to insult my wife? Wat do u know abt her? She is far better than all of us. Just get last from here n before that apologise to Smriti. Otherwise I will get it in my own way. Hope u understand.

Rima saw him seriously n then turned towards Smriti.

Rima: I am sorry Smriti.

Saying this she left n Vihar asked his frnds also to leave. Smriti went to her room n Vihar came aft sometime. Smriti sat on bed but still crying. Vihar came to her n sat on floor before Smriti n holded her hands.

Smriti: Y r sitting on floor

Vihar: Its ok. Why r u still crying?

Smriti: Nothing.

Vihar: Did u have dinner?

Smriti: I am not hungry

Vihar: Why

Smriti:Simply. Even if I say reason u can’t understand.

Vihar: Ok. its alright. Just tell me y r u crying? Did I say anything to u?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Did I hurt u?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Did I support Rima n scold u?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Is Rima n her words that important to u?

Smriti: No

Vihar: Hmm. Then now telk me y r u crying?

He sat besides her n wiped her tears n kissed her on forehead.

Vihar: Shall we have dinner now?

Smriti: Ya

Both had their dinner n came to room.

Vihar: Smriti, Shall I tell u something?

Smriti: Wat?

Vihar: You are so harsh, mad n rude. Rimz is so beautiful than u. I just supported u before her because u r my wife n its my prestigious issue someone insulting my wife. But Rima is far better than u in many ways. I just love her so much. Tomorrow again I hav to go to her n request her to forgive me.

Smriti got up from bed seriously n Vihar is sleeping happily on bed.

Smriti: Did I ask u to support me? Y did u support me? However u always want me to get hurted n Rima done it on ur behalf. U must b happy for that. If she is that beautiful n u love her that much, Y didn’t u marry her? If she is better than me then marry her aft divorcing me. You are just so irritating.

Saying this Smriti thought to go out of the room but Vihar pulled her towards him. She fallen on him on bed. Vihar kissed her slowly on lips n Smriti tried to free herself but Vihar hugged her tightly n looked into her eyes.

Vihar: Rima is not my girl friend. She is Vijay’s girl friend. Morning, I disconnected the call n acted as if I am talking to her lovingly. I did it just to hurt u. Because aft all no wife can bare her husband having affair with someone else even aft marriage. So I…….

Smriti kissed him softly on his lips n Vihar shocked at her reaction n hugged her tightly.

Vihar: Now u r happy, right?

Smriti: Yes

Vihar: But, I want to say u one thing. Though praising Rima is action, the words I said abt u absolutely true. U r rude, mad, harsh n so stupid.

Smriti broke the hug.

Smriti: U r more than me.

Vihar: Thank u. I think u r tired by fighting with me from mrng. Now give some rest to ur mouth n brain. Oh sorry I forgot just mouth not brain as u didn’t have it.

Smriti: What? (asked angrily)

Vihar smiled

Vihar: Good night

Smriti turned from his side n didn’t respond.

Vihar: U r not responding .So it means u want me to kiss u

Smriti: No Good night

Vihar: Sorry its too late to reply. I decided to kiss u.

Vihar turned her towards him n kissed on her cheeks.

Vihar: Now sleep my sweet enemy. Good night

Smriti: Good night (shouted in anger)

Vihar smiled at her anger n hugged her. Smriti smiled as she is not facing Vihar n acted as if she is trying to free herself from his hold n Vihar hugged her more tightly.

Precap: Vihar ordering Smriti to work at his office as his personal secretary n another cute fight between them.

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