love is not found it’s BUILT


Love is not found it is BUILT:
Hi all….i am a silent reader here.i just want to try out this ff ….if u like it tell me i will proceed………Thankssssss..
the clock in hall way went on at 7 times the tick of 7 o clk.
Radhika in sleepy mood turned around to see the time. She thought of sleeping for some more time..thn suddenly her room door banged “thud”” thudd”.. “Rads come out ,its important ….wake up u idiot..”. Neil was screaming at top of his voice outside …” Oh god why dont u let me sleep atleast today neil!!
Wat did i do to u. Its a SUNDAYYYYYY”
Neil was so frustrated “are u gonna get out of ur bed or shall i break the door now” rads could feels one tension in his voice.. She immediately got down n pulled her hair bak and opened the door .Neil was still in his track suit and a grey t -shirt.he was caressing his hair in tension. “Watz the problem neil..wat happened” Neil’s face brightened as he saw rads ” rads rads Omg u atlast came out..” “Wat happened neil y so tensed”
“Rads plss … Help me rads…. Promise me u shd help me..” Rads knew neil is not that kind who begs her to help him.. She thought something serious has had happened… “Tell me wat happened i ll help u” Neil was doubtful whether rads wud help him in this…
He pointed towards the hall.. She peeped to look at there where his hand was pointing……There was none…. Rads confusedly looked at him .neil in utmost tension “she was der ….der she was… She ..she was der only rads juzt mins ago…i saw her…. Der…on the sofa…” Rads was in futher more confusion whom did he see n wer wat…..she cudnt guesss anything….”are u drunk neil….or did u have nightmare”neil was sure of seeing the gal. He pulled rads along with him to the hall he showed her wer she was seated .rads still couldn’t understand who is girl he s talking about and what he s talking about.she made him sit on the sofa and she on teapoy n thn she asked him ” wat happened ya. Who s she and y are u so scared…”Neil wasin dilemma.. “She was already seated in the hall rads wen i woke up !!i asked her who she was she said y don’t u remember me…i came with u yestrday nyt…i told her i didn’t bring anyone with she said she came with me….n she even told thats i promised to marry her n even gave her a ring….u kno she knew everything .she told i was one who told her everything.. Now she s not here!!!!””” Rads was looking at neil soo seriously…. Thn suddenly she bursf out laughing…….she cudnt control her laughing..she caught hold of her stomach . ” see to ur back….. See Who is der” neil turned bak n saw it was same gal……. He ran n stood behind rads…and said “rads she….. She is the one i told u !!”. Rads was still laughing…
The girl” hey y neil y dont u remember me. I am SAM ….samaira kanna..”
Yes neil she is sam my school mate…..i have told u abt her right…!!!!i told u na she is gonna come here !””
Neil was relieved to hear and at the same time he was make up as if e was not scared n told “yeah i kno her i juz wanted to scare u i have shooting rads got yo go……bye rads…bye ssssamairaaa…he just escaped from der…!!!!

Credit to: shakthi

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  1. Oh god another mmz i love u guys….. where is our arjun

  2. Nice one shakthi!Plz continue further.

    1. Thanks Tanya..???

  3. Lvd it….literally I ws laughing ? after I read it…….its superb shakthi… any oter connec btw nesam?????plzzzz give intro abt characters…..hpe u ‘ll update sooooooon. lve uuuuuuuuā¤ā¤ā¤

  4. Hi hayathi..he is our he wud take time ??…Thankssssss for u support

  5. pls continue yaar

  6. Heyyy shakthi, cool nd funny story…plzz u my heart..??
    One lovee?

  7. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    Nice one. Loved it.

  8. Woooooooooooow….
    One more manmarziya ff
    Jst love to read it ….

    Where is r Arjun…

    Hey Shakthi wat a entry u made.. Directly ff…
    Keep writing….

  9. Hey shakthi …another mmz
    …wow tanq so much yaar….its fresh and new…waiting fr further updates ?…..aradhika and nesam rockzzz

  10. Hello…Shakshi … Nice one… Fully Funny one… Keep writing…

  11. Guys i seriously dint expect such a welcome frm u people……
    Thanks chinni preity ameena hareem
    Aastha tanya hayathi…..
    And i will surely continue wrtie coz my exams have postponed due to rain???????? so happy

  12. Thanks brity n harani

  13. Nyc story dr. . . And luvd ur way f narratn. . . Hoping to read more frm you :-). šŸ˜‰

  14. Another mmz ff. Yipeee. Nice one. I loved it. What is radz-neil relation in this one? Iam already into it. Plz continue it and yaar plz write daily.

  15. Soundarya Manokaran

    Hi,while readng i burst out n laugh….nyc beginng….. I jst luvd it….keep writng……….

  16. Soundarya Manokaran

    1st of al i wish 2 say a big hi 2 every manmarziyan fanz….. Hi shakti……….. nyc beginng yaar………… while readng i burst out n laugh….I jst luvd it….keep writng……….

  17. Hey nice beginning yr….I was laughing all the time..hahaha…thanks for beautiful update.

  18. Nice epi….thanxxx for ur update shakthi… šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  19. where is Arjun?Waiting for him to meet cutie Radhika!

  20. Go go go… Keep going…. But u must update daily plzzzzzz…. Good start carry on….

  21. Hey shakti, Entry ho to aise ,

    Shakti se bharpoor , Wooooooooooooooooooooow dear, Silent readers ki is tod phad waali entry ko Salaam.

    You never react or comment and direct story writing. Well dear. Welcome to manmarziyan ki Ghup chup Lover .

    And then Tod Phad entry

    To give a jawab to all

    hum bhi hai josh mein

    Love ur writing dear. Love ur enthusiasm what makes u write. Love u by heart and silent readers ke iss talent or dedication ko salaam e dosti and salaam e manmarziyaan jisne tujhe teri manmarziyaan likhne ko majboor kiyaa

    LUv u dear.

    I seriously like the humour of ur story what makes us laugh a lot. Well first episode me gadar macha diyaa. Next me to Darwaaze tod dogi.

    Luv u dear. Waiting for next.

    And yaa first time tumhare nest par aayee hain
    Dosti ka nazraana saath laayein hain
    Kubool karna ya na karna tumhari raza hain
    Par phir bhi hamesh tumhare page pe phool ki khille ye vaada saath layein hain

    Luv u dear. Always smiling. Once a friend always a friend.

  22. Hello shakthi. Really u have shakhti in writting. I hope u will continue to write.
    Oh so sorry i forgot to give my intro. Im natasha. Im also a fan of mmz. Im too writing a ff on mmz but with different backdrop. My storys name is where is heart there is life. Ur welcome to read it.

    Really today im seeing many new names here like as mehbeer fan(preity), hareem, soundarya manokaran, NIKHAR. I would like to say a big hi to u all.

    Guys heres the link of my another story arziyan yeh dill ki-

  23. Wowwww shakthi, welcome to the mmz planet, it’s awesome writing, you have a spark in you…loved it to the core, lovely convo between neil and radhika, funny prank from sam…still laughing. ..missing arjun ..hope to see him in next epi…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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