love is not found it’s BUILT (chapter 5)


Neil thought “does she know mind reading or wat..”next neil planned how to while away the time.
Rads reached her cabin. She had a planner on her was wooden table with glass on top where she usually keeps the planner for the day(personal and official).she called her PA -shravathi(shravs) cross check the schedule.shravs came in and rads cross checked her schedule. It wasnt a busy one. Usual meetings and regular check of the company. Rads began to check the files to be present at the meeting which is common one.

Sam reached her office. The mrng incident was still in her mind. ” why am i thinking abt it….. Hmmmm no sam get out of r gonna start ur wrk here.No other distraction sammieee ….” She mentally prepared herself and entred the office.luckily her seating was next to Arjun’s room from wer she could see him.

Arjun thought this would be a usual happy day. He got ready with a lavender shirt and black pant with a grey blazer . he took his car and he wished his watchman “bhai good morning. Had ur mrng bf”

“Yes sir i had .have a great day sir..wish u good luck” arjun was happy to get his blessings. sooon he reached his office.
He climbed the stairs to reach his room at the same time Sam and another colleague came down the stairs “good morning sir?.”

“Good morning sam and mr lal ????. How is ur first day here it okay”. ” it’s really good sir absolutely fine”
“Okay thn..enjoy got some wrk to be done see ya later”
Arjun soon reached his cabin. He called his PA amar. Till then Arjun checked his days plan.”sir ” Aman’s head peeked in thru the half opened door.”yes aman come inside “.
” good mrnging Sir “his voice showed small shade of tension. “Wats the prblem aman” “no problem sir. Its about a new project information Sir”
“Don’t worry lets make thru it.chillll man ? and wat s the problem”
“” sirr this project we are aiming has high competition and one more condition has been ruled to get the project n its not kind of easy one..”

“Arey another rule…rules are formed to be broken.. Lets make thru it” said arjun in with his hands behind his head and slowly moving back n front over the chair.
“Sir it. Can’t be done all alone we need to team up with another company . the good in the bad is that it can be of our choice.”
“That’s it dude. thn we can make it..ask our parnter companies..”
“Sir the problem lies there !they are already paired up.we need to find a new one and ..”
“Ammmannn…y man u never give me good news..hmmmmmmm thn …we need to make a new move.”
“Yes sir. I have taken a list of few companies which is not yet paired up”
“Ahh u r worth speaking for rhis only man cmon give me list of the companies “. Arjun saw all the listing he dint want to pair up with those .he asked Aman to search a new company and worth for assignment”
After an hour searching Aman sent a list of few companies to Arjun’s table. Slowly arjun went thru the listing all the companies suddenlyy the one in no3 got hold of his sight..and the name of the CEO was NEIL MALHOTRA (RADHIKA MISHRA) he knew neil very well coz they met in few meetings previously but not in much contact for the past two years.and he was shocked to see a girls name der. He thought to see to about it later.and he was ready to join hands with Neil’s company after a long time i wud be a good to back up again with him. “Aman i choose neil malhotra’s company sent them a mail regarding it immediately.and i want to kno the result by tomr morning and this matter should be finished. Okay?” “Yes Sir”.

Rads was busy in a meeting until 3 in the an. Thn she came to her room to have her lunch.thn the thought of Sam and Neil came to her mind. She saw missed calls frm neil she knew y he had called so she decided to call him later .She called sam wen it ringed for the third time sam took the phone ” hey samie.. Have u had ur lunch dear……”
“Hey radz did u see the time its 3:30… I had it around 2 and half hours bak dear. Have u had it.”

“No samiee baby i havent juz now came frm a meeting.. About to have.”
“Hey goo dear i n eat.. Yeah coming. Sorry rads GTG noww.catcha later”
“Okay Samie “.when she again dailled to call Neil she heard the his ringtone nearby wen she lifted her head he was standing der with hands on his waist .???????????????
” have u got any sense rads.”

Rads had the ulcer problem but she never cared about it. She gets the pain but she never cares and had never cared.Neil knew about it so that’s y this was fuss was about.
Radhika escaped frm his scoldings coz food was by her soo she escaped. “Cmon neil if u you keep on watching how will i eat..lets share it”????
” no way rads u r eating it all by urslef”???

Just then a new mail notification poped on her computer she was about to move towards Neil pushed her n sat over ther

“u go eat .i can manage for 20 mins.the company will not fall down in the 20 mins u r gonna eat and by the way i am bored i ll be here all day.”
” ok guruji ???i am going to eat soooo dont worryyy u manage it i am relieved. ”
It was difficult for rads to pained in her stomache untill the foos entered her stomach…she knew it wudnt be a half an hour time to bak to normal from this pain soo only Neil took her place.she had to take her medicines as welll .

When neil saw the mail he was happy to accept the offer and revive his friendship with Arjun so he thought of telling about this rads and accepting the offer and proceed with it.
Rads was also happy to do it as it was Neil’s decision after very long time he’s involved in business and even it wud be great help for her gain some help more over Sam was working in thw same company …..????????????????

Hi guys.. I am back …i have never seen such a rain in my life turning the whole city into a nightmare ..for 5days no current …..hope all the places affected by rains becomes normal.
Manha,nisha ,hayathi,hareenm,roma, kirti,devga,ameena manisha. And my other frnds tooo sorry if i had missed any of u .Thankssssss a lot for ur support..
I just wanted to say this

$$$$ Respect, understanding, dedication and humility are some of the tools that help build this love. What’s crazy is, you don’t have to be qualified to work on this project–you just have to have the will to GET THE JOB DONE!…?????$$$$$$$$

Credit to: shakthi

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