love is not found it’s BUILT (chapter 3)

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Rads got sooooooo angry ??? that she dint see who was standing beside. Generally she is a cool person ,but when it comes her car which was her first thing she wanted to buy when she started to work in Neil’s company
“Where’s ur eyes is it front or at the back.. Don’t you ever horn before ur make a entry.” Her face became crimson red with anger.
Arjun in the mean time was just browsing through his Phone… He dint even utter a word.. He just looked once at rads from behind when she was checking the scratch on her car. Arjun didn’t bother about her nor her words .
Rads seeing his attitude got more irritated ???. She moved forward and put her hand before his face”y aren’t u listening to me.”
Arjun without looking at her still on his Phone. “yeah. I am listening ..tell sweet heart” rads widened her eyes “Whaattt!!!!!”. She stood der ” what did u say” she shreiked…. With that he looked at her in astonishment.. Many eyes were looking at arjun and rads.

“Hey miss plss calm down .Just a small scratch .it is not a big one . I ll juz a. 10min wrk wud do.. I am srry for wat had happened. And by the way its not my mistake. By that time rads calmed herself.she looked at the car the driver was still inside and she dint notice it.she dint want to continue this.she got in her Juke and left.

Arjun had a gut feeling that he had seen her somewhere but cudnt recognize. He didn’t want to think abt it further. Arjun never likes his past affecting his present nor future. As soon as he reached his cabin his PA updated him with his schedule for nxt week and he also told about the new employees who wer joining the next day.
Sam was eagerly waiting to be called.Along with her were two men who were dressed in casuals .Being a Sunday arjun takes this day to get to know his new employees.Sam and the others were called in. Arjun looked at all. He welcomed them with a hearty smile .” so u ppl are samaira kanna, rahul mehta,shivshankar right.No need to be tensed juz be cool and get familiarized with the company.. I have got some work to do.u ppl enjoy PA will guide u ”
Sam in her thought “arjun i ll get u bak der where ur past is .its for sure !”
The PA just gave them all details and the day was over.
Dusk was falling, the mosquito’s were out, goose bumps were on rads arms from the evening chill, the green shrubbery now looking almost black, silhouetted, colours muted. Rads was standing Out on the balcony .she waited for sam n neil to come home she was deep into thinking about the incident that took place in the mrng.
Sam came there and she was excited.seeing her excited rads asked her “wat happened sam everything went well…did he recognise u . did u tell him anything.” Sam boggled at her questions “10 questions at a time. OMG ..I LL tell u everything chasni. Let me freshen up .Get me something to eat na plssssss .”Rads knew sam cud withstand anything not hunger and if it gets late she cud see a monster in her?????
Rads was making a club sandwich which she thought would satisfy sam and more over she was eagerly waiting to listen to her. Sam soon joined rads and told everything that happened der.
” he didnt recognise me rads.i feel it is good if he doesnt kno who i am .it wud be easy for me to reach him rads. So i can fulfill my promise rads ”
“U can do it my sammy dear dont worry. I ll help u if u need any its a promise”.
” okay dear lets leave it .and where is mr.neil.where did he he not joining us for dinner..” “He never eats his dinner at home sam coz,his shooting goes till midnight. He has never joined me for dinner “??? sam n rads after finishing their dinner planned to watch a movie .it was a ghost movie ” The descent “.rads had seen the movie many times .they both sat on the sofa. Actually sam didn’t like ghost movies. Yet just to try once tp opted for it.rads warned her ” if u are not interested no problem sammy.we ll watch something else.”
“I am okay rads” she said and the movie started. Sam crossed her legs on the sofa hugging a cushion. While watching the movie rads dozed off on the sofa.Sam was curiously watching the movie….zhe was scared and was holding the pillow soo tight.Again she felt hungry.”my stomach doesnt see the time .why are u growling now.”she cursed herself. Seeing rads asleep she went to the kitchen to get something this eat and she paused the movie
When she came back the movie was running again in low volume…she was shocked????. She dint see rads over der. She thought rads wudhave gone to her room. So she thought was eat n go to bed.she kept the volume
And begin to watch.he heard somebody moving behind her.she turned dint see anyone .again she started to watch the movie .???
She suddenlyy felt a hand on her back ………
She slowly turned around it was rads…….”what happened are sweating like this…”
“Nothing rads..juz a bit scared by ur sudden appearance..”
“Oh okay sam”. Sam slowlyy turned towards the tv…..der she saw that face ..and screamed at the pitch of her voice…….”Radzzzzzzzzz”.

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