love is not found it’s BUILT (chapter 2)


Soon Neil move towards his room.He juz went and stood before the full length mirror .”look at u Neil u look like a dumb . Look how a super top model got teased by a girl….GRT INSULT ..!”
“Yeah,a super duper insult neil…” Rads shouted in his ears frm back…
Neil turned around with a smile “no more!!!? enough chasni i ll take care of u later and tell me when did u tell me abt her “Rads thn
“Oh i m sooo sorry neil . i forgot to tell u man. she has come to join in a company within few days she will leave from here..sorry for not asking u and how come u dint recognize her i have shown her photo to u Right…” Neil asked rads not to
apologize “let her stay here..and by the way the you know i meet super girls evryday in the midst how i ll remember her”. Rads on went down to Sam smiling.
. Neil went to get ready for his shoot..
Neil went to shower. His thoughts were abt him and rads
He is one of the top model as well as photographer .modelling and photography was his passion..he had his own companies and properties but not interested in it..rads took care of all his business and properties. Rads and Neil are frnds for the past two years. They both met in an unfortunate situation but they both decided o make it a fortunate one and they became the frnds. From then Neil and rads are the Best buddies .rads is like a frnd sister to Neil same is he to her.
At the same time Sam was shown her room and rads asked her to get ready.When Neil came down Rads and Sam were having their mrng breakfast Ezekiel Toast with Egg Whites and Swiss Cheese.Usually neil made his own brkfast .he searched for the cereal packet it was missing.???? he knew rads wouldn’t go with cereal and milk. Then were it wud have gone… By that time sam came to kitchen to get the juice..she asked him wat was he searching for..” My cereal packet is missing. Wat willl i eat ” Sam was like ” wats the problem eat Ezekiel Toast Swiss Cheese it’s awesome ,I only ate it in the morning Wen u both wer asleep.i felt hungry.”Neil looked at her plate it was already full .” Omg u ate my full packet and still again u r eating…..wat are u made off…is der any big vessel inside ur stomach . how cud u ..radsss radsss come here…come sooon..look this gal took my mrng bf also…wat will eat..”Rads wearing a pink kurta and black jegin came “plsssss u both fyt later i am getting late.. If u want u both fyt .i am leaving..sam if u dont want get late come with me else Neil u shd only drop her .”
Sam immediately came to rads n whispered her “how do u think i ll go with is moron.i am ready lets go…”
Neil thought this girl is gona make my life terrible if she stays here for many days…..”BYE RADS”…. And Neil to went find some food.

Rads went to her new car nissan juke sky blue..the thing which she adores more like her child…sam got in to the seat near to driver seat. Rads knew y sam was joining the company(secret to br revealed later) though her father owned millions of property. As they reached the Venue the the **AM GROUP OF COMPANIES** welcomed them…the tall building with a glass windows. Rads wished sam good luck…

And she was about to exit building thru wen another car black audi a6 came in full speed and was about to clash with a rads’s juke. She was in a utter shock.She immediately got down n went to around to see want happened ..nothing happened juzt a small scratch.
By that time the man got down frm his car .Radianlty and perfectly, his skin glowed like a sun gleaming, and he none cud resist themselves frm watching him. His wrestler’s shoulders were part of his burly physique. He walked with a tiger like tread and his nomad-black eyes twinkled.. He had a derring-do personality .he is none other than ARJUN MEHRA the Ceo of .AM GROUP OF COMPANIES he just stood der .when rads saw the scratch on her juke her heart missed a beat…..

Credit to: shakthi

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  1. Awww atlast our arjun is here… ha ha ha sam neil fight i like jt

  2. wow shakthi nice episode dr.I think there will be a sweet nd bitter fight btn ardhika

    1. Yeah it will be…..

  3. Oh god. What a epi. I loved it totally. Loved the frndshp part of radz n neil. Nw arjun’s entry n fighting. Super excited. Just make the fight super one n lively. I really don’t want to miss it. Plz make it fast. Loveee u.

  4. I luvd rads mor. She is so chirpy n a gud frnd 🙂 it was so gud to c neil iritated. . .ha ha 😛

  5. Awedome shakthi….loved it

  6. Thanks ya… If u want any changes in the way i write pls do let me know i will try to make some changes…

  7. Hey shakti Awesooooooooooooooooooooooooooome meet of Rads and Arjun Woooooooooooooooooow. Dear. Loved it so much.

    You story is full of joy and very much interesting. Luved it dear. Always smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.And yaa for now no need to do any change yaar. It is awesome in its way.

    1. Hey hi ur prev comment on chap1. Thanks dearie…. Lov u ???

  8. please update next part, really excited to know about arjuns character

  9. Thank u nisha..
    I love u all for u comments…!??????????thanks a lot my frnds

  10. I want to see read sweet nok-jhoks between ARJUN AND RADHIKA..#Ardhika forever!

  11. Wow shakthi….plzz update soon…love u my heart…??
    One lovee?

  12. Hey Shakthi…
    Suuuupeeerrrrb !!!!! Episode ..

    Loved it…

    Keep updating..

    1. Thanks… Hareem

  13. Wowwww shakthi, it’s awesome meet of ardhika. ..loved it to the core…nesam fights mind blowing, I can visualize everything….your narration and dialogues superb. …keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and take care sweetie

  14. Where is ur update shakti dr

  15. Shakti update plz dear.

  16. Sorry yar…we have festival over here in my place so cudnt update… For sure tomr i will update it yar….

  17. Enjoy ur festival dear. Plz update it tdy. Waiting dear.

  18. Shakti ur festival On 25th there is only Gurupurab Your family is celberating gurupurab . Its a sikh festival.

    Tell me dear Lots of questions raised in mind .

  19. Awwwww awesome plzzzz give the previous epi’s link ….. I am just dieing to read it ….. Nice mold of twists and a new transformation is good…. Thank u for making this story …..

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