Love is not compared (o.s)

A big marriage hall of kolkatta is decorated like bride which decorated with different kinds and variety of flowers available in the world …hall is filled with balloons lights…..bride and groom is sitting with smile joy of becoming one after lot of struggle. ..a girl standing near to mandap is having many emotion like pain, love ,happiness on her face holding her fist tightly. …after sometimes prist announce them husband wife …..tears falls from girl eyes and she opens her fist mangalsutre falls down. ..with out any one notice she wipes her tears but a boy is watching her …she turn to go but stops by hearing bride

Swara-yeah Ragini
Ragini -where are you going? ??because of u i became Ragini sanskar maheshwari. ..because of you I got my love back. .my marriage is incomplete with out your blessings
Swara-you have blessing of God. ….Ragini that’s why your love win

Sanskar -swara where are you going?
Swara-don’t know
Sanskar -if u don’t mind stay with us …u told u are alone in this world
Swara-it’s not big deal ..u don’t worry about me happy enjoy your life and colour your future with Ragini bye …goes
Sanskar -when we will meet again swara
Swara turns her eyes her filled with tears but her smiling as it wants to spell many things but can’t. …..
Swara-never ……………….

She running comes and hugs sanskar and break the hug and run away followed by the boy who is observing her ….swara’s this act leave many questions in the mind of Ragsan which they both have no answer ….
Howra bridge
Swara is standing on bridge and seeing flow of water …..the boy comes and pulls her towards him
Boy-what are you doing? How can you think of suicide

Swara-who told you I am going to suicide I was just seeing flow of water…what I have reason to do it stupid …by saying she moves forward
Boy-you have many reasons to do it X MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
Swara shockingly looks towards the boy ..the boy comes towards swara and forward his towards swara

Boy-hi I am Dr veer
Swara comes out of shock
Swara-veer I am just swara garewal not any X MRS swara Sanskar maheshwari
Veer-swara I am doctor in that hospital where you admitted sanskar 3 weeks ago
Swara-that’s doesn’t proof I am his wife. .. (turn her face from veer)..
Veer forcefully make swara look toward him

Veer-the document u signed and relationship you mentioned their
Swara-veer it’s a major accident doctor won’t operated him without any permission from his relative …I am just a stranger I saw the accident while passing through
Veer holds swara’s shoulder tightly and angrily looks into her eyes
Veer-no stranger will abort her kid and donate kidney exchange of money ……
Swara jerk veer hands and shouts
Swara-yes I was his wife ….and break down

Veer sit next to her
Veer -Will u please share your story with me …as a friend
Swara smiles painfully and sit next to him
Swara-this story is started 5 yrs back….Ragini and sanskar where childhood friends as time goes they started loving each other they where like two body with single sole …their love is pure like this river ganga but the problem is Ragini is bengali and sanskar is marwadi. …their parents where against their relationship so Ragsan decided to runaway and marry And start their new life. .but destiny played its role their parents came to know about them

Sanskar and Ragini is sitting in temple before halal kund marriage process is going on. ..
Ragini -sanskar i am imagine that our dream is going to be full filled
Sanskar -after few minutes u will be my wife and then our first night
Ragini -sshhhhhh shameless
Sanskar -i am telling you if you want rest take it before night because I am going to celebrate my victory for two nights

Ragini -have some shame
Sanskar -Ragini tell the priest to do the rituals fast na
Ragini -sanskar control your self
Sanskar -hemm when he will complete when I will celebrate my first night when kids will born …rago I want 5 kids ….I have decided their names also …Sanskrit-sankalp.sanskriti..roshni..ronak…Rishi

Priest-its 6 names
Both embarrassed. …they saw goons coming towards them ….sanskar holds Ragini’s hand and run away while running they reach towards Bridge. …goons where send by dp….they aim gun towards Ragini and shut but in the nick of tym sanskar push Ragini. ..bullet hitted him on his head and he fallsdown in river
Flashback ends
Veer-how you came to know about their story

Swara -little bit Laksh told me rest Ragini
Veer-and your story …
Swara-my story starts after Ragsan story stopped….
5 yrs later I was coming from jogging I saw a man is lying unconscious near sea shore of Mumbai varsoa beach …..that was sanskar.but for me he is varun ..I took him to hospital where doctor treated him for year because his kidneys where filled with water and bullet which suck in his brain. ..after operation his half part of the brain has stop functioning …. .. .I took him to my house as u know i am orphan ..

By the time we became good friends. ..I have a small shop ..he started working in coffee shop….we don’t know how our friendship turned to be love but I am not ready express my love to him
Veer-why swara

Swara-from childhood whenever I like some one think he or she will become my family they left alone i was not ready to break myself again. …so I started to avoid him
Varun-swara you promised me will go for movie today
Swara-i am sorry varun …….dealers fixed meeting today. ..I can’t postpone it
Varun-sadly okay we will next time

Next day

Varun-swara come fast …we are getting late
Swara-varun u carry on. .I have to first meet new dealer and give order
Varun-i will drop u
Swara-varun it take nearly 3hrs to reach you go
Like this Swara is avoiding varun ….one day varun patience finished. ..he burst his volcano of anger on swara
Varun angrily holds her shoulder tightly

Varun-what the hell is your problem ha…why are you avoiding me ….if you have any issues with me then say it damit
Swara-varun u are hurting me
Varun-and what about the pain which u are giving swara
Swara-i can’t understand what are you saying

Varun-really… you told me lie everyday nor u gone for any meetings or for any dealers …..
Swara-shouts what it matters to you if say lie …why you care
Varun -because I love you damit
Swara becomes happy as she won the world war…but other second her fear of becoming alone again overcomes
Swara-no u are showing sympathy because I saved your life
Varun -swara i love u because of your nature your good soul …I know you are fearing as others I will also leave u no swara …….I will not leave till my last breath
Swara -pinky promise

Varun-smile promise
Flashback ends
Swara-every story have villan. ..I my story I too have a villan
Veer-why is that now
Swara-sahil Mittal he is scoundrel he want to sleep with me that’s why he wants marry me. ….he came to know about us …..he represented my character as cheap


Sahil-she is a characterless girl. ..who is living with an unknown man without any relationship. …..
People -yeah …what impact will happen on our children’s because of her
Sahil-such girls are called prostitude …and prostitude are treated with stones
All people started throwing stones on me …varun came and rescued me but house owner thrown me out with lot of difficulty we found one ….and we married. …it’s great difficult time for us varun was fired from job ……he want to become something so he opt for mba ….but he couldn’t able to submit fees so I started working hard

Varun -please swara don’t do this much work i will effect ur health. ..I will find some other way
Swara-varun I am doing it for our future. ..know i will do hardwork after you get job I will only rest
Varun-why love me this much

Swara-because my husband is my everything
As time passed he completed his 3sem only final seminar is remaining and fee submission date is near …but I couldn’t able to work so I sold my shop
After exams
Varun comes and holds me in his arms he was so happy because he got the job
Varun-swara pack your bags I got job in kolkatta as branch manager plus flat …..
Swara-i am so happy. .I also wants to go away from this state and start a new journey
Varun-i know jaan this city has given u many sorrow

Swara -but this state has given me the biggest happiness of my life
Varun -u
Next day
We are all set to go ….that tym from city hospital a call came and inform me that I am pregnant
We reached kolkatta we took a cap I don’t know how we met with accident. ..when I opened my eyes I was in hospital. .I asked doctor about his condition

Doctor -he is very critical he need treatment urgently
Swara-so please do that ..
Doctor -pay fees then only we can do anything
Flashback ends
Swara-i requested doctor but he didn’t listen then I came to know about patient required kidney …and they where rich so I sold my kidney and they submitted fees for operation

When I enter the room He was sleeping i sit next to him and slept …next morning when I wake up her was shouting
Swara-varun what happen why are you shouting

Sanskar – varun who varun I am sanskar maheshwari who are you where is my Ragini. ..we are going to marry. ..oh God that goons. ..Ragini i am coming
He tried to get up but falls unconscious. ..I asked to doctor
Doctor -in any accident his half brain stop functioning. .but after yesterday operation is start functioning In short he got his memory back and he forget after what happen accident
Flashback ends

Swara -from sanskar i got to know about Ragini and I promise him to search Ragini. …when I go to gadodiya mansion i came to know Ragini is living as sanskar’s widow from 5 yrs. …when they both meet …..I saw a victory on their face of winning their love after defeating death ……the happiness i saw on varun’s face i didn’t seen it before. For me also …so I convinced their parents. ..and made them married
Veer-teary eyes why didn’t you told about yourself to sanskar

Swara-what’s the use of it. ..he didn’t remember me nor my love…if he would come also he would not be my varun..he would be sanskar who loves Ragini unconditionally
Veer-your love is great ….u sacrificed ur baby ,kidney and your love
Swara-smiles veer ..I aborted my child because I have a hope that I can become mother again. .and done many things for my love or my husband but Ragini without any hope without any aspection loved sanskar and became his widow even though she can live happy life with some one else she choose to become sanskar widow
Swara gets up
Swara-love is not comparable. is love …not mahan or less

Swara goes forward
Veer-where are you going
Swara-the world is so big …their must be some place destiny choosen for me….goes
Veer phone sacchi
Veer-saachi thank for sending me in this marriage

Veer-i got my soul mate. ends
Veer-i am coming with u Swara wait for me …swara

The end

Hi guys u can tell you what which concept you want as next o.s

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  1. Tweety_SwaSan

    I am sorry dear.. I didn’t liked it.. Injustice had done to Swara.. You showed Swara’s fears are right.. She is the one who lost everything which I didn’t like.. And please don’t think that I am bashing you.. Thank you..

  2. nice but if possible plzz give its continuation because even after being complete it looks incomplete .and if possible show sanskar and ragini realize swara’s sacrifice ….please its a request

  3. Phoniex

    the story was amazing but didn’t how it unfolded. When you are already married you don’t give up on your wife for your ex

  4. Sorry but i didnt liked it! I m highly upset! If uh wanted to rgt bhai behen story then uh could have mentioned in title nd why did uh put swasan pic! Dont understand why uh rag………. sanians want from our swasan! Uh should not include our swasan in it or swara! blo*dy hell

  5. Rosey

    sorry to say but its not good….you showed sanskaar and ragini marriage…what about swara her child her love and her marriage….you should write its sequel…what’s the granty that sahil will not come behind her…you should write one more part and give it a proper ending…

  6. Independent

    Loved it

  7. One doubt….is this rag____san or swasan os…sry I ddnt read fully after the marriage scene m not interested.. n I read last line “”veer for swara””?? R u serious??..from where veer came in swara’s life… please put the proper pic in front page or mention the couple name… I really don’t mind who’s fan u r..n about which couple u ryt story.but please don’t be a reason for fight or bashing…. a humble request

  8. God bless ur writing skills…. be happy… n spread happiness…. all the best for ur future….

  9. Hehe nice story…. so he as swara said she didn’t saw that sparks in his eyes for her when he was loving means his love was not true…let it…. tell me one thing what u (rag___sans)guys want from us (swasan’s)…. y u guys always want to hurt us….

  10. Huh… can veer come to swara…. their faces r same rut?? Both the characters r played by varun then??… I don’t think u r swasan fan if u r u would nt made rag__san marry for swasan they r bro sis…

  11. I agree wid deepti

  12. Heltej

    Truly disappointed with the story… U shouldn’t have bought swara’s character instead it should have been sanchi!

  13. disoppointed sorry dont write like this did injustice to swara..

  14. Plzzz dear do mention the couple name first…….obviously it was not swasan but still the pic was of swasan only and that was the only reason I read it……I really don’t care whose fan you are….but don’t write something which will hurt a large no. of people….you could have mentioned earlier of it being a rag_____san FF…then swasan fan wouldn’t have come here

  15. AnuAnn

    I regret in my decision

  16. well story is nyc no doubt but we can’t compare a wife relation and a lovers relation and when Swara was a lover she never expected anything from Sanskar and when she become sanky’s wife…. its obviously she expects everything.
    I think marriage is bond of love truth honesty and expectations…. and if we don’t have expectations from husband wife relation and what is use of having this relation.

    Just a single this trmrw if sanky memory of that 5 year came then…. will he tun after swara

  17. Gayathri.visu

    You could have mentioned it that it is rag—————————–san ff/os whatever. Seriously I regret for opening this story. Totally disappointed. First time I read bhai-bhehan story.

    1. Gayathri.visu

      And haan don’t use our Swasan picture for rag———————————————-san

  18. Hate Rag…. Lak and Rag….. San Both
    Ie dono bhai behen couple hai..
    Inka ff worst hai

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