love is not blind for swasan (episode 19)

Hi guys its last episode…. I really wanted to continue but now i just can’t… I will never be Able to visit TU from now…its just not the end of ff its end of a relationship of mine with you guys…i am not able to give a long update or a very good ending…i dont know why i m taking this drastic step…just doing this because i dont blv in love at all so just cant write a love love story….. Just HATE YOU LOVE…


precap:swasan being one…
Swasan reaches back india and throw a grand party to tell the world about their marriage and love…. They dance romantically in party and posses romantically….
The end…
Good bye TU…and thanx guys for giving me so much support all along my journey…. Or should i say…”a failed journey”


  1. Madhu

    Dr what happend all of sudden?
    Are u ok….?
    Tell us dr…..feeling scared….plz dr reply…..if u dont want to update ff it is ok dr…..but tell us what bothering u……or wht happend to u…..
    Best of luck dr….
    May the tripple jem bless you!
    ( i am buddhist thats why i pray like that…)

  2. Mica

    |Registered Member

    whatever happened to you, what i can say just, all the best for your life, good luck and stay blessed…

  3. anu

    hey please dont end like this.. please continue …. what happen why your talking drastic step.. please dont end like this continue please…. we all love ur ff dont do like this to us… update ur ff…. dont end this.. continue

  4. Sanjanaagrawal

    |Registered Member

    I loved it dear …. but why u left in between tell me na ….. why anyone had broken ur heart ….. u can share it with me……. u can send me a private message …. but plz tell me …. and why are u leaving TU ….. u can stay atleast as a reader …..
    ….. may god bless u and u get all the hapiness u want…πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  5. Sophia

    Plzz don’t be disheartened
    It is said that if you share ur sorrow with others it will be reduced so plz share ur sorrow with any of it close ones it’ll help u a lot and it is a superb ff and one of my favourite ff sad that u are ending it but if u have any personal problems it’s ok

  6. Kakali

    Hey Imama!! dont say like that..I love ur FF😊 ,, Infect we all love ur FF:-).. i m new here.. m just started to comment u from yestrday n 2day u r ending ur ff???
    Whts wrong dr ? what’s bothering u? we all r friends here n u can share ur prblm with us..
    Bt dnt dare 2 say ur FF as failure okkkkk.😑.
    once again thnx 4 ur wonderful FF n wish u a bright future ahead.. we will miss u..😘😘

  7. Geethu

    It was never a failed Journey…u won our hearts and its indeed ur success,just urs.!!Anyways ALL THE BEST wishes for ur future and I hope u will have the courage & will fight back…We will b with u …till the nxt time we see bye bye

  8. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    |Registered Member

    Hein ??? 😦😦😲😲..Wat Happened suddenly yaar ?? Is everything alryt?plzz dnt end soo soon n dat too in such a way..Plzx..wat happened? 😒😒😒😒

  9. Pramudi

    Hey dear.. What happened? What is bothering you? Tell na..
    Who told you that this was a failed journey. No dear.. You have won our hearts..
    Anyway dear.. It’s your decision to stop this. So we respect your decision. All i can say.. Best if luck for your future. May Lord Buddha bless you..! (I’m also a buddhist like madhu. )

  10. Jwala

    i don’t know why you are saying like this. but if you saying like this if someone go away from you or breaks your heart then please don’t do it. if anyone doesn’t needs you why you are hating everything for that person? your parents love you na? your friends and all you have many one to love you. or did you hate their love also? love a person who makes you smile. if you are crying for a person then you are the biggest fool. because that person doesn’t deserve your tears. a person who deserves your tears will not make you cry for them. it is foolishness to cry for someone or cursing the whole life for someone. there are many people who loves you and supports you. live happily for them.

  11. Deborah Thomas

    Hey plz don’the end this ff ithe is really good news the only one I would read n if u want to end don’t end it like this .Any way it’s your choose wish you all the best in the future

  12. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    Hey wat hpnd dear?? Plz dun stop dis ff.. its one of my fav ff i love dis story.. dont end dis… if derez sum prbln u can take ur tym.. take break for sum tym but plzz continue it…best wishes stay strong

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