love has no particular time episode 2


sumi feels bad my getting swaragini’s room.she remembers ragini’s words that she will keep all her books here.sumi starts crying looking at swaragini’s childhood pic.she asked shona beta why did u do this to us?u even didn’t think about us and u not thinked about ladoo’s future why shona?why?
comes shekhar comes there and asks sumi to control herself
she told how shekhar?,u know ,about our 2 daughters,when u r mother is not agreed our ladoo to join in medicine ,how she cries she never asked anything like that.
shekhar did u remember,when we went to join ragini in school.there the principal is stunned by her interest towards a studies how a lkg girls is telling 12th table ,no one asked her to learn she just learn when shona is we joined her directly in 1ststandarad..that much passion my ladoo is having towards studies

dadi comes&console sumi
dadi:sumi don’t feel bad,everything will be good,i also don’t like ragini married to laksh but i made this marriage only for the sake of ragini
sumi:what good will happend to ragini maa
dida:sumi,parvathi did correct only if ladoo marriage is not done with the laksh,no one will be ready to marry ladoo.because of shona’s elope
sumi:looks sad

maheswari mansion:
rag-lak room:
they both don’t talk with each other,laksh is talking with his frnds
ragini is silent thinking her family.
ragini ph ranged,she gets into consciousness
sumi:ladoo how r u?
ragini:this house is so big house than ours,but no one is there to talk with me,maa i always asked u for seperate room na here i have seperate room,they also give seperate room to shona didi.
sumi:what shona?is she there??
ragini:she told everything happened.
sumi told shekhar the whole matter.
everyone shocked
shekhar takes the call and ladoo we are coming don’t worry

swasan room:
sanskar:why swara u r looking so dull
swara :sanskar we did a big mistake by knowingly or unknowingly,i breaked everyone’s trust,bcoz of me ragini’s life is spoiled
sanskar:don’t worry swara (by taking her face into his hands) i will be there with u all the time.
1st we should change laksh&makes him to be with ragini all the time.
swara:looks on like that

sumi &shekhar came to maheswari mansion
laksh feels bad for ragini he knows about her innocence when she instead of having anger upon swara she is crying for her sister.eventhough i mightnot accept her as my wife.i can be friendly withher
laksh:ragini don’t cry.
ragini:looks her
laksh:today onwards we will be a goodfriends,u can share all the things with me,i will share all the things with u.
ragini:really(feeling happy)
laksh:yes!! let’s give me a shakehand
they shakehanded and smiled

ragini:turns to laksh u r my friend na can u help me in my keeping my things in upper cupboard.
laksh:yes why not
but the stool on which she is standing has been slipped she falling down.
laksh sees this & catch her in his arms.
she is in the arms of laksh they both share a eyelock
sumi come to their room she feels veryhappy.

preview:raglak&swasan moments….

Credit to: nithya

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  3. rags is innocent that she forgive swara mistake great yar..
    one who made her dream n career spoil forgiving her great thing

  4. pls make swara suffer for her mistake

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