love has no particular time episode 1

Friends I don’t want to get u bored by explaining the characters u all well know swara,sanskar,ragini,laksh.
But here ragini is interested in studies she literally dies for it..she is a medico 3rd yr.
And swara&ragini are not twins
Swara is 21&ragini is 18
Swara’s marriage has been fixed with laksh by their parents…both even don’t like their marriage.
But they keeps quite

Swara looks beautiful laksh got engaged to swara.then after coming swara tells to someone calling.noone has doubted I will come there on that day.everyone is busy as marriage is on day after tmrw.
Ragini knocks door she cuts the call
Ragini:What didi always closing the door?
Sumi:shona!! I was very happy for u shona.that family is very nice as u r leaving this house I want to spend with u both for sometime.I also want to sleep with u.shekhar,dadi,dadaji,dida every comes and says the same thing seeing this ragini smiles swara cries for she is going to miss their love after 2days…
Ragini:maa if didi leaves Na I will make all my books to keep it here.
Sumi:smiles ha laddoo

Marriage day:
Ragini&sumi makes swara ready.and they went to invite guests
Priest asks for swara to do the marriage rituals but swara was not there she eloped with someone saying sorry to their family….
Everyone shocks
Sumi cries a lot. Ragini counselling her.
Laksh was very happy bcoz he don’t like arranged marriage he love flirting with girls
Dp fumes in anger and scolds gadodia family ..
He later tells that I don’t want to stop this marriage at any case..
Rp told bhaisa if bride is not there how can we do marriage?.
He then asks shekhar to do marriage of laksh with ragini..
Everyone shocked

Sumi thinks ragini is a little girl even now is not matured enough like swara how can she manage the family she knows only reading.her ambition to become a doctor but they will not my daughter to continue for studies bcoz it is an orthodox family.they only informed this matter when we asked for swara’s career…
How can I make my daughter to agree for it.
Dadi:smiles &says yes we will do ragini marriage with laksh…
sumi:but maa. Ragini bahuth choti hai…
Dadi:looks angrly at sumi stop she stops
They made ragini ready for the marriage but her eyes full tears…
Laksh&ragini gets married…
Ragini’s bidai happend everyone cried looking her….
Raglak enters into maheswari mansion and performed all rituals then
Sanskar son rp&sujatha along with swara entered the mansion…
Everyone shocked looking swara&Sanskar married..
Sanskar told them that he loves from past 5yrs they are lovers when they are in the college only.
Suddenly her marriage got fixed and we got tensed…I asked her to elope with me and we did our marriage..
Swara looks up and sees them and shocked….she also sees ragini with laksh…she was very shocked….and calls ragini…(very loud voice)
Sanskar looks at her shockingly
Swara goes meet ragini
But dp asked her to stop…
Not step inside his house…
Bcoz of u we feel ashamed…u make u r parents ashamed ..don’t u feel bad for that she asked alot
Ragini:bade papa my sister when never do like that….please stop scolding my sister …
Dp:Laksh u tell u r wife not to talk when I’m talking
Ragini:silently cries looking swara.
Swara (in her mind):in this house laddoo will never be happy she will be like she is in hell…I should protect my sister…
She told Sanskar everything
Sanskar looks shocked.
Dp asked them to go away from here
Then sujatha comes in between and says: if my son leaves this house along with my son,daughter,husband….
You have to divide property into 2parts…
Dp feels bad for it…he leaves without saying anything….
Ap&sujatha welcomes them…swara went to ragini as she steps in and both cries…and ragini not to cry I’m there for u& Sanskar comes and says to ragini that I’m u r jijju but u r just like my sister..don’t feel bad we are there for u….laksh leaves from there….

Precap:sumi,shekhar shocked to know about swara’s marriage

Credit to: nithya


  1. akku

    it’s interesting. .
    small doubt ragini is 18 then how will she study medical 3rd year. . just for a curiosity. .
    bt ur story line is good, different and interesting. .

  2. Manvi

    Nithya pls Ragini itni easily swara ko maaf kar di that’s not fair.swara Ki wajah se Ragini ko apni dreams chodne pade.

  3. riya

    That’s not fair with Ragini character because only for swara rags Ki life barbad Ho gayi. Or rags ne use maaf bhi kar Diya amazing.but anyway ur ff is really very good.pls continue it& sry if my comment hurt anyone.& Ragini I love you so much.

  4. ahana

    even i agree with everyone becz of swara mistake rags is suffering she married leaving her ambition its not small mistake

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..