LOVE OR NO LOVE-Twinj OS (Chiku Birthday Special)


(Chiku birthday special!❤️)

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday my chiku darling!
This is a small gift on my behalf…i hope you will enjoy it and like it…❤️

Ps: Chiku is my pumpkin pie…

❤️________ready set go_________❤️

A girl is sitting on her bed and typing something on her phone.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to pumpkin pie!
Happy birthday to you!
My jhalli gf! You’ve officially turned 16…another year in your bag…another step towards life…another smile to life…
I hope that this day brings along a lot of happiness and bliss along with loads of success in your future endeavors! I also wish that you get more mature, even though in this short lapse of time, i have lost all hopes of it happening???
And Miss Dirty Mind! Knock some dharm in that little head!
I love you…I hope that i will be able to wish you the day when we will both have no teeth, white hairs and even if we will be on either sides of the world, as we are right now, we will still remain loyal and loving friends. Moreover, i will never want to lose a crazy, sarphiri, drama queen yet beautiful and honest friend like you!
Happy birthday once again!
Remember…i wish to see you smile despite all odds, fight with all your insecurities and emerge victorious..
I know i have repeated myself…i love u!❤️
Enjoy this beautiful day to the maximum!!!

(That…my pumpkin pie will give me)

Pumpkin’s POV
Why is she not replying back? Ohh yaaaa! Has to be that idiot again! I do not understand why my dear bf does not understand that he is just using her…she is like an entertainment alternative for him…why does she not realise the fact that he…he is only a passing cloud in her life…she forsakes her time, her studies and even her time on him…when he…he is simply incorrigible! He has truely named my jhalli dost: siyappa queen!

❤️On the other side❤️

The same girl is shown shaking her booty on her bed, in her pyjama…her hairs tied in a ponytail…she is dancing looking at the phone. She is kissing it and what not!

G-u finally texted me! I am sooooo happy!

Just then she got a message.

Hey darlos! Hope i am not disturbing you…come up on whatsapp…we can catch up with each other.

G-sadu sarna! You remembered me finally…but even i am your siyappa queen!!!

The girl is Twinkle.

She went on whatsapp and chatted with her sadu sarna…her Kunj….


Twinj got admitted in the same college. They were both in the same class and the fact that their parents shared the same professional space, they had to connect with each other. At first it was a forced friendship, however, with time they became the best of friends…the inseperable ones. But, Kunj hid in himself something that nobody knew…not even his bestfriend. The fact that he had a girlfriend, named Alisha.

He used to be missing for hours in a day. Thats when Twinkle met Chehak…oof Pumpkin..They became great friends and used to share their secrets. Twinkle always talked about Kunj in their conversations. She would talk with such passion that even the deaf would be able to hear her feelings…even the blind could see the tinkle in her eyes and even the toughest hearted person would melt….what Pumpkin had realised was the biggest truth of Twinkle’s life…the one that she was deeply and madly in love with Kunj…they were only 19…i know…chehak was only 15 at that time…but love is ageless..and so is friendship…

One day Kunj introduced Twinkle to Alisha…she tried to find happiness in Kunj’s joy…she tried to smile at the turn of events…she ought to be happy that her best friend had found love…but she felt her heart being torn apart…she tried to keep herself away from Kunj…but lamentably failed…

She was trying hard to deal with that feeling. That is when Chehak got her to face the truth; that she was in love with someone who would probably not reciprocate her feelings…she denied it at first…she could not be that selfish to snatch the happiness of his bestfriend…but most importantly the joy of the one whom Twinkle loved with all her heart and soul.
But we say…that friendship and love is selfless…she tried to conform to that…
She was living in insecurity.

She wished that her friend stayed happy and lively as he was…and he seemed to be living the perfect love story with Alisha…they were the perfect couple….

Twinkle, on her part, curved herself as per the situations. She became a robotic figure; it felt as if she took all her emotions and closed them in some part of her heart…and locked it. Nevertheless, what she did of that key…was something that nobody knew except herself. Chehak used to be worried about her. She thought that her friend had confined her feelings so much that it was costing her her liveliness and smile. However, Twinkle always managed to plaster a smile on her face. She would act normal in front of Kunj and Alisha…Twinj would share the same equation as before…it felt as if Twinkle was living her entire life whenever Kunj was around. She would advise him on their relationship…help his during their fights and most importantly, would give him comfort and support at all points. She was living a plastic life.

Twinkle had left all hopes of being with Kunj as his life partner someday. She was becoming tired…she wanted to escape far from there. And one day, she was not able to retain that turmoil of feelings in her heart…and she screamt! So loud that it reached god…
‘If he is ever destined to be in my life…give me a sign!!! Please guide me! I am lost!’
She cried bitterly.

That particular week she came to know that Alisha and Kunj had broken up. She was baffled at the turn of events. Neither could she explain the weird reaction that she had nor could she control her hysterical heartbeats. She met him.
The moment he cried on her shoulders, she knew that that was the long awaited sign. She looked up at the sky showing gratitude to the almighty.

All of that was witnessed by Chehak.

Admist the heartbreak and confusion, Twinj got closer like before…they hung out all the time…they would share their secrets and chat till late at night. Twinkle was living a perfect love story in her mind while for Kunj, that was an unbreakable friendship.

All was going on very smoothly when one day, Kunj did not attend their night chats. Twinkle looked at the clock striking 10 and was shocked that she had not received a single msg. She went on whatsapp and saw that Kunj was online. She messaged him and awaiting a reply, fell asleep. In the morning she got to know, from Chehak, that Kunj and Alisha were back together.

However, this time she was adamant on the fact that Kunj was hers only. She ignored all the other things in her mind and just followed her heart. She had never thrown that key to her heart…and those feelings had gradually come out during that period where the two besties had caught up with each other. She had put in her mind that the Alisha-Kunj relationship was just a fling.

Time flew by like that…and truly…Alisha and Kunj’s relationship was very brittle. They would break up every now and then. And during those times, Kunj would always turn to Twinkle. The latter was ecstatic about that fact. But Chehak could see all of that. She analysed those situations and she was appalled at that kind of relationship…though she never dared to open up about that…she knew that had she hurt that level of pride Twinkle had on her so called love, she would lose her friend and maybe that remaining ability of discrimination her Twinkle had would vanish for good. She knew that Twinkle was so passionate about that relationship that Twinj shared that she would readily forsake any other relationship of hers. But she also saw the tears of her friend…the bitter cries when Alisha and Kunj would get back…those long hours of wait for that one msg…that desperation for another break up….

Sounds crazy right? It is not…it is very serious…

❤️Back to normal-The next day❤️

Twinkle enters the campus with a bouquet of red roses. Her eyes are searching for someone…someone very special to her eyes…to her heart….

Finally she spotted someone and her eyes beamed with joy.

She screamt. She went to her and hugged her tightly.

T-gorgeous! I have been trying to reach u since like forever! Where had u been?

C-well well well meri jhalli dost! Drama karna band kr! I was planning something for u…a treat…want it?!

T-oooohhh lala…no! I do not want it!
She sulked…

C-areeeee! Kyu?

T-because you are Miss Dirty Mind! Aisa vaisa kuch dikha degi mujhe…meri innocence hawa mein udne lagegi…

C-siyappa queen! Stop being an ass to me on my birthday! Let’s go!

T-ohhh shoot! Where are my manners?!
Happy birthday!!!!!!!
May u always be happy and have loads of kids one day!

She smiled brightly.


Twinkle laughed.

Chehak dragged her from there and brought her to the theatre room. A film played. It was exactly the story of Twinj viewed from Chehak’s point of view. The story was the same but the idea was new, the people were the same but the faces were new, the scenario was the same but the location was new….
Twinkle watched the movie silently and with each passing scene, she realised what she had become. Over time, she was just losing herself in someone not worth the hype.

As the film was over chehak looked at Twinkle. She had teared up and was just staring at the floor.
Chehak went on her knees and made Twinkle to face her.

C-aaj on my birthday…i want to gift you something…realisation…i want to show you the mirror of truth….i knew that you will never take my words in the correct way unless you are shown things from a different point of view…Kunj…is just a passing cloud in your life. He uses you emotionally when he desires to…you are the shock absorber in his life…he needs you only when he breaks up with Alisha as he needs are an emotional oasis to him…an oasis from where he has squeezed so much love out that he has nothing to do of u…you are undeniably a crucial part of his life…but that part has turned you into his slave…wake up from that futile dream….Twinkle you have lost your self esteem over time, your dignity, your self respect…you have put all of that at stake to be with a man who wants only your comfort….pl…

Twinkle cuts her off.

Chehak shook her out of her madness.

Twinkle breaks down.

T-no..i can’t do that…
She cries.

T-i was so blinded by that fake love that i could not distinguish what was right for me.

C-hey…dont cry! It is my birthday…and i want you to promise me that you will move out of all that shit and get a proper life! If you have faith in your love, and your love is strong…that feeling will bring your love to you…

Twinkle hugs her and wipes her tears.

T-Thank u pumpkin pie! You are my true friend!

C-if thats the way to say i love u…then i love you too!

After sometime they get out of the theatre, giggling and smiling. Twinkle spots Kunj and Alisha lain to a tree and they are busy talking to each other. Twinkle goes there while chehak tries to stop her, in vain.

Twinkle goes to them and looked at Alisha from top to bottom and then came Kunj’s turn. She is somehow melting but she controlled her feelings and slapped Kunj hard across the face.

K-ye kyu??

T-aise hi…
Wow! It feels so good! Finally free!

She stops to Alisha and looks at her. Alisha places her hands on her cheeks and stares at her.

T-chill! I am not going to slap you…just wanted to tell tou that your supposed boyfriend catches up with me when you guys break up…we are always in an unofficial relationship…and today i am breaking up with him…

She winks at her and moves back to Chehak while Alisha and kunj are seen fighting.


Never compromise yourself for something that is not yours. Everyone needs a friend to guide him/her…do not fear to open up…that is the best way to get to know yourself better…
Dignity and self respect are two things that can neither be bought nor created…you should be able to sustain them as they are the most precious asset you can possess…


❤️___________The End___________❤️

Happy birthday pumpkin pie! This one was for you! Heroine bana diya tujhe! I love u loads my darling! Stay blessed?

N sorry sorry i will not be able to post my ff today…along with our Chiku’s bd it is also my dadaji’s bd and they are at my place…no time to post but hopefully by tomorrow it will be posted…i hope you do not kind my Chiku…i am sorry.

Keep smiling!
Love u all❤️

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