Love has no limits Part 12

Hey sweethearts….. Sorry to keep you waiting for too long… here z the update….do comment and let me know your reviews….. Frankly I don’t know when I am updating next maybe little late because I am a bit busy nowadays….till then love you all?
Part 12

When you love someone…. you can never stop thinking about their wellbeing and if being bad to them will help them then go ahead…..Remember your motive z genuine and sweep away the guilt from your heart…..Till you don’t push your beloved to face the storm they will never learn to survive in the worst situation…. It’s upto you now that you want a scared cat or a fearless tigress…..
Radhika hadn’t step out of house since diya’s creamation…..she was scared to face the world now…..all she could do was hiding in Arjun’s chest…..

she didn’t speak a word to him still he understood without her expressing herself…. ARjun was frustrated because her condition was worsening day by day…..he couldn’t look at her pale face now…..All he could think was that this was not the RAdhika he lost his heart to…..there was a drastic change inside her now…..
RAdhika’s continous blabbering had vanished now….her tricks to irritate him seemed like long lost memories to him now……she hardly smiled now let alone laughing….. She was not even affected when he mocked her…..When he glanced at her face now he didn’t felt love instead disinterest was all he could feel now…..

ARjun’s wasn’t a person to break commitments but now it was becoming difficult to stay under one roof…..he couldn’t see those lifeless eyes anymore….. ARjun loved radhika to death but facing her now was like meeting his death everyday…..Her silence tortured him every now and then….. ARjun had drowned himself in work but his mind lingered around her…..
His heart broke into pieces when she said that this relationship took away her best friend….but still he didn’t lost his cool but felt like slapping her that very moment…. This was not enough yet…. Radhika had hurt him many times either with her silence or her ignorance…. They were so close yet so far…..For one moment he felt he can never bridge the gap between them and what z the use of living a life with no RAdhika….but then the thought of who will take care of his radhika after he left this world stopped him from taking his own life…..

ARjun had started coping up with her silence but now her weirdness had reached its peak….She would yell at him and sob blaming him for diya’s death…..he was dying every second….
ARjun glanced at the lean lady sitting on the window porch….his POV, “I wish someday you be that radhika whom I loved.”
He walked to her steadily…, “radhika I will be late today….you have dinner and don’t wait for me…..I have some important meetings lined up.”

RAdhika turned with a jerk and got up…..pulled his collar…,”So now you have lost interest in me right?….now I am no more beautiful for you….All this are just excuses to stay away from me….I don’t allow intimacy and you haven’t quench your thirst for s*x since months…..All you want to have z a girl in your bed to devour her….how can you so well….tell me Arjun….”
ARjun couldn’t take it anymore….. He was tolerating her tantrums…her accusation….her disbelief on him but he couldn’t bear the finger she pointed on his character…. Before she could utter a word more he spanked her on her cheek….his fingers left a ugly impression on her skin which marred her beauty….

Radhika collapsed on the floor infront of him….tears streamed down her cheeks….she sobbed burying her face in her hands….
ARjun got down beside her and pulled her in a hug though she didn’t responded back…,”I am sorry I shouldn’t have raised my hand but I couldn’t control my anger….I had to release what I bottled up all this days…am I forgiven?.”
RAdhika looked straight in his eyes,”I am sorry too….I shouldn’t have doubted you….I deserved this slap….I know you have been someone you are not….you have showed immense patience with me though having patience z not a trait in you….I am sorry Arjun…please don’t leave me…I lost Diya and my family disowned me….I will die if you go away from me.”
ARjun caressed her hair…,”I can never leave you….I love you radhika.”
RAdhika felt relieved after hearing those intense words….. She smiled and buried her face in his hard chest…,”I love you too ARjun.”
ARjun swept her off the ground and dropped her on the bed….he fell on his back next to her…..she wrapped her hand around his waist….kissed his neck…chest and slept peacefully in his arms….

But sleep left ARjun….though she apologized but her eyes were different today…..there was crudeness in them something which his radhika never knew… There was a insecurity but it also had a shrewd demeanour in her brown orbs….
As the morning rays tickled on his face….he slowly lifted his eyelids…. ARjun glanced at radhika sleeping beside him…..he kissed her forehead…. his POV, “Something z wrong with you…my radhika was the biggest liar I met but there was cute innocence in her eyes whenever she lied and now I cannot find it.”
ARjun marched to the washroom to freshenup for the day…..As the tiny water droplets streamed down his perfect torso….his burning nerves cooled down…. He placed his palms on the wall to support himself…. As he closed his eyes…. all came back to him….Diya’s death….radhika’s everyday mood swings….her accusations were the most painful thing to hear….two drops escaped from his eyes….his POV, “I need to bring back my radhika….though this one has her face but she z not the same

ARjun came out wearing only track pants….he gave a look at his sleeping beauty who was still in deep slumber…. He removed out his phone and dialled a number…,”Dr sinha’s clinic…book my appointment with him.”
ARjun got dressed in a black velvet shirt and rugged jeans which made him look no less than any filmstar…..he thought to bid her adieu but then left without informing her….ARjun got inside the car and drove off to Dr sinha’s clinic….
ARjun took a seat when the doctor gestered him to settle down….,”So what z ARjun Mehra doing inside this nerdy physicartrist cabin.”
ARjun was dumbstruck…. He felt the voice quiet familiar…. Then his mind recollected that the doctor was none other his childhood friend Rahul sinha who was called nurdy nut in their school days….
ARjun gave his friend a hug…, “Good to see you after so many years.”
Rahul smiled, “Same here….I have read all the business magazines and articles written on you….I was surprised when I heard that you got married to some radhika secretly and you mentioned that you guyzz are married since 2 years….ARjun you always joked on marriage concept and you got married before all of us.”

ARjun,”Rahul we aren’t married…. I have plans to marry her but…”he sobbed burying his face in his hands….
Rahul offered him a glass of water which he gulped down in one go….,”Now tell me what’s wrong. ”
ARjun took a deep breath and narrated everything….his very first encounter with radhika…. Their catty fights….Naksh obsession over radhika…. That night which took away his RAdhika from him…..diya’s death….the impact her perishing had on radhika…. Her repulsive behavior…..
Rahul mumbed,”ARjun all this symptoms only point towards bipolar disorder…. I can’t confirm till I meet her in person.”
ARjun spoke with hope in his eyes…,”Rahul you can come to my house whenever you want….please I can’t see her like this…..just give me my radhika back.”
Rahul assured, “Arjun I will try my best but we need to take this slow….one mistake can cause harm to her permanently…. Just don’t lost your temper with her and don’t raise hand….I know you would have done that atleast once but this will ruin the situation more.”
ARjun promised, “I swear that I will never raise my hand on her.”
Rahul,”ARjun I think you should contact her family maybe they know something which we don’t know about her.”

ARjun,”RAdhika eloped from her house on the wedding day itself do you really think they will even agree to meet her.”
Rahul,”Arjun they are her parents…. They have the right to stay mad at her for the eloping thing but they will help her.”
ARjun,”I just hope so.”

Rahul discussed his plan with ARjun thereafter…

Precap….. ARjun meets radhika’s parents…. Something revealed which left everyone shocked…. Rahul’s plan….


  1. Shree


    |Registered Member

    Omg!! This is just jaw dropping… She has do much mood swings.. I guessed the symptoms would lead to it and it did.. Why does she have to accuse him? She broke down after he slapped.. could have done it before… Nerdy friend.. lol.. Plan? Let’s know soon.. What is that will leave us all shocked? Very eager to know..

    Loved it baby.. take your time, but update it..

    Love you my golu ??

    • Supriya

      Thanks Teddy Bear….. Love you….hehehe its telepathy btw you nd me…..that’s y you guessed that bipolar disorder….patience teddy….plan in next one….shock also in next one….will update soon…..loads of love… Tc?

  2. Gauri

    Awesome Supriya 🙂 finally you posted…. I think Radhika has something in her past…curious to know that …. hope she is the old Radhika again … waiting for the next loads of love …and this update was small…. bigger one next time 🙂 love u

    • Supriya

      Thankyou sweety?yup you guessed it r8….rads has something in past…..will reveal in next one….everything will be fn becoz end z near….sorry for short one….next one will be long……loads of love….. Love you so much….Tc?

  3. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Nw all curious 4 rads past.. thanks 4 updating supriya.. arjun n patience..Ah.. thats really convincing.. Eager 4 nxt update..

  4. dipika

    Supriya it was fantastic update..rads moods swing are obvious.. But bipolar disorder.. M worried for.. I like the way arjun pacify her…want giggling rads back… Its been while u update this ff..i was waiting… Excited for u

  5. Brin


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode, what is the shock? Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    I posted rectify: manmarziyan part 10 on July 9 you can start reading. 🙂

  6. S.v


    |Registered Member

    Radhika doubted arjun and he raised his hand over her argh but then the reason for her behaviour dear what is gonna happen next the precap makes my nail to disappear . Update whenever possible with the other ff of urs too

  7. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    Hawwv..poor radhka and arjun ..radhika and her mood swings ..suppu a days missing u a lot ..and if you get time pls update love u forever and devil one soon ..:-) 🙂

  8. Rossy

    Awesome Supriya dear…i pity on both ardhika…but I understand Arjun situation but slap is not right…my pov…she lost her mental balance…which kind of story there we don’t know…update soon

  9. subha

    amazing episode……… precap interesting…..radhu past ? .eagerly waiting next one……..pls pls pls update soon……thanks for updating….tc

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