Love has no limits Durga s Prince Charming

Hello friends I am here to write a ff on Durga and prince just to tell u I hate the part when Durga and prince fight so I will begin from the part when prince comes to know that the blame of doping on Durga was all wrong and this fake doping case on put on by his father and her bff Aarti . Here I begin

Prince all alone in his room

He says to himself prince you are a idiot Durga said u thousands times that she didn’t took drugs u considered her ur bff and u didnot believe in her . He takes a pot and breaks it with his hand blood comes out of it. He cries bitterly .what kind of friend u are.. she will never forgive u .

Next morning at Durga s home

Durga says baba I am going today I will be late as there is inspection of students today okay byee baba byee Umang .

At college

Durga comes and sees everyone holding ears and saying we are sorry Durga .she says for what suddenly prince appears sorry for insulting u sorry for making fun of u sorry for criticising u . She says prince I don’t have time for u to tease me she goes Into the class she sees Aarti hadn’t come . Everyone grabs there seat no seat is left except beside her . The teacher come s

Prince as always is late . Teacher says ur permanent seat is with Durga u have to be punctual . Durga says but ma’am okay class today is inspection so u and ur partners have to make a project regarding to friendship in moral science group so I am dividing u all prince and Durga etc etc

Hope the episode was intresting as I want to make the apology intresting kindly comment criticism is welcome
Kindly give me suggestions for tommorow .thanks have a wonderful day

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  1. Hey its interesting update next part soon and r u regular

  2. Beautiful update next epi plzz

  3. Amazing epi and update next part soon and plz be regular

  4. At first Durga would not listen to Prince thinking that his apologies are fake and that he was just taunting her further…. You see she does not trust him at all!!! Prince should come to Durga’s house and gather all the villagers.. There he should present a big bouquet of flowers to Durga (mostly roses) and on his knees , before everybody, he should tell what happened 5 years ago etc, and apologise. Then he will start painting the wall where the insults against Durga are stlll visible and all the villagers will join in…. Yashpal and his wife will be having tears in their eyes….The women will surround Annapurna to ask for her forgiveness…Durga will be crying too…. all the sorrows that she has suppressed during all these years will be coming out…. But SP will have to make further efforts to win her trust again…..

  5. Just love it!! update d next episode fast plz …

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