Love has no limits Durga s Prince Charming (Episode 4)

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Durga whole day is tensed about prince she thinks what to do he so cute . She slaps herself durga shut up u have to fulfill baba s dream just concentrate on it . The teacher annoucws students today till one week u have to stau with it respective partners I mean benchmates?? as on order to know what life without parents is this time boys will go to girls house net time girls will go to boys house . Understood and no flirting and that on the house ?.duRGA Says DAm. PrInce sneak into stafffrooom and says thank u mam here is ur price he hands her a gift . And goes . He says Durga I will back in a minute I have to bring my clothes she murmurs he is behaving like he is going to a holiday she says sure go .she waits and suddenly sees a big suitcase of clothes . She starts laughing prince are u going on for some picnic . Hhahah all the time he was admiring durga when she was laughing wholeheartedly she looked a pure angel who just came from heaven only for him .

Durga and prince walk to her house . Prince shoelace opens he says u move I will come in a minute she walks and Umang shouts maasi she keeps her bag Umang says moti ur back Durga says accha bacchu prince sees the quote moments between Durga and Umang .durga suddenly slips Janak Janam song plays she and falls on arms of prince there was just a finger gap between Durga and prince lips they share an eye lock suddenly she realised what impression was going on Umang she moves away and moves to her room .
Umang says who are u he bows down I am Durga s friend . Acccha aap maasi ke friend ho he nods his head . Maasi badi Khadoos hai , mujhe bada tang karti hai he says exactly same with me .durga listens to all this and smiles .

Precap Durga and prince in Durga s room
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  1. Amazing epi update next part soon

  2. Great epi and umang called durga moti it’s funny update next part asap

  3. Beautiful

  4. Nice and r u adding also a sam na I want to see him in this ff plzzz

  5. Ruchika1

    Well it’s a story just about Durga and prince Sam will be a villain

  6. Khushi1707

    Waiting for the next update..?

  7. nice ruchi(hope u don’t mind if i’m calling u this)…….u r amazing writer…………..luv to see the cute nok-jhok between sp & durga…….too good……….& umang calling her moti, so hilarious……eagerly waiting for ur nxt update………

  8. Aarti32

    Nice update..

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