Love has no limits Durga s Prince Charming (Episode 3)

Thanks for your precious comments actually I college so I don’t get enough time to writebut for sure I will try to write a little longer
Prince says I am sorry durga she gets angry at him and says for what it saying sorry sp u didn’t do any thing wrong I was a fool to make u my friend a friend who leaves one at the time of need a friend who criticizes and insults her friend who is selfish and stubborn prince the day u said that I am a cheater from that day I started hating u says I hate u Sanjay prince I hate u tears come from her eyes prince till then was listening not saying a single word .She walks off prince says durgq wait she doesn’t listen to her . He suddenly sees aarti she says hi prince actually I was sick these days I hope u might have insulted that durga this much that she might feel humillated in the front of the college . He shouts aarti shut up u are a enemy in get up of a friend u and dad created misunderstandings between me and durga get out of here until I do something u don’t like she says prince that durga has betrayed u I didn’t do anything but my bff . Why would I do this he says enough he walks off . Yashpal sees this all he thinks I should help sp as he could only convince durga to run again.prince walking disappointed remeembering what durga said to him.he suddenly notices yashpal and says namaste uncle he says namaste beta accha yeh bata durga ko manana chahta hai he says yes uncle and whispers in his ears he smiles .

Next day while Durga is getting ready her baba comes there he says beta we are going to see q girl for bantu in Delhi it will take 7 days for us to go there and stay there so only amrita Umang and u will be at home take care . She goes to the college suddenly there is a shower of rose petals on her she feels special and thinks who might have done this suddenly prince appears I am sorry durga take ur time I know it will take time for u to forgive me I have done a sin and then he bangs his hand on the glass table blood starts coming durga rushes there and requests someone to bring first-aid box till then prince is seeing her care towards him her hairs fly and come on his lips he stares at her eyes her care she feels his pain . Kehate Hain khuda me es Jahan me.sabi me liye plays .She starts scolding him for not taking care of himself just like he was his life . She walks off then whole day he remembers about durga

Precap … Secret

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  1. Wow just love with your track you are going superb keep it up thanks ruchika for giving such great story line

  2. Amazing update next part soon

  3. Hey its cool update next part asap

  4. Superbb and sp have to bear punishment update next part soon

  5. Great epi and r u regular writer

  6. I am just waiting for prince and durga love ff and u post so i am ur ff silent reader but not anymore silent reader. I comment on ur ff. Whats ur name age and where do u live

  7. Honestly this is way better than the show itself ??

  8. hey ruchika, luv to read ur ff, u r amazing,just hope that in the show also sp gets to know that durga is innocent………………keep writing dear…………

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    Well iam 18 I live in delhi

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