Love has no limits Durga s Prince Charming (Episode 2)

Thanks for all of ur comments so I continue further

Prince says Durga I am sorry she says shut up sp concentrate on the project he suddenly starts the topic do u remember surface whenever u won any race I used to give u a chocolate . Fb occurs durga smiles listening to this but suddenly remembers what sp said her about the doping case and says sp .

Suddenly then seniors come there .

All the fresher’s come here all gather there today we are going to play truth dare meet us in the ground in 5 mins with us respective project partners . Durga says prince common lets go .sp says wait a sec u said me prince. She holds her hand and take her to the ground . Everyone Star playing td .many thinks happen there like kisses hugs etc etc . Suddenly the senors says only prince and durga are left the senors says ? okay durga tell 20 good qyaluties of prince she says what umm let me think he is caring he respects girls etc now the last quality is left she cannot think about it .. okay hmm he is very .. everyone says very handsome I mean … All says we know what u mean . She says no it’s not like that she turns redike a ? tomato at that moment .

Precap prince in durga s room plus give more suggestions regarding the story sorry for grammatical errors

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  1. last one, sp is stubborn and doesn’t listen to anyone, rather, sticks to his own opinion,maybe right or wrong……….for which he didn’t trust durga 5 yrs back…………sorry if i hurt any sp fan….. but durga should take her time in getting convinced by sp for his deeds……

  2. Amazing but i think that Durga shouldn’t forgive sp so easily

  3. Superb and can you post long epi

  4. Nice and when you are going to update next part

  5. Hi ruchika you story track is awesome but can Pls writing long episode and epsidoe and update them regularly otherwise your going superb

  6. Awesome update next part soon plzzzz

  7. Hey ruchi I think you are new to t u
    Please update long episodes
    Best of luck

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