love has no Limitations kkb episode 9


big sorry to all for not updating episode i am sooo sooo busy plz forgive me
lets start story without bak bAk
pragya came to rimjhim mall for engagement shopping as well as abhi to came ..
pragya choose her dress , nd our rockstar is searching pragya . where she in phone she only said to her maa tat she is coming going mall but she is not here abhi said to himself .
abhi came upstairs nd air blow nd stand facing pragya but they having too much distance . abhi went nd pragya turn backside why i am feeling like someone close to me is here pragya said to herself .
abhi said to himself , why abhi u r searching her nd for her u came here he saying this while walking nd pick one dress nd see in mirror nd said u r a rockstar girls r crazy but u r crazy for pragya oh no pragya pragz nd smile . then suddenly he see pragya through mirror nd turn back but pragya already went . oh god i am right she here only jd where she disappear now only abhiiii y u r desperate to meet her let her do shopping yaar y u r behaving weird nd ignor tat . while walking he bumped with girl, he said i am sorry. . girl shout idiot nd turn nd shock to see abhi abhi to shock . girl is none other than pragya . u…. y u r always bumping idiot abhi, hey pragzzz i am not bump with u, u only come in my way . understand nd by the way i said sorry to u . pragya, sorry my foot u know wat if i fall down from this stair {pointed her fingers towards stairs} then surely my haddi pasli ek hone wali thi … . abhi, u not fall na then if u fall then u should scold but this not my mistake u came in my way . pragya, i came i came in your way u came in my way understand. Abhi, u only came u dont know if celebrity came so public should give way to them. pragya, oh just shut up yaar nd tere yeh ghar ka mall nhi hain ki main tujhe way{this is not your home mall tat y i should give u way } abhi, haa nhi hai mall mere ghar toh kya karegi tu bol mujhe {ha this is not myhome mall tell me wat u will do } they start there argument . then abhishout oh just shut up i am sorry i only bumped with u ok happy now if i know u came here then i surely not come sory joined his hand . pragya clam down nd say while touching his hand dont joined your hand i am to sorry .
abhi, its ok nd was about to go pragya call him rockstar . abhi not turn pragya said i am sorry too iits not your mistake . abhi smile . pragya notice nd say listen fully its not your mistake or my this destiny game . abhi noded nd abhigya went from there
in coffee shop

, bulbul , purab our marriage is going
happened so soon na .
purab, yes but u r not happy with this decision if not then i am ready too wait .
bulbul, no purab i am soo much happy but i was thinking tat can i settle in your family as your mom want .
purab, yes bulbul nd wat u said your house nd your mom is this aslo not your .
bulbul,no purab i dont mean tat after marriage tat house is going to be mine . nd your mom too but befor marriage its your then after tat u have to share everything with me coz i am going to your betterhalf .
purab, ya tat true but bulbul befor marriage we will enjoy with our family .
bulbul, oh buddhu i have to enjoy not u i am coming to your house after marriage not u .
purab, bulbul i mean u enjoy your Bachelor life with your family nd i will enjoy my Bachelor life with my family.
bulbul, haa right nd can i ask u 1 thing .
purab, yes u can . bulbul, dont mind your sister i mean pragya she is strict in your family . i mean tat they we meet in mall she was not talking too me properly nd wen we came to your house she was just ignoring to alk except u jiju nd ishani di ..
purab, no bulbul she is not strict or wat but her habit having like tat only she is just stubborn she can do anything for her family . bulbul, oh sorry aa if i hurted u nd tell me wat she doing for our family . purab, oh oh your fron our family anyways she did many thing tat i cant say now but afterwards ok ..bulbul, as u wish .
in khanna industry
ishani was doing something her laptop . {ya ishani fell bore in house tat why rv ask her to joined office with him as partner nd aro stayed in home with ragini or pragya. but ishani come in week for twice time} rv come inside her cabin nd said ishu come its night nd time to go home aro will be waiting for us . ishani, ya rv my work finish atall. rv , ok come i will wait in car for u . ishani , ok .
in car .

ishani came nd seat . rv,then madam how u r feeling now . ishani, nice y u r asking . rv, like this only asking wen i came in your cabin u was tired after coming out of office u r fresh. ishani, ya i was feeling tired but not now i feeling relax. . rv, arey wat yaar u r coming only twice time nd u r getting tired nd see me regular going to office not even feeling tired ishani, acha regular coming aaahh . rv , not regular but coming na . ishani , so funny nd say rv plz drive fast jaan my aranav will be waiting for me . rv, in jealously tune my arnav ahh . ishani, oh i mean our arnav waiting for us . rv, tat sound good nd said ok .

pragya in her room
pragya smiling herself nd arnav was playing Pokemon game in her mobile. pragya was care his hair nd thinking about abhi …y i feel i know him.
abhi in his room .
why i feel i met her first only nd i know her. pragya thought break coz aranv pragu gn mummy papa came i will with them pragya noded nd aro went . pragya thinking once again . abhi thought break coz of bulbul she came nd said bhai i came . abhi, who dropped u has your car was here only . bulbul, ya bhai i was with purab he only drop me . nd bhai good night nd dream about your to be wife . abhi , ok nd gn then he realize wat he said nd say bulbul . bulbul run form there . purab nd rv {as they came everyday to pragya wen she sleep to say gn coz they both having habbit in childhood they were sleeping in one room nd purab bd rv care her wen she sleep aslo nd wen she wake up aslo }came in nd see pragya is sleeping purab wrapped blanket for pragya nd they both kiss her forehead nd say gn purab take pragya mobile nd keep for charging her mobile ishani came to call rv nd rv off light nd went nd purab too wen5 . abhi sleep nd pragya too sleep
episode end

guys sorry for mistake nd i will try to post soon next episode byeee gn

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