Love has no Limitations {kkb} Episode 1


Hiii, guys thank u for your lovely comments n ld i am going to change my ff name from is everything is love to love has no limitations.. so lets start Epi 1

In mumbai ,
one beautiful house is shown there outside return as khanna mansion ..from inside there was loud music going on lets see wat is going inside …
inside house
one small boy was running here nd there nd laughing nd form backside one young boy is trying to catch nd saying arnav plz give my mobile to me plz beta dont do this to your chachu dear . Ya tatsmall boy is arnav nd young nd handsome boy is none other than our cute purab.. arnav ,no chachu i am not giving … purab, hey if i start running na then surely in 2 second only i will catch u … arnav, no chachu i am not giving in this how beautiful games nd beautiful girl is there i just like to see her…purab,shhh nd say dont loudlysaid tat again ok.. arnav come topurab .nd purab puck him to hos arm nd say wat u want .arnav ,chachu do my one work purab, which work my bache . Arnav , for today keep your mobile with i want play games .. purab, no bache i need tat i will bring u one tab only if u give me this .arnav, really , ok i will give u but if u not brought then i will tell your secret too all . Purab, which secret. Arnav, tat evey night u use to talkmy chachi .. Purab got shock nd say how u now bache . Arnav , me not pragu aslo know tat . Purab , wat in loudly he say .. one girl came while wearing white shirt nd black jeans with in nd say idi bhai {idiot} dont shout loudly someone will hear ok . She is none other than pragya . Purab , ok ok but plz dont say to anyone when right time came i will inform maa nd bhai . Ok . Pragya , ok my brother now come we have meeting woth tat kadus commissioner .. purab, dont say him like tat .. pragya, coz he always give me punishment to round hole night nd wait a second nd take arnav form purab kiss him on cheek nd say baby now your mamma is calling u just go then she will surely beat papa . Ok now . Arnav , ok pragu . By after arnav went pragya nd purab to went from there .
Screen shifted to one room

one boy is sleeping peacefully .one lady come nd open certain nd tat sun light come to boy face he sleep disturb nd start teling plz ishu close tge certain yaar . Ishani, no ranver get up its time 9:00 baby wake up now … ya they r our handsom nd beautiful ishani nd rv .. rv, plz 5 minutes yday i slept 12 clock nd u know tat so let me sleep .. ishani, who ask u to sleep 12 clock . Nd dont give excuse wake up . Nd start taking blanket from him but he is no ready to give ishani forcefully start taking but insted of tat rv take her nd ishani fall on him nd they both have eyelock rv nd then rv round ishani take come top of her then start cup her face ishani close her eyes he was about kiss arnav came while running nd shout mamma nd ishu pushed rv nd rv lose his control nd fall form bed nd shout ouch ishuuuu … ishani, sory sory baby but suddenly arnav shout tat y i pushed u . Sory once again . Arnav came nd say tat pragu tell me u where calling me .. ishu said aro i how much time i said to u call her as bua but u not listen ing me . Arnav , come on mom pragu like na but she is not old enough to call bua he how young nd hot she is .rv in mind rv beta to toh gaya nd was about to go ishani stoped him nd ask arnav who teach u like this . Arnav see rv nd say my pyare papa teach me . Rv think not pyare papa beta u papa is going be scaring papa . Ishani see rv agrily nd say arnav beta you go to dadi nd eat your breakfast nd drink milkshake ok i made for u . Arnav , wow milkshake ok by i will go nd papa all the best .. rv , all the best ke bache . Arnav , bacha toh hu mein bye nd went . Ishani turn to rv nd say howuch te i said u dont teach arnav like this . Rv , ishu i not teach him ..really ishani, then who teach me or purab or pragya … rv ,sorry ishu i will not teach h anything this my promise plz forgive . Ishani mwlt him nd say dont releat this baby . Rv, thank u sweet heart nd say today u r forgetting sometime . Ishani, nothing forgetting i know nd came near him nd give kiss on his cheek nd went form there . Rv smile nd went to washroom to fresh up .

Screen shifted to music room

Our dashing boy abhi is playing guitar drum {guys same has in current track episode}nd forcefully after he stop one girl came nd say wow bhai u r just fabulous bhai i am very proud of u nd give him coffee . Abhi, thank you my baby doll . Ya that girl is bulbul .. bulbul , ok anyways wat r u doing nowdays .. abhi, y baby i am just composing song for my new album .. bulbul, ok bhai tell me wat is day after tomorrow . Abhi, wat is your bday . Bulbul, bhai u forget my bday . Abhi , not forget dear just joking nd how can i foget day after tomorrow rakshabandan is there right . Bulbul, ya right bhai u r just amazing abhi , then tell me wat u want . Bulbul, nothing but i want to go shopping u will come nd spend time with me ok nd call aliya di ok . Abhi, how can i forget aliya na so i will call her ok happy . Bulbul, when everyone has brother like u tat girl will be very happy nd i am sure mom dad will proud of u . From backside right bulbul . Bulbul turn nd say , oh Good mmorning mom . She is none other than priya . Priya came inside while holding tray nd was about give but abhi said gudiya give me already only . Priya, offo how can i forget tat bulbul use to give u coffee already now who will drink . Ram came nd say me darling i will drink this coffee nd while taking coffee telling u know right i like your hand made coffee soo much .. priya , mr.mehra plz dont drink u already take . Abhi, maa let him take . Priya, but abhi . Abhi , maa let him paa drink tat . Priya was about speak abji winked at her . Ram , thank abhi dear nd take sip of coffee nd brust out nd say priya wat is this coffee or poison . Bulbul, tat is cinnamon coffee dad . Abhi use to drink tat only . Abhi nd all start laughing then ram to laugh nd went then priya went . Bulbul to abhi, bhai today only we will go ok . Abhi, ok by nd i will complete my work bulbul nodes nd went out nd see here nd there call purab

in meeting
Commissioner was scolding pragya for not taking risk to encounter to rana {one of gangster nd did very bad deeds} pursb phone ring nd his picked nd hey friend i am in meeting can i call u later dear plz Commissioner say mr, purab meeting is over know u can talk with your friends nd miss pragya come my cabin . Commissioner went nd pragya say to purab who is talking on phone very romantic ly . Pragya get irk coz of Commissioner nd say wat he is thinking about himself tell me bhai. Purab say excuse me bulbul wait pragu plz i am talking on phone we will talk after ward if u dont mind . Pragu, ok now i will go tat kanjoos is calling me . Purab see her angrily pragya say i mean to say sir is calling me ok by nd run .purab smile nd tell everything to bulbul laugh nd say ya u r right i think she is very naughty nd bubbly . Purab, like u only baby . Bulbul shy nd was about say abhi come to her say nd ask to whom u r talking . Bulbul, tat my friend pooja . Abhi, ok tell her u will call later . First come nd have breakfast nd then come 2 office . Bulbul ok but then u will nkt do breakfast . Abi, i did gudiya u do nd come to office as 2day u nd aliya having 2 much work . Bulbul, nodded nd say pooja i will call u later By muahh . Abhi, she is ykur girl friend or boy friend giving her kiss no bhai we i mean i use to do like this only u know tat … abhi , yes , ok i will go nd come fast ..

Episode end here my first episode

plz guys comments ng aliya is abhi mother sister daughter mean abhi mousi daughter . Nd aliya nd bulbul r like bestfriends nd share everything to eachother .

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